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MyHeritage DNA Test Results: How Am I the Father of This Child?!

MyHeritage DNA Test Results: How Am I the Father of This Child?!

This explains why my children look the way they do.


15 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results: How Am I the Father of This Child?!

  1. Children are usually blonder than their parents. Most dark haired europeans were blond as kids.

  2. Mousa Da says:

    Human being has more than 50,000 genes.
    Blond hair and coloured eyes are 'recessive genes'
    that means to get a blond kid most both parents have these genes ..
    &You don't have to be blond if you just have this gene but not as a 'dominant gene'!

  3. And I bet you anything that your cute daughters blonde hair will get darker as she gets older. My sister was the same when she was a baby and toddler. I even have photos. Both my parents have dark brown hair. 2 of their kids (including me) also had dark hair. but the baby of the family had blonde curly hair and blue eyes. But as she grew up the blonde hair went to medium brown. She still has the blue eyes, but her hair darkend to brown and is now gray since she is now in her 50s.

  4. Linux DOS says:

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  5. It's Italy and Greece included in Mexico of Europe? It's because we look the same

  6. your child has your lips lol

  7. You stole that Dutch child ADMIT IT!!

  8. John NY says:

    The blond hair and blue eyes would seem to be less likely, but it is a roll of the dice. Very interesting.

  9. Seth Jaffe says:

    If you watch this one episode in season 1 or 2 of Full House, a home movie reveals that Pam Tanner was a blonde.

  10. My cousin had a kid and she and her husband are both dark and the kid came out blond with curly hair and clear eyes. I told the guy that if really wondered that he could get a DNA test without her knowing just to make sure that everything was on the up and up. If the kid is his then don't even mention it and you have peace of mind, if it turns out it isn't his then it's messed up situation and you decide what to do next but at least you didn't waste all your good years and still have time to have your own kids,. We dont live in the good old days anymore and thats fine I honestly don't know many relationships that don't have some kinda funky thing going on in them but you gotta defend yourself. Anyway they're still together so I guess everything turned out ok and he appreciates that I was the guy to tell him what he needed to hear. Really a miracle my cousins kid came out white as she considering how dark they are people must assume she's adopted or stolen.

  11. you should really travel to Europe at one point, just to realize that the majority of French, German and Dutch are not blond.

  12. JustJack says:

    I get the same thing with my son. He's blond hair blue eyes with freckles and his dad has black hair and brown eyes. I think the whole line of questioning is pretty rude but it doesn't bother me too much because it highlights their ignorance more than anything.

  13. Joe Flores says:

    Cutie… she loves her yogurt melts… your daughter looks like both of you with exception… blonde hair, light eyes… if you have more children some of them could be dark hair and eyes to…. recombination of genetics.?

  14. Bruce Lee says:

    tell me, dont u have someone nextdoor, who has westeuropean dna. Man? ))))

  15. N'awwh glad someone likes those yoghurt melts, never been a fan of them myself <3

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