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MyHeritage DNA Journey

MyHeritage DNA Journey

Watch our informative video walking you through the process of what happens to your DNA at the MyHeritage DNA lab.


12 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Journey

  1. Jop Westra says:

    Hey myheritage team. I have another question. My moms results and her parents results dont match up. Her mom and dad are about 90% english while shes only 50% english and her dad has about 10% North western european while she has 20%. Her mom doesnt have any north western european. Did the results accidentaly get switched or did something go wrong? Please answer ?. Greetings from Jop

  2. Jop Westra says:

    Hey myheritage team. I have a question. I read in a blog post that it will be possible to differenciate dutch / french / german. But its still listed as 1 catagory: North & western european. Will there be an update soon?

  3. My results were interesting to say the least, it's says that I'm a Native Central American, but my family it's from Bolivia, the part occupied by the Incas and Aymaras, so I'm confused, are Incas and Aymaras in the same ethnic group as the Maya's (natives of Central America), and also I'm 1,2 North African, that means I'm part black?, in my country there's a very small group of black people so how it's possible. Anyone how could help me????

  4. Kajsa S says:

    My grandfather was from a place called Karelia, which was a part of Finland when he lived there. But after the Cold War in 1939 Russia invaded the area and made it Russian. My question is, how will that affect my DNA test. Will it show Russian or Finnish?

  5. Is it available for México?

  6. But what do you base your results off of? What is your frame of reference? From what period? How far back do they go and can you pinpoint "when" your results are from?

  7. Thanks for the info like what I see

  8. How long does it take for the online results to be ready after the raw data?

  9. Jerre says:

    Not available in sweden? 🙁

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