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MyHeritage DNA Results

MyHeritage DNA Results

My apologies, I got them confused with another company. They didn’t do an update earlier this year, that was FamilyTree DNA. This test was free!


2 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results

  1. Marc E says:

    I uploaded my results from ancestry to myheritage and the results seemed way off compared to the others. My african was the same, but they increased my native american % to 10% and iniut to 3%. The same with my iberian ancestry. I had 0% iberian and 11% sardinian. They also had me at 12% Scandinavian and that was only like 2 to 3% on ancestry and less around 5% on dna.land

  2. Leron Hill says:

    Interesting Sis. How confident do you feel with these results Sis.? I know it is suspect that your Russian Ancestry isn't reflected in this. I was playing with the confidence level in 23 and Me last night and it showed some weird results , and like 63% was unidentified.

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