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MyHeritage DNA Test Results! French Canadian learns Shocking True Ethnicity

MyHeritage DNA Test Results! French Canadian learns Shocking True Ethnicity

MyHeritage DNA Test Results! Québécois/French Canadian learns Shocking True Ethnicity: In the end, I am 0% french!! If there is one thing I know it that my ancestors travelled a lot more than me!

So let’s take some time to make an honest MyHeritage DNA review. It was awesome learning my shocking true ethnicity like this. MyHeritage DNA results are pretty funny because it literally destroyed everything I thought I knew about my DNA.

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21 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results! French Canadian learns Shocking True Ethnicity

  1. Hahhahhahahahaaaaahahhahahaja!!!! Loved Loved your reaction!! ???

  2. Antonio M says:

    Ni puta idea de España, te pensarás que comemos frijoles y rompemos piñatas….

  3. Your video is really cute and funny, but did you know that "french" is really a mixture of Iberian, Celtic, Greek, Semitic and Germanic people's? France was the world's first empire to declare itself a "nation", but the indigenous french people are mixed from the group's listed above. 🙂

  4. Actually Iberian very much includes the South of France and former Greek colonies, so you are indeed still very French, my friend.

  5. Hahahahahahaa they are so funny and cool

  6. Classic Balkan nose, how could anyone miss that.

  7. xavier moi says:

    ça veut ren dire ces tests, crois moi tu as des origines françaises car à la base nous sommes mélangés en France suivant d’où nos ancêtres se sont installés, rien à voir entre une personne du nord de la Loire et du sud..j'ai fait le test adn et je suis à 80% d'origine latine ce qui ne veut pas dire que je suis espagnol ou italien et le reste est 15% des iles britanniques, celtes et anglo-saxons , scandinaves ce qui correspond aux mouvements des peuples après la chute de rome

  8. Funniest dna video yet. Brilliant. God save the Queen mate 😀

  9. I just took the DNA ancestry test recently. I was adopted and found my family recently I was told I am half Pawnee 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Japanese. We will see what DNA ancestry results are.

  10. I love their reactions to his dna results.

  11. Dude, of course you are French, what happens is that those tests of DNA do not mark French race because it does not exist, the French are descendants of many peoples, among them the Celts, the Iberians and the Germans, your test frame that you are British and Iberian , that test marks the Celtic race as British because that is where there is more that DNA, the Iberians who are related to Spaniards and Portuguese also had in France, so if you are totally French, I am sorry for my English, I am using a translator.

  12. Do French have a different dna in europe??? pffff Northern spanish and southern french share languages and culture. That's bullshit.

  13. Your reaction was priceless. Like you I honestly thought my DNA results would prove my French heritage. I'm 32% British and 29% Iberian peninsula with 7% Scandinavian and some Western European. I was hoping that my mom's Cape Breton Acadian lineage would show Mikmaq……but no such luck.

  14. Hi from Spain. lol. You test is a mistake.

  15. The « french-german » category of these ADN companies absolutly doesn’t represent french people. Anyone from France knows that most french and german people do not look alike at all, ecepted for people from north eastern of France such as Alsace Lorraine of regions near Belgium. What they call « french-german » is only genes from this part of France. The Only Nation that are in majority in this group are Belgium and Switzerland. Native french people are on average below 30% of this category, and usually much below in the west and the south of the country. Many native french people from France have 0% « french-german ». These companies are actually good in genetics but very bad in geography, and have no clue to how labelling the gene marquer they found…

    What they call « iberian » genetic component covers more than the iberian peninsula itself, it does not stops at the pyrenees. It is the most common group that native french people from France have at various degrees. More than the so called « french and german » category. In the french basque country people are at the same rate of this genetic cluster as are Spanish people. In the south west quarter of France it ranges between 30% and 50%. In northern France, especially in the western part where most Quebecers are from, it is not unusual to have around 20/30.% of « iberian » DNA.

  16. Jc Dizon says:

    Hmm maybe you should try the other DNA tests. I think MyHeritage includes the southern part of France as part of "Iberian" and MyHeritage doesn't have French as a classification. I think you got Central American because they're a mixture of Iberian and Native American from Latin America. You probably have an English ancestor that assimilated to Quebecois society and an Eastern European immigrant that did the same. It's odd though that you didn't get "North and West Europe" which covers most of France and "Native American" which should cover the Mikmaqs

  17. Oh my goodness you're Jewish??????
    By the way, Colombia is not in central America and Latino is NOT a race. Educate yourselves first before you make a video

  18. Kamelhaj says:

    MyHeritage DNA is a farce. I'm mostly Polish, but they said I am Irish and Nigerian. Another lady of European (French?) heritage got England and India.

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