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MyHeritage DNA Results – WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE!!

MyHeritage DNA Results – WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE!!

I just got my DNA ethnicity estimate results.

Background: All known relatives and ancestors are from North Finland.

Results: Biggest ethnicity was easy to know, but there was also great surprises!

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MyHeritage DNA: https://www.myheritage.com/dna

Video: Mika Elf
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28 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Results – WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE!!

  1. DOnt you worry, even lots of Turks score about 1% "Native American". This is because of the obvious Siberian connection. MyHeritage sucks big time, it doesnt take into account the ORIGINS of the haplogroups but their modern distribution.

  2. Desert Boy says:

    Nothing strange about your results.

  3. That central american had to have been someone that went to the america's in the 1500s had kids and those kids came back to europe.

  4. Why does it say that México it's in central america?
    México it's part of north america.

  5. Isaac X says:

    I got my results as well and I am %65.6 English 19.2 Scandinavian, %13.9 Irish. Scottish and Welsh and % 1.3 Ashkenazi Jewish. I was not surprise for my results because I knew I was English, Ashkenazi Jewish and Irish. But being Scandinavian was so cool ?

  6. thanks for not making a clickbait garbage video like the others thumbs up

  7. Ana Stella says:

    My Heritage is terrible, I advise you to upload your DNA file to other companies. They said all my European ancestors were Iberian. So they took all my Scandinavian, Greek, Scottish and even African ancestors and called them "Iberian". I told them it's not the same a person from Norway than a Greek person and they (or their volunteers) called me a racist. That's all I can say. So I compared it on Gedmatch and Gencove. I have a video where I compare it.

  8. Ural Altai connection 🙂

  9. Dudu Yxl says:

    I like sushi but there is no Japanese in me. How do you explain THAT??

  10. I am still waiting on my results. I am getting worried that the test is messed up…. It's gone a few days later than the latest estimate. I can't wait to get them…

  11. The ancient population from Siberia that carried y dna haplogroup Q and from which the native americans split to migrate to the Americas also mixed with the incoming indo europeans and thus their DNA migrated westwards towards Finland and Scandinavia in smaller amounts. Haplogroup Q peaks in certain places in Fennoscandia at 4%.

  12. Reyna M says:

    Welcome ! My family is mainly guatemalan with Baltic and Finnish heritage also !!

  13. M.A. B.P says:

    La tortilla es Española, de España. En Centroamérica no la comen.
    Es como si dices que te gusta la pasta italiana porque has nacido en Nueva Zelanda…

  14. Hello! How do you upload the MyHeritage video to Youtube? Many thanks!

  15. AlexMoby says:

    The Baltic percentage is not that surprising since the Finns and the Estonians are culturally related so no wonder your Finnish ancestors mixed up at one moment with some Estonians. I'm French and I sent my dna sample last month. I'm very excited !

  16. Love the length of this and how you posted images and charts. Most videos like this feature people talking way too long and not showing results. Hope you enjoyed your surprises! I am 3% Central/South American, myself, but I knew that going in. The 36% African was a surprise, though.

  17. Wow you must be a brilliant driver with that heritage.

  18. Thank you for sharing! We're all family if you think about it.

  19. I got 60% Italy-Greece.
    27% Iberian Peninsula.
    5% Europe West.
    3% Great Britain.
    1% Eastern Europe.
    2% Middle East.
    2% Africa North.
    My results shocked me, I'm from everywhere lol wtf.

  20. SELINA says:

    Got my results!! 😀

    – Europe
    28,6% English
    26,1% North and West European
    12,8% Scandinavian

    – Africa
    11,2% Nigerian
    2,5% North African
    2,3% Kenyan

    – America
    12,4% Central American
    1,1% Indigenous Amazonian

    i'm so happy!

  21. SELINA says:

    I can’t wait for my results! My dad was born in the caribbean so he could be literally anything and my mom is from The Netherlands, but I don’t know anything about her grandparents…

  22. Dutch Yeah says:

    How the fuck can this result be considered a surprise????? I mean seriously, this was all to be expected if you are from Finland….

  23. Huitzilli says:

    Welcome to the family you are Mexican lol

  24. Daisy Wong says:

    the Central American must be an ancient Siberian or Ural Altai connection

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