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6 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Shocking Results!

  1. Simon says:

    hi how d u sent ur envelope to usa ? royal mail just refuse to send my dna test

  2. A CATAL says:

    You are still look beautiful!

  3. Maybe some of your British ancestors migrated to Ireland A few hundred years ago, so possibly that's where the Irish stories come from if some of your Grandparents/Great Grandparents migrated to America from there. People have been migrating for hundred's of years. Doesn't sound like your parents lied, lol. It's just they passed on what they were told and thought to be true down to you.
    Awesome though, to know exactly what your ethnicity is! I got my results a couple months ago, some surprises but mostly it's exactly what I've been told. 51.1% U.K which is mostly Scottish from my mom and then Asian and Spanish from my dad. and my 15% broadly west European is probably French, from my dad also. I guess that is called mestiza. lol

  4. Iloko says:

    Yeah you do look Irish. I actually would've thought perhaps maybe some sort of combination of Irish plus some Italian in there as well.

  5. Daisy Wong says:

    You do look Irish/Welsh though. the brunette variety

  6. You know my question…so where do your gorgeous eyes come from? ?

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