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MyHeritage Dna Results – Spanish mother / Turkish father

MyHeritage Dna Results – Spanish mother / Turkish father

My results:

Europe 75,6%
– South Europe 56,9%
Iberian 32,4%
Italian 24,5%

– North/West Europe 15,4%
English 15,4%

-Ashkenazi Jewish 3,3%

Asia 19,3%
– South Asia 7,8%
– Central Asia 6,8%
– West Asia 3,4%
– Eskimo/Inuit 1 ,3%

Africa 5,1%
– North Africa 3,7%
– Nigeria 1,4%


18 thoughts on “MyHeritage Dna Results – Spanish mother / Turkish father

  1. If I hadnt seen Central And Northern Asia, I would have concluded that your mom had cheated on your father 😀

  2. So, you only got 3.4% from your father instead of 50% hahahahahahahahaha

  3. My Heritage is quite inaccurate in my opinion..I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.ru/ with more than 400 regions. You can do it also from 23andme raw data

  4. I like your results actually… and you say your father has also Iberian ancestry… that's why you don't have much West Asian DNA … does your father by any chance have any Kurdish in him?

  5. Had je toch maar voor 23andme gekozen hé. Nu heb je nikszeggende resultaten.

  6. Hey your part Indian as well? Welcome to the Desi gang

  7. N vd Plas says:

    Interessant, grotendeels Europees,niet west aziatisch/turks.

  8. For Real says:

    You are the whole fucking world

  9. eventho you are only 50% turk u have 7% central asian blood not bad not bad

  10. Vanwaar komt die Zuid Aziatische denk je ?

  11. laila is a typical ashkenazi jewish name , turkey is not a race when your father lived in turkey it doesn`t make him Turk , for this we need the exact haplogroups and not a location finder.

  12. Barnaby says:

    very mixed…nice results

  13. Kemalist says:

    Wat zijn jouw gedmatch resultaten?

  14. Because your second biggest ethnicity is Italian that song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2roBLpfJCGA

  15. Dil gêrm says:

    I am kurdish you have more south Asian than me

  16. Myheritage fails all the time with mixed race people. They guessed you're half english half spanish from these results…

  17. Pau says:

    I like your results!!! ^^ They are kinda similar in many percentages. I also have Iberian: 30,7%; Italian: 30,4%; English: 11,0%; North African: 5,1%. !!! But before I took the dna test I had been told my whole life my parents were both spanish, not really much though 😛

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