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MyHeritage DNA Improves Itself!

MyHeritage DNA Improves Itself!

We made a video reviewing MyHeritage DNA, but a week before we released it, MyHeritage made everything we said wrong! Watch Andy talk to Ran Snir, the Product Manager for MyHeritageDNA, and see what MyHeritage has added to their services.

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13 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Improves Itself!

  1. Thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics (www.24genetics.com) with more than 400 world regions. They are totally reliable

  2. DJ Trevi says:

    Still vague. Can't even get right the percentage between Native and European.

  3. DateYana says:

    So glad about this news. I am just waiting for my kit to arrive today. I had always wanted to take a DNA test but kept pushing it because the only other big company (that I know of; other than that I only checked Ancestry) that delivers to Europe is 23andme, and their delivery is expensive and time consuming: apart from the $99 for the kit, the standard shipment to where I am is $75 and takes a month to arrive, while the express costs $50 and still takes over two weeks. For comparison, MyHeritage is currently having an Easter sale and sell their kits for €59 (standard price is also $99) plus €10 for express delivery which takes 3-4 business days, but in my case it should be 2, because I ordered on Thursday evening (early Friday morning) and am getting the kit today, Monday, according to UPS (it is being shipped out of the US too, so you can't explain it with them storing inventory locally). In US dollars that is $85-ish total for the kit plus super fast delivery. So you can see why they are a great great option for Europe, possibly other places in the world as well, and just by virtue of that they could grow a lot faster than expected.

  4. Ess Rae says:

    Hi Family History Fanatics I hope you can help me with a very important question. Can your results help determine paternity, Lets say your biracial and your dads indian but your results say 0% Indian does that mean thats not your biological father?

  5. Nell Rose says:

    I used them purely because I read they had improved so much. And yes its awesome

  6. T. .S says:

    I've had a generally positive experience with MyHeritage, but I have to say they're not very open to suggestions from the public. I wrote them some months ago to point out that some of the percentages they assigned me seemed to be off the mark and I got a generic response explaining why I shouldn't expect my paper-trail genealogy to match my admixture results. That was a little frustrating, since I'd specifically stated in my e-mail that I was aware of that, but that I still thought they could improve their base populations and/or algorythms. More recently I wrote them about the fact that most of my new DNA matches show between 1-2% Nigerian DNA regardless of ethnic background (something that's been pointed out in a number of online forums) and how that seemed very suspicious, but I got no response. I just wish they were more open to people who are genuinely trying to help them improve their services.

  7. They don’t offer Y-DNA and mtDNA results and that’s a big issue for most of people to know their ancestors journey and Haplogroups

  8. I attended Rootstech, My Heritage has really improved their product. Their booth got a lot of attention, their staff were very friendly and informative. I am excited about their product and look forward to future developments.

  9. Dna in geneology is interesting. But I think dna should only be used as a,last resort. By that I mean it should be had if you don't know who your mother or father is or are adopted. Besides that it's unnecessary.

  10. Realist38 says:

    I'm very pleased with MyHeritage. Have purchased 7 DNA kits from them and had a very happy experience so far. The improvements are profound.

  11. I signed in today and saw the chromosome browser and was like, "yes!" Plus, I like the way they did it, how you choose the people to compare.

  12. This is a great site!
    You're sort of the Gordon Ramsey of genetics!!!

    (By that I mean you have a real mastery of what you do . . . not the swearing part!!!)

  13. I love this video because I agree that their DNA matching tools are increasing. Thanks to MyHeritage, it helped me narrow down to the possibility of this lady being my dad's half sister

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