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17 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results

  1. Викинги всю землю обогнули вдоль и поперек кто знает может они в космос на ладьях летали)))

  2. @ Sara: Does the Scandinavian part in you makes you enjoy a visit to IKEA? A long time ago I was working there.
    Today my doughter is studying in Sweden (the vicing history). Did my genes make it?

  3. Hi Sara, it seems, that your ancestors had been some wild rovers. They came around a lot. 😉
    Though I'm German, I've no German genes – just English and Scandinavian.(?) What can that mean?

  4. Dil gêrm says:

    Skandinavian was really unexpected ?

  5. Very interesting!! ?✌️
    I've just uploaded mine too!

  6. YOU truly american i love how many find out they are mixed , its funny people are like you mean there will be more mixed people in the world soon, i am Spanish English Inca/mya and my kids i know have Asian blood because of there moms dad , well welcome to the worldly family i love the color gray it goes well with any color.

  7. MidaX says:

    I think the Scandinavian came from when the Europeans colonized Southeast Asia

  8. I like how you react to your scandinavian blood so casual x) I was like "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK" XD I can't wait for my results

  9. Well Cambodians are natives to southeast asia therefore nothing to say on that , but THAI People Originated from South CHINA 4000+ years ago (mentioned in most books/documentarys about History&origin of Thailand). The Thai thats included in that test were Thais who came later on (like the Indians for example who came in the 13th century) probably thats the only reason why Thais look so diverse ,nowadays still 60% of Thais have chinese roots,those who dontare People who came live in TH later on, but the natives of TH are south chinese so Thai is more like a nationality ist NOT a ethnicity.

  10. Oof says:

    I really like the fact that MyHeritage puts the music based on your ethnicity/heritage

  11. This is so cool! I took 23andme, but I'm gonna do MyHeritage DNA because it seems to have more research on Asian ancestry.

  12. Bob Walker says:

    well.. my heritage DNA isnt accurate with european ethnicities you often see italians show up iberian… dutch people showing up as english and or scandinavian.. and many more.

    i am a redneck anglo merican loser from the south and it gave me 50% scandinavian… and 19% iberian

  13. ah i was at your youtube before i now see,,, was checking out dna stories before i bough a test 🙂

  14. We had the same surprises… yeah you really look swedish ;)..we did these tests too, and we were 1% chinese…and we have no idea what so ever where that comes from…… dna is funny that way 🙂 ( i'm in the nethrlands, my family never ever left the country in the last 1000 years as far as I know…).

  15. myohmyli says:

    Cool results! 🙂

  16. Wim V says:

    Better learn Swedish than 😉  It's not hard if you already know English, there is a lot of overlap 🙂

  17. Iloko says:

    Wow 9.3% Scandinavian! I'm Filipino and I also scored some European as well on MyHeritage— 4.5% Euro to be precise(comprised of 3.4% French/German + 1.1% Sardinian)…I'm assuming it's just Spanish DNA being interpreted as such. ….What's your known ethnic background if you don't mind me asking?

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