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15 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results – South Yemen (Hadramaut) South Arabia

  1. Ta ha says:

    I have seen hundreds of DNA videos, but I have never heard and known of Yemenite Jewish and Ethiopian Jewish as a genetic ethnicity that someone inherited, so pretty unique.

  2. Good results ?
    21% شمال افريقي , لم اكن اتوقعها ابدا

  3. Are you Yemenite Jewish or Muslim?

  4. Is one of your grandparents jewish?

  5. Mr JBK says:

    Nice resuslts my yemeni boiii :), i'm moroccan and im desapointed im 0% semetic lol

  6. Dee Dee says:

    LOL you're not muslim, you're jewish

  7. Amira_ N. says:

    Interesting results! So you are Hadrami too! You’ve got some jewish as well?

  8. disgusting fucking jews

  9. All Arabs score North African to a degree, so is normal.

  10. NassBraz says:

    Why so much north african genes in you?

  11. احسنت النشر

  12. tiluriso says:

    My guess is your + 4 Ethnicities are : West Asian, South Asian, East African and West African/Nigeria.

  13. Am israeli and yemeni but am 65 percent middle eastern n north Africa but as far as I know my family were in eritrea any way just cool results there is no goim thing in this, world

  14. inès says:

    I love your results!

  15. Trax-3 says:

    IIRC Yemenite Jews are some South Arabian tribe that converted to Judaism a long time ago and has remained relatively untouched by external influences since then.

    Same for Ethiopian Jewish. Some local tribe that converted a long time ago. Any Levantine influence, if any, is negligible.

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