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MyHeritage DNA – Macedonian results

MyHeritage DNA – Macedonian results

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Took a DNA test from MyHeritage and was surprised with some of the results…

76.3% Balkan – as expected
14.6% Greek – as expected
7.3% Iberian – wtf?
1.0% Middle Eastern – makes sense
0.8% Nigerian – WTF?! ?

98.2% European ?

To Greeks:
No disrespect to any of you people but please, stop the propaganda and negative comments. I don’t give a shit about your history nor who was Alexander the Great 2300 years ago and who are his descendents today…

I was, I am and I will be Macedonian, just like my ancestors. ??


15 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA – Macedonian results

  1. Hey i am also macedonian from south east ,we almost have the same results! The only difference is that i have some north africa in me .63% balkan, 32% greek , 5% north africa

  2. Dee Dee says:

    How come you didn't get any Eastern European? North Slavic and South Slavic DNA should be the same.

  3. You're definitely not a Slav or else you'd get "Eastern European" like most Slavic people do.
    Balkan = Ancient Thracians for myHeritage and you find Balkan DNA in Bulgaria, Romania and in small percentages in Albanians and Greeks. (probably Serbs have a lot of Balkan too)

  4. JiggyNik says:

    0.8% nigeria?its an official invitation to begin a rap career

  5. Γεια σου (hello) nice results. Two questions. Firstly what lead you to make this DNA test? Secondly how do you feel now you know the results?

  6. Nigerian! Wow! That is amazing

  7. eleos says:

    why did you expect greek in your results?and if you expect greek why are you suprised with iberian?

  8. Gewrgio says:

    What is the "Balkan DNA"? I see it in the results of several Dna Test Companies. Does it correspond with what we call Slavic peoples? Does it correspond with ancient Thracian tribes? Or something else?

  9. Which part of Macedonia are you from? DNA tends to differ based on region.

  10. The Iberian probably had to do with the period of Frankokratia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankokratia. and the African thing with the slave trade during Ottoman era

  11. Barnaby says:

    wow very Balkan. You have Middle Eastern and Nigerian. That is Interesting

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