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myheritage dna results (Autosomal transfer edition)

myheritage dna results (Autosomal transfer edition)

Autosomal transfer from ancestrydna and 23andme


8 thoughts on “myheritage dna results (Autosomal transfer edition)

  1. Im going to try this company next

  2. How do you upload the ancestry dna data to my heritage?

  3. didnt realize you were from Canada as well 🙂 23andme and wegene both showed my myan ( native ) in my mom and myself -while my heritage showed nothing and it changed our european into Scandinavian .

  4. Dude i watched all your Video's and like me you are Yoruba don't you agree?

  5. When you uploaded the file from Ancestry, was it a .zip or .txt? I'm having trouble uploading mine. I've tried .txt and tried .zip

  6. @Fabian Barnes Two questions:
    1) is your myheritage sample ethnicity result on the 0.9 or 0.95 setting? That's that clockgear icon on the top right hand corner. 4:20 of the video?

    2) I've asked other people this but seemingly no one is interested in answering, but I'll appreciate if you'll answer. Do you have relative matches on your 23andme/ancestryDNA uploads that you DON'T have on your sample?

  7. All autosomal test are telling you how close your DNA matches their sample populations, not that you have direct ancestry, especially in trace regions or low number percentages.
    If you have Nigeria as a percentage, then you will also have South African and Kenya, because they are Bantu people that migrated out of Nigeria.
    Asian DNA is representative of Native American DNA based of science's theory asians traveled over the Bering Straight to the Americas.

  8. Cree X says:

    I don't think My Heritage is ready yet. They gave my 11% Kenyan on my 23andme results, and 9.2% on my Ancestry results, and now I'm 3% Chinese and Vietnamese. Even though I would be happy to have those pecentages I don't think it's right. I think an upgrade will be happening soon.

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