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13 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA result (From Sweden)

  1. seems like one of your ancestors had "jungle feeevaaah" 😀

  2. Yeah, the Jewish and Black ancestry 1% stuff is all fake. They said my mom has 1% black and I'm 1.5% Jew. My grandparents had theirs tested with another web site and their results didn't show black or Jewish.

  3. Pau Nuns says:

    Some nigerian guy toured through Europe fucking anything in his way. Sadly, history books don't mention this feat.

  4. hhahahaha: MyHeritage gives almost to everyone some nigerian percentage! Anyway, you are a pureblood of the north! Are you blonge? (god, I adore blonde people, and I envy them)

  5. It is obvious that MyHeritage provides the least reliable “estimates” of all these testing companies. I see some of my matches have predominantly North Western European ancestry and yet they also have a small percent of North African DNA or West African (Nigerian). Obviously non-sensical.

  6. Lana Roses says:

    Awesome results!
    We share DNA from Nigeria, finnish and Baltic (in my case in little percentages) .
    I have uploaded my video in case you want to see it.
    Regards from Barcelona!

  7. dude123 says:

    haha i got also 1.1 % Nigerian and im finnish

  8. All recent MyHeritage results show 1% Nigerian which it's highly suspicious. When the raw data is transferred over to other websites, the Nigerian bit suddenly disappears.

  9. Those nigerian or Jewish ancestry are alll fake

  10. How in the world does a Swede get Nigerian ancestry ? Cool results

  11. AlexMoby says:

    Nice results. It's suprising to see so many users getting the Nigerian ethnicity.

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