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MyHeritage DNA results – Persian/Iranian Jew

MyHeritage DNA results – Persian/Iranian Jew

The 12.7% other ethnicities are:
6.4% Ashkenazi Jewish
5.6% Central Asian
0.7% Nigerian

Everything seems pretty accurate. Though, the Nigerian is probably genetic error/noise. Thanks for watching!


21 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA results – Persian/Iranian Jew

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Embrace your Nigerian heritage, man.

  2. I’m 38% west Asian even though I come from the Middle East

  3. That was very nice! Thank you for sharing Arya jan! Long live our Jewish Iranian community…

  4. Miss Relax says:

    Nice results, wow you got 9% South Asian, is this normal amongst Iranian Jews? I know Iranians usually get high score in South Asian admixture.

  5. Yezdan says:

    %64 Aryan, %14 jew-arab, %9 indian. good results

  6. Kol haKavod ! Todah for sharing.

  7. how many generations ? , i dont believe this shit , it doesn`t check up 1000 years just like 300 years , you are not the people of these areas . WHAT IS YOUR HAPLOGROUP ?

  8. inès says:

    Almost fully Asian❤️

  9. My dads persian and my moms Chinese !!! Am really looking forward to do a dna test!!!

  10. judith k says:

    I don't have my results but it seems like I'm west asian bcz i understand the song. İsmi süphaaaaaaaaaaan lol

  11. Hermano says:

    Are you from Iraqi or Iran?

  12. Jop Westra says:

    Very nice results!

  13. Barnaby says:

    very nice results…

  14. MyHeritage DNA is a Jewish company, They even included low confidence Jewish Haplogroups of Chromosomes related to Jews while there is not certainty, Also in their categories They included Mizrahi Jewish as subgroup of West Asian

    Furthermore, South Asian is not necessarily from India, They classified genes of Baluch and Pashtun people of Pakistan and Afghanistan as South Asian

  15. Nice mix. U r very lucky in comparison to the others Iranian (Persian is not an ethnicity! Or race!)who has more than 20% Middle East and it means they have more Arab blood running in their vanes. So may be your Jewish blood stopped that…

  16. Central Asian did mixed with Persian people a lot that`s why we can see in CA people some resemblese to Persians. So you`re as much 'Turk' as any average Turkish people who get only 5-15% of Central Asia lol

  17. That's quite a mix, r both ur parents Iranian Jews? I as an Iranian got 83.6% west Asian 11.4% south Asian and 5% middle eastern. Which part of iran is ur family from?

  18. We have exact same amount of West Asian! Interesting results☺️

  19. AlexMoby says:

    It seems almost everyone got the Nigerian ethnicity lately. For the sake of MyHeritage´s credibility, I hope it will be fixed in the next update.Otherwise, very nice results my friend !

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