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MyHeritage DNA results- TUNISIA (North Africa)

MyHeritage DNA results- TUNISIA (North Africa)

100% Tunisian
-Paternal side: Small Town close to Sidi Bouzid
-Maternal side: Makthar and Zaghouan (and known ancestry from Granada/Andalsuia, yet no Iberian)


30 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA results- TUNISIA (North Africa)

  1. Cool results im pretty much really really mixed?

  2. Love to Berbers from Kurds. We love you guys so much.

  3. I'm Egyptian, I done this and got 59.6% from Middle-East region (39.9% Middle-Eastern and 19.7% Yemenite Jewish) and got 40.4% North-African, those are the only two regions I wanted 🙂

  4. Desert Boy says:

    Nice results. Very North African, the strange is the Italian which might come from Sicily since Tunisia is quite close.

  5. Bree Tee says:

    This proves North Africans arent black bc if they were then these people scoring well above 50 percent north african would undoubtedly look black. its like someone with 70 percent nigerian looking white or arab. it just doesnt happen

  6. I have got the same results I'm an amazigh man from Algeria

  7. NATURE says:

    I am from Morocco, help me to subscribe to my channel please

  8. Miss Relax says:

    Cool results, thanks for sharing it.

  9. Chida Omar says:

    Hey Sara thanks for sharing the results with us i want to know more since my mother is from Sidi bouzid too whats your last name father last name please ?

  10. Hécate says:

    wow 73% North African !
    For a Tunisian this is very high, usually it's more Something like 30% South European, 30% North African, 30% middle eastern, and 10% Black Africa

  11. mplsridah says:

    I'm starting to realize this testing company is the most accurate one of all

  12. We got almost the same results.

  13. Bullshit what is this website anyway i don't believe your video go and make a DNA test in Ancestry DNA because that's the most trust worthy one!! This one is not even known!!!! you claimed to be originaly from Andalusia so you should be Mauritian not north African you're contradicting yourself!! when you want to make up a lie perfect it at least hehehehe!!

  14. You 73,6 % berber (amazigh) wow! Very nice! Greetings from your moroccan Imazighen brother! Long live tamazgha

  15. Can you please tell me the song name

  16. Nancy Reds says:

    Thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ with more than 400 regions. I´m 32% African (Egypt 11%, Eritrea 18%, Ethiopia 2% and Congo 1%)

  17. m nb says:

    I think the Italian is the Andalusian because of the Roman empire.a lot of people expected Spain and got Italy.so it's pretty much accurate

  18. wow! Why do you have an italian DNA? ? I'm italian ?✌??

  19. Ykn Mdj says:

    Me too im tunisian

  20. wow 73.6 that's great

  21. inès says:

    This made me proud idk why

  22. Jop Westra says:

    Thats so cool! You have a v nice ethnicity! ??? i got 0.9 % nigerian 1.8 % north african 2.5 % greek 4.5 % finnish 8.9 % north west european 17.3 % scottish wellsh and irish 27 % scandinavian and 37.1 % english ? basically im very white but i wished i was a little bit Ashkenazi jewish like you! ??

  23. I´m really surprised that North Africans get so low middle eastern percentages. That Italian might have come with the jewish into your family. The Spanish jews were expelled 1492 from Spain (mostly to North Africa) and the Spanish mixed up with the Italians in Roman Times.
    What was your Iberian ancestry exactly?

  24. Thank you for sharing outstanding DNA results!!

  25. Pau says:

    Amazing results Sarra! ^^ I've also got North African but only 5,1% 😮

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