Home DNA AncestorMyHeritage DNA Kit – I’m Actually English? WHAT?? [REVIEW]
MyHeritage DNA Kit – I’m Actually English? WHAT?? [REVIEW]

MyHeritage DNA Kit – I’m Actually English? WHAT?? [REVIEW]

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I’ve always known I was not really Belgian… No, just kidding, but I was not expecting to be English either!

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13 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Kit – I’m Actually English? WHAT?? [REVIEW]

  1. As a native Brit 65% is hight anything over 60% is classed at native the average brit DNA is only 36%

  2. I have to doubt about the results of MyHeritage. It's documented that my forefathers have lived in the middle of western Germany (Ruhrgebiet) since the 13th century, so I expected German or Germanic DNA. But they told me that I'm 57,7 % English and 42,3 % Scandinavian. In former times the ancient Romans had been in our region, so I had expected some Italian DNA. But nothing! I'm sure that I was'nt adopted. Not was my father or his. So where is my German/Germanic DNA? My ancestors had lived far away from any rivers. So surely no vicings could have had any influence on my DNA – or? Weird!

  3. I think that the place you've sent your DND-test from has an influence to the result. They told me I'm 57,7 % English and 42,3 % Scandinavish. I sent it from the coast area, where i'm living now, but I grew up in the middle of Western Germany. My father's ancestors lived there form the 13th century, also far away from the vicings. Did my Germanic ancestors travel to Stonehenge and spread our genes there? So the English genes should be named as Germanic genes. Oh theese greatgreatgreat…fathers.

  4. Welcome brother ???????

  5. Jeff Morse says:

    People from Flanders and the Netherlands are quite closely related to the Anglo-Saxons who invaded Britain. Its not surprising a DNA test can't tell the difference.

  6. Ik heb zelf ook de test gedaan en dit zijn mijn resultaten:

    Europa (61%)
    – Scandinavisch 25,9 %
    – Italiaans 20,2 %
    – Oost-Europa 7,5 %
    – Iberisch 7,4 %

    Afrika (36,7%)
    – Noord-Afrika 34,7%
    – Nigeriaans 2,0 %

    Midden-Oosten (2,3%)

    Mijn mama is van Algerije en papa is Belg, maar tis echt gek ik heb helemaal geen Belgische etniciteit in mij! ?

  7. Steve Jobs says:

    Belgium is very close to the English Channel, so it shouldn't be much of a surprise. Great video! Keep up the good work! ?

  8. Ro Nom says:

    Celtic – Irish and Brits DNA are common in western Europe. Even in France, Spain and Portugal near the NW coasts. The reason is the Celts moved to Britain and Ireland from the continent. Neth/ Belgium has a lot of British or Irish DNA because it is near the coast The last place the Celts were before going to the British Isles. The Celts were pushed out by the Germanic tribes (West Europe DNA) in the early middle ages. You have a Celtic look too – Celts often have brown hair and light eyes like you

  9. Isabella says:

    Actually western Europe only has two actual races English and Germanic. Belgium and Dutch aren't defined (yet),so it's not weird you didn't get that. Belgium and The Netherlands weren't inhabited until very recently, so people came from somewhere else if this explains it to you.

  10. Belgium isn't Northern Europe…

  11. Lotte K says:

    Hey, I am Belgian as well and I received similar results as you from Myheritage. I've heard that this company is not always as accurate, so I uploaded my raw data on Dna Land, Gedmatch & familytree dna and the results are quite different.

  12. A Estrada says:

    I hope this doesn’t sound bad, I have been seeing lots of dna results videos, and for some reason I have Italy and Greece, I always thought Greek people where white but I haven’t seen any people that are white that have Greece. Can someone help me understand? I have 2% Greek Italy, and am Mexican which is confusing. I would think Greek populations would have migrated to and from Europe freely? Thanks for any insight

  13. SELINA says:

    Wow! Gaaf dat je zoveel Engels hebt!
    Dit waren mijn resultaten:

    – Europa
    – 28,6% Engels
    – 26,1% Noord en West Europees
    – 15,8% Scandinavisch

    – Afrika
    – 11,2% Nigeriaans
    – 2,5% Noord Afrikaans
    – 2,3% Keniaans

    – Amerika
    – 12,4% Centraal Amerikaans
    – 1,1% Inheems Amazoons

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