Home DNA AncestorMyHeritage DNA results, Italian (Sicily) / Risultati DNA da un italiano (Sicilia)
MyHeritage DNA results, Italian (Sicily) / Risultati DNA da un italiano (Sicilia)

MyHeritage DNA results, Italian (Sicily) / Risultati DNA da un italiano (Sicilia)

The DNA results come from an Italian guy living in Sicily. The language in the video is Swedish, hopefully it is understandable 🙂


21 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA results, Italian (Sicily) / Risultati DNA da un italiano (Sicilia)

  1. Clajd says:

    I’m Albanian and I got 67% Italian xD

  2. So..Sicilians are a mix of greeks and north africans.

  3. tiluriso says:

    60% – Griko/Grecani. No surprise. The ancient Greeks had a long history of colonizing Sicily.

  4. tiluriso says:

    @ 0:40 – The 2 Remaining components totaling 4.9% = Middle Eastern (South West Asian) and Iberian (Spain/Portugal)

  5. bangxeloz says:

    This is absolutely legit. Greeks had colonies over all coasts of the Mediterranean. The whole South of Italy was predominantly Greek. Visiting those places, you'll find temples and Parthenons. In Calabria there are still Greeks living, speaking a certain Greek dialect called griko. Even today's cote d'azur was originally a Greek colony. Actually Europes population is closely related to Greeks. Especially the south of Europe, Balkans, west Asia and North Africa. Lybia was also a greek colony. Tripolis, the third city, capital of Lybia is a Greek word. Sevastopol or better called sevastopoli , crim, ancient Greek polis. It's a Pitty, that greeces neighbour's don't appreciate the achievements and the contribution to the face that builds Europe nowadays. It's a shame. I'm waiting for my results too. I gonna upload mine as well

  6. To be honest Sicilians have more Greek dna than Italian since they were Greeks for so many years

  7. Bravisima you should learn some Greek

  8. Hi. Did you send your samples from Italy? I'm looking for the best way to send it from Rome. Any advise? Thanks

  9. Romeax says:

    im Albanian and got greek as well

  10. It might as well say 50% olive oil 50% garlic

  11. South italy was 3000 years greek

  12. raff says:

    WAw 20% north african :O

  13. He have more Greek than me and i have more Italian than him. Lol.

  14. Marco N.J. says:

    MyHeritage are not reliable, "23 and me" are much better.

  15. Har han föräldrar som är Greker :)?

  16. Not impressed with MyHeritage results. They are the least reliable of all commercial testing companies.

  17. cpanos says:

    una facca una razza as u say LUL 😀

  18. Sophie says:

    Maybe this person is legally Italian but is not of Italian ethnicity, even Italians with a foreign parent have more Italian DNA. He has parents of Greek origins with Italian and African ancestors who are immigrants in Italy or he is adopted.

  19. Why so much Greek down there?

  20. inès says:

    Very mediterranean

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