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MyHeritage DNA Prince Ea TV Commercial

MyHeritage DNA Prince Ea TV Commercial

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13 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Prince Ea TV Commercial

  1. I'll bet you had no idea this is an Israeli Company. Do you have any idea how they treat black dudes like this in Israel?

  2. R Johnson says:

    I understand the message the commercial is trying to convey but it comes across wrong. We all know why we are seen as "black" despite our genetic heritage and we all know that simply "accepting" the European part of our ancestry is not as easy as it seems. We descend from mixed race people who may have been less than 50% black genetically, but due to living in a system of white supremacy, they were considered black and treated as such. Those individuals learned to be proud of their black heritage and instilled that same identity to their mostly black descendants. We may all come from one family tree but we are not treated like family.

  3. really all I know is am a white American Irish and German and I say to you Mr. 72%percent I really could 72%perent careless be happy your in the greatest country ever  you where brought here slave free so be grateful its over and look what you have and where you are be happy there a service here in America because in Africa you have to find the oldest person in the village may remember  where and who you came from

  4. You pick "Black".
    You're welcome.

  5. I'm so sorry you guys aren't getting what he's laying down. He's RIGHT. ONE FAMILY TREE, and it IS called HUMANITY. See, color sighted are blind to who a person is. Yeah! I've been pushed around, hit, called names, and had people totally screw with me because of my color…and I was raised that was reinforced with swats, first and foremost we are PEOPLE and everyone deserves your respect and courtesy. For all ya'll that call yourselves Christian, remember, with the spirit added to the law, we are to esteem others more greatly than ourselves, and we are to love others as we love ourselves. Yeah. So, he's saying he's got a story, for example his Finnish heritage. There are indigenous  Finnish, people who settled peacefully with them, all sorts of folks. So, that's an unexplored part of who he IS. And God Bless him, he's SO right.

  6. Most African-American has European descent.

  7. Retarded. Yes you are mixed, but being 15% European doesn't make you white. If you are mainly black and look "black" then you are black. End of story.

  8. DEN says:

    whats this bullshit this is to confuse us all,like dogs we all have different breeds,dogs have different builds, different temperaments,different looks even.etc, so do humans, does that mean i can say i am either an English, Australian,new Zealand (kiwi)aboriginal,and Jewish.and Irish, this is ridiculous. so i can be any of these what a load of shit,lets see if jews would accept me NOPE,not that i would want that …

  9. hello Prince EA, and all, I'm actually confused I need help with the truth. I have been curious intrigued excited that we could do an ancestry DNA test, I had seen my heritage DNA testing kit advertised on line and believed its true, I decided to save MY MONEY for one, for the past 8months I have been bracing myself to purchase and take the test part of me was in disbelief as I don't really trust website sales I always believe there's some kind of scam behind all! so I avoid like the plague!!!! then I see this! your new my DNA advert/video WICKED! I must then if prince EA has then must be real great!!!  right little About me I am from London UK been watching all your inspiring videos for a long long time now possibly since 2014 also forcing members of my family to have to sit and watch your very inspiring vids lol weather they liked or not! my parents are Cypriot born with British passport as Cyprus was a British colony way back my parents came to England 1950s to help build England back up after the demolition of WW2 was plenty of jobs they my parents left behind there beautiful sunny Mediterranean home land and came to ENGLAND known as the SMOG! were some years later reproduced me and my 5 sibs I'm curious to no what DNA I carry, as I don't no much family I may have in Cyprus bit lost. going back to DNA my heritage testing kit without researching to hard well not at all after seeing you advert FOR IT I thought well if you saying all that and you did it this must be for REAL so without a second thought bought it received it swab my cheeks sent it back (paid postage) GOSH.Then as I do as I'm a little late or arse over tits act then think I looked up researched this company and to cut it short here in England our scientists seem to say its nothing more than a scam a DNA horoscope!!!!!!! and that people are being fooled that they are wasting there MONEY!!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT REALLYYYYY MY BIG £81.00 IS FOR BULL….. NOOOOOOO  I BEEN SCAMD HAVE I HAVE WE??????? so please can you check up this Matter and please please let me no the truth HAVE I BEEN DUN OVER LIKE A KIPPER HAVE WE ALL BEEN DUN OVER is myheritageDNAtesting kit compney a FAKE!!! as stated in the daily Mail in England UK look forwards to hearing from you! FROM ME IM STRESSD UPSET SUICIDAL BROKE WANT TO SEEK REVENGE ANGRY PISSED OFF TO THE MAX!!! BREATHHHH     PEACE AN LOVE

  10. C Williams says:

    I would like to help the brother out because if he has lived his entire life until this point, and suddenly become confused because of the mail-in results of a DNA test, he is in serious need of assistance, check the "NP" Box!!!!

  11. Seriously?! He's 72% West African, he's black. End of story. What a dumb commercial.

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