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  1. Hi Hind,
    Ethiopian Jewish peopleare a very small community, and have very distinct DNA, seeing as they remaind within their own community for a couple thousands of years. The odds of someone mixing up their DNA with random DNA from Africa is pretty much non-existant.
    As for the reliabaility of these tests – they're not 100% sure, but the more people taking them gives science the option to discern more simialr parts in people's DNA.

  2. iran and turkey are west asia in this my heritage results , so its not turkey and iran .

  3. It is Scam, they told me that Ethiopian, Middle eastern and Tunisian , But I am pretty sure I mean hundred percent Sudanese though.

  4. Sudanese should be mix some black African and some North Africa and some middle eastern and probably some European

    Sudan is a Muslim country one of my son's cousins is half Sudanese he married my ex wife's younger sister i am from Latin America we have mix of native and European and African

    I have noticed that they are trying to make everyone Ashkenazi Jewish the problem is that in the genetic studies of Ashkenazi Jews they found the maternal side is completely European of old European stock and so the men

    I think the Jews from North Africa and middle east might be real Jews but they are a minority most Ashkenazi are related to other Europeans not middle easterners

  5. Listen here your parents lied to you. You're a Somali-Ethiopian Jew now with substantial Middle Eastern ancestry. Shalom and maalin wanagsan. Forget your fake Sudanese heritage my Somali, Jewish, Arab sister.

  6. Yahya Omer says:

    Hi you are toking 2 match team is money don't lose the teams?

  7. a lot of people do have jewish dna since muslims and christians were mostly jewish converts

  8. Eva JD says:

    interesting, i'm seeing a pattern of results in East African especially Ethiopian DNA results, if you are Ethiopian (?) may I ask what ethnic group(s) your parents are from?

  9. Please do 23 & me and or ancestry dna to find out more.

  10. There was a Jewish colony at Elephantine right on the southern border of Egypt and jews traded & traveled between Egypt, Nubia (Sudan) & Ethiopia. There was intermarriage & conversion in Ethiopia & highly likely in Sudan too. Pre-Axum/Amharic ascendency there were ascendant more Sudanese-type kingdoms just north of Ethiopia/south of Egypt so a bit of intermixing between the peoples there. It's posible your ancestors migrated into Ethipia & then Back into Sudanese areas more recently so the Ethiopian/Falasha connection coul still be quite a strong possibility.

  11. i thought you'd have indian blood as you look like indian mixed.

  12. I am Habasha, Amhara from Gondar, this is the homeland of the Ethiopian Jews “Bet Israel” and I got 35% Ethiopian Jew. You are absolutely right about MyHeritage assigning ancestry to the closest ethnic group. But you scored higher Somali and Bet Israel because they are Cushitic peoples and Sudanese are the remnants of ancient Cushitic Nubians/Kushites. Thanks for sharing your results. And you’re gorgeous.

  13. You have forgotten that Jews were murdered for thousands of years by Christians and by Muslims because of hatred. Because of their jealousy that Jews are wise and so is written in the Bible. And until now there are people who want to murder Jews because of their jealousy that the Jews succeed in everything. One quarter of the Nobel prizes are of Jews. And the Jews are only 13 million all over the world. Muslims have 1.8 billion with 7 Nobel Prizes. That's why they hate the Jews. Every person who holds almost everything in his hand is an invention of Jews. And those who continue to hate the Jews who will not use a cell phone or lipstick or a pacemaker and many other medications. Because … that of the invention of Jews ….

  14. Hello cousin, I have pretty much obtained the same results with little variations even though I'm Sudanese, and before I saw your posting by chance, the DNA company has listed your name as a third cousin of mine, so no worries, welcome to the club and celebrate your heritage.

  15. Go to Ancestry DNA test they're more accurate

  16. If you’re Ethiopian and your Y DNA is E1b1b, you are a Kushite and a descendant of Ham. Just like Egyptians, Libyans, and other Africans in the north and east(Canaanites) that navigated through the Earth before white ppl knew a damn thing. Israelites came from Shem, a man of dark color as well, but you can’t be a Shemite with Hamite blood. The Israelites did come to Ethiopia after The fall of Jerusalem, but they didn’t stop there ? they kept going further west and south into Africa and were eventually sold into slavery like the Torah says would happen. Y DNA E1b1a is almost exclusively found in West and South Africa and in places where the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Sub Saharan Trade sent ppl to. We’ve all been lied to

  17. i am J1C3D HAPLOGROUP, pure Semitic.

  18. إنتي جميلة جدآ

  19. you look Palestinian

  20. BXO Madrid says:

    I'm Ethiopian I have 8% Jewish how come?? Maybe this DNA test thing is from Jewish company or something

  21. Hi Hind
    Your results are similar to mine ?

  22. forgive me if i'm wrong but kinda sounds like you have some biased hatred against jews since you seem so disgusted or in denial that you might actually have jewish ancestry………..I hope I am wrong……just hate racism so much! I would be thrilled to have ethiopian jewish blood btw thats so cool! They are supposed to be the descendants of one of the original tribes of Jacob(old Israel) in the bible- that would be so cool to know your ancestors escaped from Egypt into Mt Sinai Saudi Arabia with Moses wow!! That would be something to seriously be proud of! Exodus 19 ''On the first day of the third month after the Israelites left Egypt—on that very day—they came to the Desert of Sinai. 2 After they set out from Rephidim, they entered the Desert of Sinai, and Israel camped there in the desert in front of the mountain.'' Galatians 4:25 ''Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children''

  23. Turkey also has many different ethnic groups in it so just because you have Turkey it doesn't mean your Turkish. It probably means you are Anatolian. If you have central Asia( turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc ) then you probably have some Turkish in you

  24. alansjf33 says:

    It’s seems that the results match the family history you gave. Your family ended up in Sudan but racially you are made up of dna from other places. Seems pretty strait forward to me.

  25. alansjf33 says:

    It’s seems that the results match the family history you gave. Your family ended up in Sudan but racially you are made up of dna from other places. Seems pretty strait forward to me.

  26. Do not trust these for Sudanese or East Africa honestly

  27. anonymou s says:

    lol you're results are soooo randon

  28. I M A QYN says:

    You can upload your results to other sites like ancestry dna.

  29. اليهود هم من لديهم أصول سودانية عاشوا بيننا قرون هم ونبيهم موسي

  30. red panda says:

    Sudanese is not an ethnicity. There are many ethnicities in Sudan but I do agree that the site probably is lacking in information on people from there. As for the Falasha (Ethiopia Jewish) and Somali results, both groups are Cushitic people and there are Cushites in northern Sudan and southern Egypt (Beja primarily) so that is probably the link.

  31. lamxla s says:

    Yes I think they just assumed East African would be Somalia and ethiopia lol

  32. Warsame says:

    You can't get a sudanese percentage, because sudanese is not ethnic group it is just nationality, the closest they can give you is, somalis, oromo, amhara, or other east african ethinc groups or just mixed race, I could guess also latino because of your look, despite it is not real still that is my prediction.

  33. nikia kia says:

    Hind,Israeli scientists are some of the best in the world. If it says you are Ethiopian Jewish and not Ethiopian Christian or Muslim then you are probably a descendent of the Falasha people in Ethiopia. You should reach out to your Ethiopian 6th cousins

  34. ocean man says:

    Yeah for east africa you are either Somali, Maasai, Ethiopian Jew, or Kenyan. Sudanese is not a group so it made you Somali and Ethiopian Jewish, which are the two closest genetically to you of these groups. 23andme doesnt even attempt to differentiate though, it s just East African. Ancestry dna is probably the worst though, because east african is not even a group, as it makes you Bantu and Arab. I recommend that you download the raw data and put it on dna land. I think it would end up more realistic like 1/2 east african (I think Nilotic) and 1/2 Arab, which you look like.

  35. Daniel says:

    0:25 not turkey and not iran. You could have put israel

  36. df ll says:

    you are beautiful because you have middle easter dna ???
    from saudi arabia ?

  37. MA HA says:

    you're soooo beautiful omg

  38. Kevin pure says:

    So cute all east Africans has their blood Jewish in it that's no problem sister

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