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Myheritage DNA Music | Sounds of the ethnic groups

Myheritage DNA Music | Sounds of the ethnic groups

MyHeritageDNA all ethnicities – Music of the world

Irish, scottish and welsh music: La Fuente, Funk D – Irish (or) B.o.B – Throwback ft. Chris Brown.
Nepali music: Luki – Drop That Shit Back (Thomas Hart Dubstep Mix).
Kenyan music: NovaQue – Cuba (Original mix).
Iberian music: Elemental – Helical (Currential Soundtrack).
Baltic and Indigenous Amazonian: Wordly Instrumental- Mr. Moore Music.
Balkan and Geek music: Epidavros – PRH (or) Ikarus Game.
Central Asian: KMLN – Bunzi feat. N.I.M (Original Mix).
West Asian: Caravanserai – Karunesh.

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If you recognize any music, comment! 😀

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20 thoughts on “Myheritage DNA Music | Sounds of the ethnic groups

  1. The Baltic Sounds Irish!

  2. Yo soy italiano por parte de mi padre y chileno por parte de mi madre, quiero hacerlo jajaj

  3. NICK P says:

    Anyone know central american music? its so relaxing

  4. How can i find eskimo’s song ?

  5. Me agradas chaval, he visto vuestro video de el ADN, y meramente que interesante me gustaria tener más informacion sobre la pagina o como puedo contactarles para comprar el test, bueno soy mexicano y me tiene con la intriga el no saber mis raices, por cierto buen canal, me he suscrito animo! suerte 😉

  6. He mixed up Scandinavian with Finnish

  7. Indonesia – javanese music ❤️

  8. tiluriso says:

    DISCLAIMER: THESE COMMENT ARE JUST MY SUBJECTIVE PERCEPTION< NO VALUE JUDGEMENT HERE: The Sierre Leone has a nice cowbell clave/rhythmic figure that sounds almost Brazilian. The Somali sounds like Free-Afro Chant, The Ethiopian Jewish, like Afro-Arabian; The Sephardic/North African Jewish, like Middle Eastern-Afro-Oud music, The Sardinian has a somewhat 'celtic' vibe because of what sounds like bagpipes, Ashkenazi Jewish sounds like Middle Eastern/Russian/Baltic fusion, The Irish/Welsh is cool, like Steppe/Indo-Euro in minor key – very animated! Central Asian sounds like a cross between 'West Asian' melody/scale, played on South Asian (a type of Citar?) instrument – but it's got an 'Irish' tempo/time-feel. Mongolian curiously has that 'vocal drone' that I associate with Tibetan Monk Chant. Nepali has a minor key 'Oriental Steppe Vibe' – like Central, South Asian? Thai/Cambodian sounds like South and South East Asian music. West Asian is the Quintessential 'Middle Eastern Music' blue print – 'Arabian' Scales. Mizrahi Jewish sounds like Klezmer music with a twist. South Asian, like The Quintessential 'Indian' Music. Yemenite Jewish sounds closer to 'Arabian', or West Asian', scale-wise. Polynesian is the Quintessential blue print for 'Hawaiian' music.

  9. Panos Jay says:

    Love the sound of Kenya and North Africa. Generally the African sounds!

  10. 1972 00000 says:

    The Jewish religion is not a race

  11. Creeps me the fuck out I don't know why

  12. dilara says:

    West Asian music comes from Karunesh Caravenserai

  13. De donde sos? Y tus padres?

  14. You mixed up Scandinavia and Finnish ?

  15. Enzo V says:

    Love the Baltic, and Ashkenazi Jewish music

  16. I don't think I've ever seen any results with Native American, only Central(which is more common).

  17. GV says:

    Great video But the Scandinavian was Finnish and the Finnish was Scandinavian

  18. Video is awesome but the song you used in Scandinavian was Finnish. Scandinavian is different.

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