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MyHeritage DNA results- Shocking!- Please Help! (Guatemalan-American)

MyHeritage DNA results- Shocking!- Please Help! (Guatemalan-American)

MyHeritage DNA results are confusing me and I have two main questions about my results from this company.


7 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA results- Shocking!- Please Help! (Guatemalan-American)

  1. J Baron says:

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  3. @HARDworkerz23, you should have at least have curls and your skin complexion should look brown. I've seen Mexicans on Youtube who have 8% African DNA (the highest on average) and they look like George Lopez in terms of facial composition and skin tone. In my opinion, your looks has Italian written all over…with 60% direct Italian ancestry.

  4. Yeah, as mentioned, it's not an exact science – they can only estimate ethnicities by comparing with modern day people who have tested. If they don't have many people tested from a region or if the people tested as a reference have ancestors who came from other regions then it can introduce uncertainties.

    The values that are reported by each company are what they consider most likely. Go to your AncestryDNA results and click on a specific ethnicity region and it will give you the actual range of possibility that they believe is possible. For example my greatest percentage comes from Europe West and it reports as 44% on AncestryDNA, but the range of confidence is only that it is somewhere between 16%-70%.

  5. Please make sure you did the swab test if you did a dna transfer the results will be way off

  6. Mark R says:

    The reason why the Central American DNA is higher on MyHeritage is because they use Mestizo samples for their Central American reference group. So if somebody was only 50% Native American, they could theoretically be 80-100% Central American on MyHeritage. It even says on MyHeritage when you read the description for Central American that the largest population of Central America is Mestizo (mixed Spanish/Amerindian). Many of the population reference groups on MyHeritage actually come from customer samples, so it is unlikely that the customer refrence group of Central Americans on MyHeritage consists of pure Central American Indians. So you are right, your actuall Amerindian percentage is more lik 40%.

    In terms of the European populations, some of these tests routinely confuse European ethnicities for each other. I got 22 Percent "Greek" on my heritage but I don't have any Greek ancestry, just Spanish and Croatian. I would admit that 23andme and AncestryDNA are a little better about pinpointing exact European heritages than MyHeritage, although even with those tests they don't get it right all the time. All Europeans are closely related genetically so these tests still cannot pinpoint with 100 prcent accuracy what countries or even regions of Europe people's ancestors come from. But I will admit in terms of European ancestry MyHeritage and FtDNA was more off for my actual results than was 23andme. Hope that helps.

  7. Well everyone has a opinion. For what it is worth. I say don't worry about them not matching. I so far have only done 23andMe. But I take my results with a grain of salt. In other words. I don't really believe my results 100%. One. DNA ancestry is still very new. Second. This is not perfect science. As 23andMe said. Even full blooded brothers or sisters will not match with each other 100% Unless they are (Identical Twins) Because each child takes a different amount of genomes inheritance . Otherwise we would be all clones. If you can get your mother father grandparents tested. All that information would help you get a clearer picture of your personal DNA. But because this home kit science is still new. Many people have lost grandparents or even parents already so it is too late to have them tested.

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