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3 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results: Upload to Another Site?

  1. mrsmgb says:

    My Heritage will let you download the raw dna and then you can upload it to Gedmatch.com. All instructions are on the My Heritage website. It's worth doing this.

  2. I would consider taking another test either through Ancestry or 23andme. Usually in your settings it will give the choice to download your raw DNA. Once you do that, you can upload it onto FamilyTree, GEDmatch, DNA land, or wegene. You can also upload it onto Prometheus, but that will only give you health related information. I personally didn't find the health stuff that interesting, it seemed kind of fear mongering in a way. Wegene was great because it gave me a maternal haplogroup. FamilyTree is neat because it gives you your ancient origins which can give you an idea of where your DNA is coming from in the long term. DNA land can give you insight into what specific groups form up your DNA. For example, I get high amounts of Spanish Basque and Mediterranean Islander.

  3. J De'Niz says:

    ..Nick..I don't think My Heritage will let you download your RAW dna so you could upload it to GEDmatch, from what I understand only Ancestry and 23andMe will let you. You need to call My Heritage and ask if they will let you download your information. If not you may need to do another DNA test with maybe Ancestry. Call My Heritage and see what they have to say. Note, the GEDmatch is free unless you want to donate, your choice.

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