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6 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA test results from Tunisia

  1. My heritage and 23andme are very inaccurate for North African , they mixed North African, Iberian and Arabian in their result . I suggest for you to upload your raw data to site like dna land or gedmatch to see how much North African you truly are . Plus u are Tunisian , Tunisia are more middle eastern and Arab with Italian Greeks than berbere . Also don’t believe the Berber trolls who will tell u North African are 90% Berber because they are stupid people who don’t know the difference between dna make up and paternal line ( first father in the family )

  2. inès says:

    North Africa❤️❤️

  3. Barnaby says:

    You are very Berber?

  4. So interesting, thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ with more than 400 regions. I´m 32% African (Egypt 11%, Eritrea 18%, Ethiopia 2% and Congo 1%)

  5. كل النتائج التي رأيتها لحد الآن للشمال افريقيين كلها تثبت ان سكان شمال افريقيا امازيغ
    تحياتي لك ?

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