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MyHeritage DNA results Hazara/Turkmen

MyHeritage DNA results Hazara/Turkmen

My ethnicity history :parents are from Afghanistan
They are mostly mix of hazara and turkmen and my mom,s grandmother was uzbek


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  2. K A says:

    About Me:
    1.I had to say i'm very mixed Xd
    2.My Life over i thought I was Turk, But about my ancestors i'm more.
    3.my Great Grandmother is (Nogai)Tatar in Turkey,They Call themselfes Turkish Tatars and she is Very White skinned and had Very high cheakbones and back hair and she was Very tiny and her eyes were Very asians,She looks like typically mongolian or Altaian , But she looked Eastasian,But she only knowed turkish.
    4.My Greatgrandfather is From Turkish Provinze Nevşehir,In my Opinion he looks southasian-centralasian mixed,I heard his ancestors are Turkmen and also mybe a little bit Hazara from Afghanistan in Herat,That would explain his southasian-centralasian Features,I have One cousin who looks like southern Uzbek or Like Indian or Pashtun, with some asian admixtures.
    5.My Grandfather and My Grandmother about my Dad are related and From Yildizeli,Their ancestors are Turkmens from Eastern Sivas i heard,But I'm not sure,They also have some asian Features,But my Grandmother about my Dad also say,That de have ancestors from Kyrgyzstan,which is Very confusing,'cause They are oghuz Turk and Oghuz Turks and kyrgyz People aren't neighbours or something.
    6.My Grandfather about my Dad looks Caucasian in Face with some Centralasian Admixtures,Ik That his ancestors Came 100years ago from yozgat,I think They are Turkmen or mixed with Turkmens.
    7.I think about my Nogai and Kipchak ancestry I also I have mongolian/Tungusic or possible some Uralic ancestors.

  3. Lema Afg says:

    Interesting! I’m an Afghan Pashtun and I got 30,3% Central Asia.

  4. let me guess you are living now as a turk in turkey ? you british mongrels have so many identities you change them like a underwear , its people like you bringing up this mongol turan shit , you were not in our lands a 100 years ago .

  5. Türksün kardeşim. Bizdensin.

  6. Very interesting results!!
    I‘m Armenian with other roots as well (Uzbek, Kazakh, Greek, Ukrainian and Russian)

    That‘s my results:
    25,6% Greek
    24,3% Central Asian
    24,2% West Asian
    8,6% South Asian
    5,7% Ashkenazi Jewish
    3,8% Eskimo/Inuit
    2,4% Balkan
    2,0% Mongolian
    2,0% East European
    1,4% Irish, Scottisch and Welsh

  7. For Real says:

    A real turk not like the fake greek shit in turkey ?

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