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MyHeritage DNA on Fox & Friends

MyHeritage DNA on Fox & Friends

Fox News hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt learn about their ethnicity and family history after taking the MyHeritage DNA test. Results are revealed by Yvette Corporon, author of “Something Beautiful Happened”


21 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA on Fox & Friends

  1. Lazy Momma says:

    Did she just say someone can get a scholarship what did she think the new deal was for folks like her family getting help from the government. Why don’t she mention that!

  2. Middle East is not Saudi Arabia ??.
    Middle East is Lebanon ?? Syria ?? Jordan ?? Palestine ?? And Israel ??.
    Saudi Arabia ?? Qatar ?? United Arab Emirates ?? etc are Arab gulf country’s. Egypt ?? is not African. Iran ?? also is not Arab country.sierra Leon is in West Africa

  3. There you go , no such thing as American, lol, unless your The REAL Americans ( American Indians )

  4. Jay Boeker says:

    I was really hoping one of them had middle eastern roots to see their reaction

  5. Ainsley is Black according to the so-called "One Drop Rule", right?

  6. Marc G says:

    Skipped over the African DNA very quickly lol

  7. Kára says:

    He looks Scandinavian. He looks like an older version of Alexander Skarsgard.

    And she is definitely Scandinavian too. But why do they always say scandinavians are blonde? they have brunettes too. Most the vikings DYED their hair blonde.

  8. The Shake says:

    They act like 1900 is so late? My ancestors came to the United States in the 1600's.

  9. Uncle Tom says:

    Can't talk about Brian's 12-13 percent middle eastern he would loose his job on fox

  10. G14able says:

    So the white girl have African relatives. So Afrcans can call her sister?

  11. Shouldn't Steve be 25% native ? How surprising that it was never mentioned again such an extremely diverse cast isn't it ? And .8 sierra Leone so she qualifies for a scholarship r u kidding my lmbao fox n friends are just so diverse…

  12. I'm really surprised Fox News anchors have almost 100% European ancestry. Not.

  13. Prussia is present day part of Germany.

  14. I like how they made sure to say 0.8 Sierra Leone..

  15. 444suse says:

    Most of FOX folks seems to have some Sub Saharan African genome.

  16. DJ Trevi says:

    Look they found documents were they migrated to the Americas. Immigrants

  17. Waiting for these results now, takes long anyway and I’m in England so gonna take even longer ffs

  18. Steve is the WHITEST!!!! LOL LOL …..Brian has some Arab and/or African blood!!! lol lol lol …..Earhardt has African blood!!!! Tooooooooooo funny welcome to the family!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!!!! PLUS WHAT IS OTHER PLACES 3 % AFRICAN?

  19. People were not illiterate as much as they spoke other languages and Americans could not spell the names.

  20. E.J. Craig says:

    1:24 gah damn baby it's just a q tip

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