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MyHeritage DNA Tests: Everyone is Finnish and/or Nigerian?!

MyHeritage DNA Tests: Everyone is Finnish and/or Nigerian?!

Haven’t you noticed this too?


39 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Tests: Everyone is Finnish and/or Nigerian?!

  1. I'm Turkish and according to MyHeritage ignorants, I am 2% native American and 1% Eskimo-Aleut. 😀 This is due to the obvious "Siberian Turkic" ancestry but since myHeritage takes into account the MODERN distribution of haplogroups rather than their origins, it is normal for those stupid "mistakes" to appear.

  2. Mr JBK says:

    I am a Moroccan berber, people tend to confuse for a european/white so i did a DNA test and i got
    87,5% North Africa
    11,3% Iberian Peninsula
    1,2 % Nigeria
    And Nigeria is totally ilogical i have more chance to have senegal and Mali rather tgan Nigeria because Morocco invaded them and brought slaves from there while there's no conection between Morocco and Nigeria

  3. My dad got 1 percent Finnish, but it's because my grandmother had partial Finnish ancestry. My father and I both got 1 percent Nigerian on the DNA test, but I got 0.1 on other Dna Tests such as FTDNA.

  4. Dee Dee says:

    It's fake. MyHeritage just messing with people.

  5. I am a Filipino and My heritage finding of my DNA is dead on !
    95% I'm Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian.
    However, my 5% is Finnish. Puzzled me from the beginning. I knew my great great grandfather was an Spanish priest who abused tons of Filipina women during the Spanish era (starting from 1571 to 1900) in the Philippines. I even saw his grave.
    Now, where does Finnish stand in my DNA finding? I think My Heritage cannot identify a certain DNA (say like spain) in Europe and generalized FINLAND as their override DNA description.
    Does my comments make sense?

  6. Abiodun92 says:

    This was interesting to watch since I happen to be 50% Nigerian and 50% Finnish. Finns are pretty unique when it comes to DNA so it's surprising that many people seem to have some Finnish in them.

  7. i just had my test and i have a high % of finnish…but that was not a surprise to me since my family is from finland….the finnish dna is special in europe and something you can single out…but the problem with myhearitage is that they talk more about regions than of etnicity like they should. for example they have scandinavia and finland as areas …i know i have Sami blood in me but its not shown…i dont know if its shown in the finnish % or the scandinavian in the test…also my test showed a part of asian dna but that was also expected since finnish people have higher amount of asian dna then rest of europe…but there again my heritage tries to put it in a very specific region and my guess is that the people living there today have the highest amount of matching dna to that finnish-asian dna. Why people gets finnish results that have no direct connection to finland im not sure…there might be a small amount of finnish blood in them…or is it from something erlier? like from the group of people that later became finnish? or does these tests only show compared results from other modern people?

  8. Hermano says:

    I have just seen a video of person from Kyrgyzstan and other from Sweden allegedly with Nigerian genes according to MyHeritage. Like … Impossible!

    (Edit: I also saw a Finnish guy supposedly with "Central American" genes and other from Nepal with "Amazon" genes… That's just to say: Do not take the results to the letter, especially those with a percentage less than 2.5%)

  9. I am 48% Sub Saharan African and all from Ghana. It is possible.

  10. I'm not Nigerian at all (zero) (I don't know – personally – ANYBODY in Finland or anywhere else who gets Nigeria on these tests) but Finnish yes (almost 100% :)… LONG before slavs and germans etc. came to north and east Europe Finnic tribes was there in huge areas. So of course here is lot of DNA from them left in Europe (mostly Finland, Baltic, Scandinavia, Russia but not just there). Read and learn. Much more in Europe than just Italy, You know…

  11. Marenkia says:

    Finns are genetically different from other europeans. Maybe that's why it's easier for them to say if you have little finnish in you or something. I don't know XD

  12. I am 80,7 % Finnish (which actually comes as a surprise bcs 3 out of 4 of my grandparents come from Finland), 11,1 % Eastern European (not a suprise), 4,7 % African (!?) and of those 1,1 % Nigerian and 3,6 % Northern African and 3,5 % Central Asian. My Finnish friends that have done this test have also got as a result 0,1-3,0% Nigerian, so we really wonder what is happening here. If the DNA result would be true, it would be anyway super cool to be even 1,1 % Nigerian!

  13. Malzycan says:

    Finnish is a very specific and ANCIENT haplo group. This is why it is specific. Because the finnish seem to have been a more ancient group that lived up by the ice sheet for thousands of years.

  14. Better some Finn than no Finn at all!!!!

  15. No Nigeria and no Finland in my case.

  16. The test might be better if you do the one with the samples and not the free dna upload from other countries. I did that and my results were way off, especially compared to AncestryDNA and 23andMe. I didn't get Finnish nor Nigerian (with West African, they said it was from Sierra Leonean. I did get some Finnish from AncestryDNA though. ), I got different results (my dad is of Mexican decent and mom has a lot of English, Scottish, German and Dutch).

    These were the results they gave me (I honesty don't know why they gave me so much Eastern European and Balkan yet no English or anything like that while it was basically the opposite with all the other tests). It seemed sort of random to me, so I just take MyHeritage with a grain of salt. I get it, it was the free upload version and in beta, so I guess I shouldn't expect a whole lot-
    North and West Europe
    North and West European
    East Europe
    East European
    South Europe
    Central America
    Central American
    West Africa
    Sierra Leonean

  17. If onehas any Scandinavian or Eastern European genes, he/she normally has some Finnish inheritage mixed there.
    In this case the term should maybe not be Finnish, maybe Finnic would be better. Because Uralic just doesn't say anything to most people. That would be the most correct term, instead of Finnish. It's just that these nations are very small, but widespread in the North-Eastern Europe – their ancient homeland – now heavily Russified. Only Estonians and some (2 or 3) Volga nations are over a million in size. But the Finns are 5 million, in the whole world close to 9 – if we count the immigrants who consider themselves ethnic Finns, like the Finnish communities in the Anglo-Saxon world, the neighbouring countries of Finland, and some other places. So this genetic group is easily considered Finnish, or Finnic, more scientifically and a bit more neutrally – but Uralic is the official one.

    Because the Finnic or Uralic means an indigenous gene group of the people of North-Eastern Europe: From Northern Scandinavia & the Baltic Sea to the Ural mountains and a bit beyond. These people lived originally north of the Russians, Turks, and Persian related nations, in what the Russian call Taiga: the Conifer forests, whereas the Russians lived in the milder zone forests of leaf trees, and the plains. In the east, (western) northern Asia, they are mixed with other populations. The Turks lived in the plains, and the Persianic people a bit in the both, but usually more south. But there are very old Persian loan words in Finno-Ugric languages. Baltic people are basically a mixture of these Uralic people, Eastern Europeans and Scandinavians.

    The Finnic/Uralic genetic group matches nearly perfectly the Finno-Ugric languages, at least in the northern Eurasia.
    A few nations live south of Volga, they are more mixed with other gene groups. And the Hungarians moved all the way to the eastern Donau plain of Central Europe. But southern Russia and Ukraine are immense plains, where there are no natrual bondaries. So it was actually easy for the nomadic nations to move 1000's of kms pretty quickly.

    This nomadic movement and danger stopped only when Russia grew strong enough to control those southern planes, north of the Black Sea. They created their own nomadic culture, the cossacks. That settled that Hungarians were the only Finno-Ugrians who travelled that far south and west. Genetically they are mostly like their neighbours: Eastern Europeans and Germans. Only they have a trickle more of the Uralic blood than their neighbours. But when we go from Hungary to Ukraine and then to Belarus, then in Belarus (nearly a Hungarian neighbour) we start to see the Finnic/Uralic genes to increase strongly.

    It's called haplogroup N in the paternal DNA, the Y-chromosome factor. In the Mitochondrial mtDNA the group is not that clear, there's more local variety, and mixture with the close neighbours.

  18. Piilopeelo says:

    "There are today at least 25 million descendants of the Swedes and Finns of the Delaware. At least half of these, perhaps more, have one or more Delaware Finns in their family tree. "

  19. JVC89 says:

    We Finns have been historically very isolated from rest of Europe and our DNA is really different. Some scientist have even said that European population could be divide into two groups: Finns and all others.

    Here are few DNA maps:

  20. Simon's says:

    Myheritage is a funny place. I did the geno 2.0 and transferred it to family tree dna: 99% finnish, >1% siberian. When I transferred the results to myheritage I got: 98% finnish, 1.3% Eskimo and 0.8% South Asia. The results depends heavily on the database… Have to say I laughed when I saw the Eskimo part.

  21. 444suse says:

    About Finland i recommend to focus Y-DNA haplo group N M-231. Very rare in Europe (<1%) but dominant in Finland (60%, >70% in eastern Finland). Only in Baltic States it's very common (35-40%). Even in mid and south Sweden it's rare (2%). Likely 1/2 of Indo-Europeans having that HG N is Finnish genome. And with that 3:5 rate in Finland we might have to estimate that 0.5-1% of Indo-Europeans have Finnish heritage on father lineage most of from ancient times, not after 16th century.

  22. AlexMoby says:

    I admit I was also surprised to see so many users getting Nigerian blood. It´s indeed the most populated country in Africa but still…. Concerning my results, they gave me the most certain ethnicity (North/Western European, Iberian and Celtic). DNA.Land and Gencove gave me other ethnicity like Greek, Italian and (newest update of Gencove) a bit of Scandinavian. But I remain a pure European guy according to them.
    So the questions concerning the next My Heritage update are: (on a personal side) will I get a Greek/Italian ethnicities and am I right when I think that part of my huge Iberian blood is actually Southern French ? AND (on a global side) will the Nigerian ethnicity remain for most of the users who got it ?

    Have a nice day !

  23. Staccet says:

    Finns are very distinct genetically from others because we have been very isolated from other countries. We have very little if any Mediterranean and African genes but high in the original hunter-gatherer genes compared to others except Estionans and the Sami and we are also most asian of Europe. So that makes us the most and the least Europian people XD
    We are genetically considered an independent population from the rest of the Europe.

    Also funny enough most of the other Europian countries are more closely related to eachother than Finns from Western and Eastern parts of Finland are.

  24. I would suspect that applies mainly to Americans, Caribbeans & South Africans who tend to have quite recent mixes from multiple continents, that most Europeans from Europe of long standing European ancestry don't show Nigerian or Nigerian & Finnish and many not show Finnish, especially the further South and West you go in Europe.

    Have you checked out My Heritage's Ethnicity Map/List which shows percentages of people showing 5% or more of a particular ethnicity in each country on My Heritage & also for country by ethnicity, they posted a blog post on it a few days ago that I read yesterday that explains what they intended. The ethnicity map feature is under DNA menu on My Heritage site.

  25. MaMa 2020x says:

    Don't know if this helps, but the closest language to Basque Spanish is Finnish. There is a thought that there was a migration from the area of Finland to Southern Europe before recorded time.

  26. Pau says:

    Well I don't have neither of them I've got 30.7% Iberian, 30.4% Italian, 11.6% Sardinian, English 11.0%, Irish/Scottish/Welsh 1.0%, East Europe 10.2%, North Africa 5,1%.

  27. GNU/LINUX says:

    You should compare "Africa southeast hunter gathers" and "Finland/Northwest Russia" and ask why Africans have that relatively small group of hunter gathers showing formidable share on their DNA results. Then same question: why Finns with share of 0.7% of European population and < 0.5% share of European immigrants in North America having wider slice on DNA results. Finns were last adopting farming culture in Europe, they were remnants of hunter gather culture.

  28. Because Finno-Ugric people are very special case in Europe they are easier to be tracked in DNA tests. However one thing is still open. If Indo-Europeans largely adopted farming culture earlier and Finno-Ugric folks much later then how many Indo-Europeans have still their Proto-European/Finno-Ugric genes in their DNA. The Finno-Ugric hunter gather culture area was immense starting near Bering stretching to Northern Sweden, Northern Norway, Finland, Baltic and Kola Peninsula.

  29. People just should understand that Finns or generally Finno-Ugric people are indeed special case in Europe. First – they are not even Indo-Europeans (just like even majority of Russians). Second – they are the only one still having 5% Asian on their genes. Third – the genetic difference inside Finland is immense. For example the genetic difference between people of Eastern Finland to those in Western Finland is 2-3 times bigger than between Germans and Britons. No wonder why some geneticists are asking: are Finns even Europeans. More likely Finns are the remnants of old Proto-European hunter gathers, last who adapted farming culture in Europe.

  30. I don't think you get Nigerian as much on ancestry.com. My friend took this test and they got 23% Jewish and 14% Italian only 1% North African Arab. So if their grandparent was a Jew that would make them 4% Arab which makes sense. This person also got 36% British 16%Irish and the 6% Scandanavian which comes from the Vikings attacking his British side and his trace amount of Finnish was less than 1% Finland/Northwest Russia because going way back in time I think the Finnish attacked the Scandanavian countries so Swedes, Norwegians, and Denmarkians lol often have some Finnish in them.

  31. I don't show any African on my Heritage, although I do on some other tests. West African usually others as N African due to I have some Inerian. I do show some Finnish, but that is not uncommon among people who have Scandinavian Heritage which my Heritage has me at almost 30% Scandinavian and just under a percent Finnish. My Heritage and some others do show me with West Asian, that was unexpected but it's also showing in some other test. Finnish can also indicate Russian, Ukraine etc heritage.

  32. With regards to “everybody is Nigerian”. Please refer to the sites below; they may explain why many people are “Nigerians”. I am not sure of the facts of these claims, may be some historian out there will shed some light on it. Life could be a mystery. However, only God know the origin of Man


  33. Too funny, yes you are right, I tested with Family tree and Ancestry, very similar results, mainly Scots/Irish, Dutch German, Iberian, I uploaded my results to My Heritage and suddenly there's no Iberian but now 3.1% African,
    1.7% north and 1.3% Nigerian

  34. It's the ancient tribe of the Finnigerians. Originally from South Africa they went on the Great Finnigerian Migration and somewhere in the Congo they split…. Part went North into North Eurasia during the Paleolithic Period and part went to what would be Nigeria. Lack of sunlight and the snow turned the Northern Finnigerians white. The biggest mystery, though, is why the spell check let Finnigerian get by except for one time when I typed this (the Northern Finnigerian description above got marked…none of the others did…. maybe I'm onto something).

    Don't know about the Nigerians, but the Finns (often shows up as Finnish/NorthWest Russian – who are a Finnish people, the Karelians) might represent some of the earliest Ancestral North Eurasian hunter and gatherers who settled Europe. Many Northern Europeans would get that while Southern Europeans would get less if none. On some DNA studies I'd show 1% but in My Heritage….nothing. Perhaps the biggest surprise I got for My Heritage was 12% Sephardic ancestry from N. Africa (doesn't show up on anyone else, but in my genealogy I do have some Sephardic ancestry, but nothing like 12%. It's probably just that the various populations that I am related to, combined, make me look like I'm 12% Sephardic. The Oracle tests on GEDmatch often say I look part Sephardic or Mizrahi Jewish, usually around 12-25%). I think on my 23 and me I show up a tiny percentage of West African (0.1%) and a tiny percentage of Finnish (< 0.1%)….but not with My Heritage!

  35. Hector says:

    My mom and aunt took dna tests one on ancestry and one on 23andme and got similar results,same areas just diff percentages, uploaded raw data to gedmatch same thing more detail but both results very similar, uploaded to my heritage and they are completely different my mom shows a mix of european countries spain,england,italy, northwest european, ashkenazi jewish and my aunt shows only spanish and greek so very strange that other sites had their results almost exact but my heritage they are not the same at all

    And they both show a percent of nigerian

  36. Pretty much almost everyone gets Irish, Scottish & Welsh or Nigerian with MyHeritage, you're one of the only people that didn't.

  37. Bob Walker says:

    weird thing id I show up a lil finnish and African on everything but myheritage .. on DNA land and gedmatch and gencove

  38. JustJack says:

    I think they just lump all west African together and call it Nigerian. Especially with the smaller percentages. No idea about Finland.

  39. L D says:

    I thought that too! In every test I see, Nigerian appears as a little percentage (between 0.1 and 3%)

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