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MyHeritage DNA Test Results: We’re Not Italian?!

MyHeritage DNA Test Results: We’re Not Italian?!

This is so weird. If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like we did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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23 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Test Results: We’re Not Italian?!

  1. Dude you look middle Eastern lol or Spanish

  2. Spain occupied Italy, Rome occupied Spain… We are just humans 🙂

  3. So the question is, are we nature or nurture. Are we genes or culture. I would say the answer is predominantly culture. That's why you are now American.

  4. DNA DOES NOT tell you where your ancestors were born. IT TELLS YOU YOU'RE GENETIC HERITAGE. By the way… Italy was once occupied by Spain. You guys need to read a Damn history book once in a while…you give us Americans a bad name.

  5. Kamelhaj says:

    Don't believe MyHeritage DNA results. I'm Polish, but they had me as Irish and Nigerian. The fine print said that your results are not indicative of your ancestry, but how your DNA matches up with the DNA of countries today. Hello… the DNA of a country (except in a few rare circumstances) IS their ancestry.

  6. French and Italian is much more related then Spanish and Italian. And proper Spanish DNA is similar to Irish and English great Britons.

  7. Jing Li says:

    Dont panic. It could be the test data base that went wrong. One guy from Quebec (french descendent) did it and he was all over southern european but 0% French. Larry David did the DNA test years ago but he was not even 50% jewish. It later turned out that it's just the test and technology that was yet to be developed. Results redid in 5 years will vary dramatically when the lab gathered enough data to fix and update their database, calculation methods and reference parameters.

  8. confused….is italian an ethnicity? African is not an ethnicity, but a continent with many countries. Please explain what ethnicity is.?


  10. this is bullshit, you are american if you are raised in america, you are italian if you are raised in italy! wtf?? People travel and mate!

  11. Spanish Rule Napolitanian Lands during centuries. Spain had the biggest Empire in history during 3 Centuries..

  12. Darth Rex says:

    My results from my mom's Italian side were very similar to yours, except Italian did show up for her side of the family. The interesting part was that the Italian part was from Tuscany, Italy and Emilia-Romagna, Italy, though my grandfather was born further south in the mainland in Apulia/Puglia. Arab/Middle Eastern did show up to a small degree and also definitely the Spanish. It was interesting. I think part of the explanation was that whatever part of the family line was from Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna might have migrated sometime ago to Southern Italy for economic reasons or other reasons.

  13. Have your mom tested with 23andme. 23andme and Ancestry.com are the most accurate when it comes to ancestral dna testing. 23andme pinpointed exactly where all my ancestors were from.

  14. It would be good to find out what village and region your father is from AND your last name. In this way you could find out more. For example I traced my surname to a bridge in the Italian Alps. Also records of your father and his father and his father's father should be on file in the comune of the village he was born. You can write to them and also send a few euros and they will send you copies of all the birth certificates. Also check with baptism records there too. At least that will show the past few generations. And for the absolute confirmation come to Italia and check out the local village's cemetery, usually all the generations are buried there. You can tell where that ends or begins. COME TO ITALIA!

  15. 59?!?!? Your Mom is gorgeous. She looks so young.

  16. Italy is a large country and was once a huge empire. More than 45% of Italians have Greek dna to some extent or other so it’s surprising that you didn’t show Greek either. Then there is some Albanian dna ( could be named Balkan by the dna lab I guess) but only Italians from particular regions of Italy and Sicily show such dna so that could be the Balkan bit you got ! Curious to see your mom’s results. Cheers from Greece!

  17. Lots of Italians have German, Balkin, Greek, French and or Spanish. Southern Italians will show some German and Middle Eastern.

  18. I don't think that an homemade DNA test will have an high accuracy, also cause a lot of peoples in myheritage dna complaining about his accuracy.

  19. Robert C says:

    My grandparents on my mother's side were born in Sicily and so were my great grandparents and so on, my father’s father was born in Sicily, and my father’s mother was born in Naples Italy, my DNA came out 34 percent Italy/Greece, 30 percent Irish, 5 percent Great Britain, 7 percent Scandinavian. .other areas were Western Europe, 4 percent Iberian peninsula, 4 percent Middle East, 14 percent Western Asia, 8 percent Caucasus, 1 percent Eastern Europe. … Western Asia would be modern day – Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Iran..

  20. It’s not amazing g it’s a bullshit test you are Italian those dna test lie

  21. I agree because I always thought I was at least 50 percent German. I was born in Frankfurt Germany to what I thought was a 100 percent German mother and an American father who I knew was Irish and British which showed up in my DNA. From my mothers side I am only 5 percent German 13 percent Spanish 5 percent Middle Eastern 1 percent Indian from India 4 percent Russian 4 percent Italian and Greek

  22. For a very long time that entire region was a mixing bowl of war and trade. Almost no one is 100% anything

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