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MyHeritage DNA tests for genealogy

MyHeritage DNA tests for genealogy

MyHeritage is proud to take genealogy to the new millennium by offering a revolutionary technology for advancing family history research — DNA testing — at affordable prices.

Your ancestors left clues to your family history in you and in other descendents, and you can unlock these clues by testing your DNA.

DNA tests are useful for identifying the deep ancestral origins of your direct paternal line (Y-DNA), your direct maternal line (mtDNA), finding relatives across all lines via autosomal DNA (Family Finder) and producing a percentage breakdown of your ethnic roots.

MyHeritage is introducing today a wide range of DNA tests to meet different research objectives and budgets. For an introductory period, all prices are discounted for MyHeritage subscribers, starting as low as $84.



1 thought on “MyHeritage DNA tests for genealogy

  1. Angel28luv says:

    How do they break down Native Mexican DNA. My results said Central American. Does that for sure mean Native because the description just spoke about how Central Anerica is mixed. And a little about the Mayans.

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