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  1. I knew it , Mayan it's Centro america

  2. u look Mayan , I just started watching the video

  3. Wil liam says:

    "Central America" = Native American
    ~if you want more specifics upload your Raw Dna to either or all Gedmatch.com , Dna.land and/or Geneplaza.com ***they can be more detailed on your Native American group(s) [i put plural cause it will be atleast a few different tribes]

  4. I’m sorry you don’t look Mayan….. and your not mestizo..LOL YOU’RE JUST NATIVE AMERICAN GIRL!!!!! ?????

  5. Love your personality! I am glad you did the test as well. Gets boring seeing the same ole Scandinavian, Irish, British, etc (which mine will show) Cool results. The more tests that are done, the more popular it becomes, tests will become more detailed I am sure.

  6. You may have Asian and African in your lineage, but the presence of these races might not be in your DNA because it could been from far back that it would not had reached your generation. I feel though that you have less Native American than it showed you on your test.

  7. A. T. says:

    upload the data to a different program because it might be overestimating your central american dna. although if that is your natural skin color and not a tan from the sun then it might be your actual native american percentage.

  8. It an ancestry.com it would say you are 90% Native American

  9. You took the worst test for Latinos. They combine being Mestiza as Central American no matter where you are from in the Americas.

  10. Zay Say says:

    Wow so mostly American Indian I think that means?

  11. This a dude or chic?

  12. Yeah when I looked at her I said she looks about 90%

  13. Marci HF says:

    I just got back my results. It says I am: 68.7% Native American, 8.4% Scandinavian, 8.1% Ashkenazi Jewish, 6.6% Iberian, 3.2% Nigerian and 1% Middle East. I was expecting a lot more Iberian and 8.4% Scandinavian shocked me. But in a good way. 🙂

  14. 730 Mŷ says:

    Congratulations on your DNA ethnicity results! I'm Salvadorean. PS I'm 46% Native American most likely Mayan, Pipil, Lena and Zopotec tribes. I'm not 100% certain which Native American tribes per se I am.

  15. 730 Mŷ says:

    Native Americans are descendants of Siberians who migrated from Siberia to the Americas via Alaska thousands of years ago. ??????????

  16. I’m 73% Central American and 1% native which I didn’t really understand….

  17. It's nice to see other latin people do this sort of thing because like you said in your video we don't see a lot of videos with latinos doing this. I recently submitted a kit from Family Tree DNA and I'm so excited to see my results! I was adopted but both my biological parents are from a small pueblo in the state of Hidalgo (Mexico). Now I might do a video as well!! (:

  18. Jamie Baby says:

    Maybe if you try looking at your results on the computer it would be more descriptive?

  19. You do sound disappointed but honestly, very few people can say they're that much native in them, almost full native, that's awesome! And it shows in your looks, be proud! ?

  20. Waiting on my results.. still have to wait 4-6 weeks just sent it in yesterday haha might try 23&me next keep seeing that's the best. Agree with you though definitely need/want all the specifics. Great video thanks ??

  21. I am getting disappointed since the company seems to not have enough data on the tribes from Mexico, Central and South America. Waiting on the results.

  22. EnMX 03 says:

    I'm Mexican (from Mexico City) and I'm 53% European and 38% Amerindian!
    Else from that i got 3% African and 2% Sephardic Jewish.
    The rest was not clear but the remaining 6% was from Africa…

    It's interesting that you're almost 100% Amerindian…

  23. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? also nice video…….!!!!!

  24. You are beautiful. I can see all the Native American in you. Proud to be Mexican.

  25. L G says:

    My Heritage is not accurate with Native American Dna. They tell people they are more Native American than they really are, and they tell us that were Central American. I'm not from Central America or Mexican. My Heritage said I was 28% Central American. I did my test with Ancestry and I was 19% Native American which is accurate. I noticed Mexicans who go through My Heritage always appear to be close to 100% Central American. One Mexican girls My Heritage results said she was 84% Central American.She went with Ancestry and was 58% Native American. Just saw some video from a guy who is half Chilean. He was 29% Central American. He said his Indigenous Dna is from South America. His Spanish Dna seemed to be missing. I think It became part of his Native American results.

  26. decembrist says:

    Vasthy- Where are you from, if I may ask? Also, I think you misread the results re: Central American. It doesn't say that you're 95.3% Native American. It says that you're mestizo, but it doesn't break it down further than that. I'm sure that you have some Spanish (and possibly African) in there included in that 95.3%

    Frankly, I'm disappointed with this company. As as far as I know, none of the popular DNA companies out there have a good breakdown of Amerindian (Native American)… The closest is the National Geographic one (Genographic 2.0), when I did mine it did somewhat pinpointed to northern South America (Colombia, Ecuador and northern Peru) which is accurate for me. They go by general regions (Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan Africa etc) but they don't specify further than that which is what I'm looking for. There is one called Living DNA which looks promising, I'll have to check it out.

  27. Central America is not a part of North America

  28. That seems pretty specific to me…

  29. Hi Vasthy myheritage results are a bit messed up as well. Mine were off in compared to other places. It also said I was a lot more native american, than I really was in all the other tests. They said I was also British and Scottish, when I only have Dutch descent that is Western Euripean. Try FamilyTreeDNA! They worked well for me.

  30. I wonder if it's accurate that you're 95% native. It could be skewed by the samples they use, and you're probably more like 65-70% native.

  31. maybe you can try a different dna..it doesnt sound accurate, since you are explaining the asian side..

  32. you girl be proud of being a native American woman ancestory doesn't have enough native American DNA just mostly white dna

  33. My heritage are a bunch of liars.. mestizo is not a real breed. Myheritage is based in israel and they don't give a fuck of the break down of the central and south American blood. So don't believe them. Find a American based DNA company for more honest and accurate results.

  34. You actually look Peruvian and definitely Mayan. Half of my mother's family came from Costa Rica, but were originally all of Italian descent. Your relatives from Japan might not have been ethnic Japanese, but like my Italian relatives, maybe moved there from somewhere else for whatever reason.

  35. URO RN says:

    Awesome results. I had Native American which is probably also Central America which is also Mayan. I think Mayans are from Mexico so that may be why. I did Ancestry I had 9% Native American but it didn’t specify. And my mom has 17% Native American and we are from Central America (Panama)

  36. Lili T says:

    I'm mixed 25% Native American 25% White and 50% Puerto Rican. But I always knew as a P.Rican I'm even more mixed ethnically. I did my autosomal DNA test with Ancestry and WOW the length of my DNA results went on forever!!! I'm literally a little bit of everything! I downloaded my raw DNA file from Ancestry & uploaded it to Gedmatch.com for free where you can utilize their tools to analyze your DNA to help you further break it down. I also uploaded my raw file to DNA.Land & they give you free DNA results based on their DNA references just like gedmatch uses their samples. I also uploaded to MyHeritage and got my DNA results for free from their DNA samples and they did it for free because they don't ship actual test kits to where I live (Minnesota, USA). I also uploaded my DNA to familytreedna and paid $20 for my DNA results according to their samples. They were all similar but they also did vary. One may ask why would you want more than one autosomal DNA test and the answer is different companies have different samples and to be honest autosomal DNA testing is still quiet new and is far from perfect. Although our DNA never changes we definitely can expect DNA results to change as the technology grows and gets more precise.

  37. Before you read them, I was like “South America Native American, maybe central, completely”. So yeah, I’m surprised I was so right! But I guess it’s because you look very, now that I think about it, Mayan!

  38. Wolf Haley says:

    i think my heritageDNA shows more Native American DNA in people than they actually are. 23andme is more accurate

  39. RM Smith says:

    For more detail, upload your data to Gedmatch and use their calculators with oracles.
    You look very indigenous Central American. You are very pretty. Embrace it!

  40. Central American means Native American. Pretty sure you look indigenous rather than European.

  41. w leonard says:

    Things to help you. ( # 1 ) Google. – Meso American Indians. ( #2 ) Google -Mayan of Central América, this can also be found on -Houston Culture . Org. (# 3 ) Google – CNN Mexico North. Also the official name for Mexico is United Mexican States, just Google the official name for Mexico. Yes Mexico is part of Nor America the Mayan lived both in Central America and North America. Also there are 7 countries that is included in North America, because Central America is a region of Region of North America. Just Google any question you need to know . The Mexicans today are Modern Day Mexicans. Plenty of Asian people also moved in South America, Central America and also mixed with the natives. Also search up Coasta Chicans of Mexico or just Afro Mexicans. History can never be pen pointed 100%. But dna from one group of people can tell the story because blood or body fluid is like finger prints. I tell you this, do not be a shame of any percentage of African dna you have, all through Central America, Spain, South America Puerto Rico, Cuba etv.people have African dna. The African Morris gave Spain a beautiful history and they was not slaves. In your free time look up the Moors these things are not taught in school. Recently I Google the Aetas people and found these was the Ioriginal people of the Phillipines, Than I Google the original people of Asian to my some suprised they was Africans the migrated their thousands of years ago, same as for the Aborigines of Australia , The people there are the decendants are generations of decendants of the first to 2 groups of people that migrated out of Africa so far back it was crazy. Just by doing a sample of their rare blood scientist could tell. What dna can tell now is wonder and finally the san people in Africa resemble Asian by the facial features once scientists did a dna on them they found these people had the most diverse in the World, and they have not found any blood type of any human to match theirs and the their blood haplogroupis one of a kind making them the decendants possibly of the first people other than Adam and Eve. Scientist is baffled. Sorry texted so much. History and Science entries me. Wanda

  42. b4 hearing your results you look very native with a little europe mix…you are stunningly beautiful

  43. Iloko says:

    I thought you would score 25-50% Iberian based on your look. But then again MyHeritage uses Mestizo samples for their "Central American" category so you probably have more Euro admixture than what this test seems to say. Try uploading your raw data onto gedmatch.com dna.land wegene.com/en

  44. If you do one of those tests, you can get a second opinion here:

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