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MyHeritage DNA Test Results! Lebanese Girl learns Shocking True Ethnicity | holisticmaya

MyHeritage DNA Test Results! Lebanese Girl learns Shocking True Ethnicity | holisticmaya

I got the MyHeritage DNA test as a birthday present from my awesome sister, and it is truly one of the best gifts ever! I can’t believe the results. Watch to discover them at the same time as me!
If you want to take the same test as me, order it right here:

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28 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results! Lebanese Girl learns Shocking True Ethnicity | holisticmaya

  1. I am doing my test now 🙂 thanks for the lead.

  2. jake a says:

    Aline, I already told you thry my Irish heritage I am Tuathae Danae/Tribe of Dan, which is hebrew semitic, the same as the original inhabitants of Israel prior to them being scattered by Diaspora twice. I am a messianic jew, I know when the Great Tribulation ending with armageddon, and during the Great Tribulation 144,000 bonafide messianic jews…not khazar converts, butt, 12,000 messianic jews from each of the 12 tribes of patriarch Jacob/Israel will proselytize in Israel. Can YOU say with certainty your kids will be among these 144,000?

    I can well imagine, if Our Good Lord sends my kids to Israel at that time, they will be persecuted by the khazar converts who are not already messian jews. So in this regard, how can YOU be able to judge me, since the only person who can judge anybody is Jesus. BTW, patriarch Jacob gave a deathbed blessing to his 12 sons, To Dan…he will come to judge his brothers …this is just an admonishment to the other 11 Tribes, they have to become messianic jews if they expect to come into Heaven. Tribe of Dan's most famous member was Samson, he was a Judge in Israel, way back when. He wiped out some of your very distant Philistine ancestors.

    Its impossible for me to be anti-semite, just like no arab can be accused of being an anti-semite since they trace their roots back to Ishmael to Abraham. The zionist screed you mention is about politics, and so-called Christian zionists here in the U.S dump millions of dollars into Israel solely for Israel to be in existence when armageddon happens, which in turn will end with the 2nd Coming Of Jesus. Keep in mind, since I seriously doubt you know anything about the way Israel works, especially when the rabbinate in Jerusalem's sanhedrin made a deal with Cardinal Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict 16. The deal goes like this… 2nd Coming of Jesus for Christians will be 1st Coming of the Messiah for jews.

    In The Book of Revelation, after the 2nd Coming of Jesus, there will only be a remnant of messianic jews that survive armageddon. Believing Christians will be physically taken to Heaven, bodies of dead believing Christians will receive their souls and they like wise will go to Heaven, the rest will end up in Hell, except for the remnant living messianic jews who will populate a New Jerusalem, with Jesus living amongst them for a millenial period of 1,000 years. After that period of time, the entire cosmos will self-destruct in 1 huge explosion.

    Now, if YOU are a muslim, in this scenario, what will your eternal fate be? Jesus said, the only way anybody can get into Heaven is thru HIM. Islam does not offer those terms…YES?…NO?

    BTW, My Heritage is not the best dna test company. Go online and contact Prof, Brian Sykes, the pre-eminent dna researcher. Read his 7 daughters of eve, then ead his 34 grand daughters of eve to get a better overall picture about dna. Ask him to test your dna, his results are far more detailed than My Heritage or Ancestry. I asked him to contact me when he comes up with a redhair hebrew semitic genotype screen, since my Finn mom's side goes back to Tribe of Issachear. Then again, how could I expect you to know anything about hebrew semitics?

  3. Jews and Arabs are brothers, something we can see even in our genes. So many similarities between different Middle Eastern peoples. שלום سلام Peace!

  4. i think u look like Pakistanis

  5. jake a says:

    Aline, I understand yiddisch. My neighbors, when I small child, were holocaust survivors from the camps,…not 2nd or 3rd generation children of the original survivors who insist on calling themselves survivors. I am now 77 y.o and have lived in countries where real German is spoken. My wife is a native German, we both understand yiddisch, we have also been to Switzerland where the Swiss speak a dialect of German which is nearly identical to yiddisch as you can get. Next comes Holland where the Dutch spoken lingo is another close variant of yiddisch. Switzerland and Holland got these dialects from diaspora khazars who converted to being jewish over 1500 years ago.

    You missed my point about the khazar diaspora completely. Look at Israel today, where 1,000s of russians claiming to be persecuted jews are actually yiddisch speaking khazars who obviously learned russian to be able to survive there. Stalin and other russian leaders had pogroms against them for many centuries. It will not surprise me if Israel uses the presence of ISIS, Iranian agitators, hizbollah in Lenanon will finish off the job Ariel Sharon started when he isolated 1000s of Palestinians into concentration camps outside Beirut. I know 100s of these Palestinians who managed to escape Beirut in the 1990's and got asylum in Sweden.

    I know a helluva lot more about your neck of the woods/patch of desert than you give me credit for. I also know Maronite Catholics driven out of Lebanon and got asylum in Sweden. Its a shame I can't meet you personally and ask you to read the Book of the Apocalypse in the NT, then you tell me where 144,000 bonafide messianic jews, 12,000 from each of the original tribes will come from. My take is a good portion will come from Lebanon, first country to have converts to Christianity, like Maronites, Egypt where Coptic Catholics are present for 2,000 years.

  6. north African means amazigh (berber). it is not specific to any country but to whole north Africa.

  7. jake a says:

    Aline, YOU have to read the Jewish Encyclopedia article about khazaria, and its lingo aka yiddish, a german dialect very close to spoke Swiss deutsch, and the Dutch lingo spoken in the Netherlands. I can't help it if YOU lack the requisite intellectual ability or skills to comprehend. The diaspora Jews..sephardics is a internal reference to those Jews who remained in the Med sea area. Ashkenazi's is a term to refer to khazars who converted to Judaism and in their own diaspora, migrated into areas next to Germany…read…East Europe, and into Germany proper and brought their germanic dialect with them.

    These things I mention are extremely easy to find and yet YOU insist on getting hysterical and insist your take is the only valid viewpoint, tells me you need psychiatric help real bad.

  8. she is half middle eastern jewish half arabic pretty much.

  9. iekoom says:

    It appears that you are not very proud of your African side.

  10. Lara Esen says:

    GIRL HELP ME I just got my DNA results this morning and I can’t view my 6 other ethnicities how did u find out u were Indian 🙁

  11. I also get a huge chunk of Mizrahi Jewish. Actually, I believe this is a misinterpretation. Mizrahi Jews, modern-day Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldeans, Armenians, Turks, Kurds all belong to a very similar genetic group. In a lot of DNA companies, this group tends to be labeled as simply Mizrahi Jewish when it's not necessarily simply that. You could of course have Jewish heritage, but it is very possible that it's any of these other groups.

  12. Nehmi says:

    The South Asian means that you're part Roma (previously known as Gypsies), which makes sense since they left India and traveled through the Middle East into Europe. And you're basically half-Middle Eastern/Spanish Jewish. This means that half of your parents grandparents or great-grandparents were Jewish. So they converted to Islam/Christianity fairly recently. Probably in the 1800s. Or it means that either your mom or dad's parents were Jewish and converted to Christianity/Islam and never told your dad/mom.

  13. ???? مخلوطه البنت

  14. Pete Raw says:

    Not an accurate break down.


  16. So many of your ancestors were part of the jewish diaspora or something? Amazing results. All over the place!

  17. i think you have an Iranian Jewish ancestor . The INDIAN genes you have are not common in middle east

  18. dzlove says:

    North Africans have one common DNA so it won't get more specific than that. Usually when it says North African , it means Amazigh or Berber. I'm Algerian and half of my DNA is North African and Middle Eastern and almost half Southern European and from the Iberian Peninsula.

  19. S Lantos says:

    A lot of Jewish people in these regions had to convert, probably your ancestors too, to survive.

  20. jake a says:

    OK Aline, the word ashkenazi means 'germanic' automagically tells me a person who claims to be ashkenazi jew is not a hebrew semitic jew, what original jews since time of Noah are. To get this ashkenazi tag means the source came from where tribes which formed what is called German today, originated, which is where khazaria was. Jewish Encyclopedia has a very lengthy article about khazarian source of ashkenazi jewry based on the fact khazars spoke yiddisch, a germanic dialect, which has zero to do with hebrew, even tho' ashkenazim used hebrew letters to write this yiddisch. According to Jewish Encylopedia, khazars were a blended ethnic group, not 100% unique. Over 1200 years, with each passing generation the dna of jews today have traces of many cultures, where they migrated to, in a similar fashion as to what gypsy camp followers did when they followed armies in the field.

    Elvis bragged about his mom being a sinti gypsy/jew. This type of gypsy jewish interbreeding occurs more often in many places in the world, than most folks imagine.

    Check out what Gen Ulysees Grant did to oust Jewish camp followers during his Civil War campaigns, when they operated bordels that caused 1,000s of Union soldiers to be unfit to fight due to the diseases prostitutes spread. Gypsy camp followers provide similar prostitution services to maneuvering armies, for centuries. I personally know Iraqi muslims who told me Saddam tolerated gypsy run prostitution in Iraq to prevent Iraqi women from being raped. Saddam did not tolerate muslim run prostitution, even tho' it happened 'cuz it was done by non-Iraqi muslims.

  21. MrA says:

    All the love for my beautiful Middle Eastern sister. I love all ME people and we all must unit regardless of religion.

  22. I find you cute are you into girl by any chance? ?

  23. Kris Han says:

    Isn’t of Argentina blood? You mean Native American? Argentina isn’t a race … pendeja

  24. sumerian are lebanese looking

  25. Whats up! I was born in Beirut, Lebanon and just did my DNA with 23&Me. The results came as 90 percent West Asian/North Africa. About 9 percent Greek and 1.7 Italian.
    Im going to try Ancestry next to see the difference.I think for Middle Eastern people there is not a lot of DATA out there so….

  26. You are half Jewish check it out

  27. fEF efgeg says:

    your Italian part is prob from your dad bcuse : THERE S NOT DNA CALLED " ARGENTINA" lol in america there's native american only, other are migrants from all over the wolrd

  28. jake a says:

    It should come as no surprise to her that folks from Lebanon would be more genuine ancient hebrew-semite-jewish than the folks who occupy Israel. I think she assumes the mention of having an african input makes her black. She would have to be sub saharan to be black. Since ashkenazi jews are a mongrelized blend of turkic, slavic, baltic and some central European bloodlines that migrated out of khazaria when it was over run and divided up, with virtually no original Israel bloodline connections, these ashkenazi groupings married into which ever country they migrated to, adopted local names, otherwise how come the askenazi -khazarians do not have turkic tribal names.

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