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MyHeritage: If You’re Sephardic Jewish,  Are You Actually Spanish?

MyHeritage: If You’re Sephardic Jewish, Are You Actually Spanish?

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  1. Jewish people, today and throughout history, are Jewish and ,also, part of the community where they are living…often for many many generations. Thus, American Jews are Jews and Americans. Jews living in Spain, were Jewish and Spanish. All over the world, past and present, Jews had there own Jewish traditions and culture as well as incorporated those of the country they were a part of. Historically and presently, Jews want to contribute and participate in every aspect of life in the towns, cities and countries where they live. In the countries where they were forced to live apart from citizens that were not Jewish, they were unable to have as much of a connection with the culture. When you listen to prayers, in Sephardic synagogues all over the world, you can here the music of Spain. When you listen to prayers sung, today, for example in certain synagogues in the U.S., the melodies reflect music from our own American pop culture while in others the melodies are from the countries where there family lived in previous generations. I love your own personal journey and how you are sharing it with all of us. You are an inspiration.

  2. Juan Garza says:

    There is no Sephardic DNA marker yet, to prove Sephardic ancestry you need to prove it through geneaology (paper trail).

  3. Olga L.P. says:

    Hello, I am Spanish my town is part of the highlighted points in the Sepharaad maps (NorthWest Spain). Jews were living in the Iberian Peninsule for centuries before 1492.  When we talk about Sephardic Jews we speak of Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal. After 1492 many of the Jews living in Spain "converted" to christianity so many of them lived as "Christians" for the public eye. It is understandable they did that to carry on with their lives and not losing all they had. I believe that is what happened to my ancestors. Life was not easy for the "New Christians" as they were under the eye of the Inquisition. Other Jews prefered to leave Spain. Many went to Portugal and others went to North Africa, England, France, South Italy, the Balcan Peninsule (Servia, Greece, Romania etc etc ), Turkey …. Jews who lived in Portugal ended up leaving the country as things became more difficult for them there also. One example Spinoza (the philosopher) went to the Netherlands. Later on many Sephardic jews went to America (the continent) Keep in mind Sephardic jews were far away from Palestine, their version of judaism was not as strict as it became in other parts of Europe. Be proud of your Sephardic side I leave you a link where you can find plenty of information  https://jewishhistorylectures.org/2018/04/17/the-holocaust-with-a-note-on-the-sephardic-experience/ Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeNr6gwqin_7e_atjVnJcCQ

  4. What is Jewish ? Watch ‘The Not So Chosen People’ on YouTube

  5. You are confused because its confusing. I'm a Sephardic Jew on my dads side. Welsh and British on my moms. Can trace my Jewish family name back to 1400's in Valencia, Spain. But my dads family lived and has lived in Turkey over 500 years. Genetically we are not "Spanish" because there is no real genetic testing for Spanish because it is a country not a race. You may be Sephardic Jew from your moms Mexican side because some of the conquistadors were secret Jews trying to escape the Inquisition and the Alhambra Decree (google it) of Catholic Spain. We now know this is true because a certain breast cancer gene was only found in two populations: sephardic Jews and certain MMexicans.Many modern Spanish people are now learning they descend from Jews who converted to Catholism so they would not be tortured, killed, or expelled. Also, your results would be different from your mom in that DNA through your dads line would be more prominent in you, as you are male. If you have a sister, I bet her test results would be more close to your moms.

  6. Neri' s says:

    Youre blessed man. Baruch Hashem!

  7. dude Spanish is not a race

  8. The case will be settled if your Jewish with 23&Me through your Paternal Haplogroup if it comes out J1 (M267) or J2 (M172) <<then it will be settled that you have one common ancestor, you only can trace it back through the Y-Chromosome a man carries 21 d)X & X Y can't trace it by Maternal– Mother carries 23 dXX ps: do your homework look at Wikipedia for you Haplogroup #

  9. Z888 says:

    U will start to get DNA down load from GOD …..dreams, visions endless questions…..this is the season !

  10. Z888 says:

    Your Spanish. Part of the family. Very ancient DNA lines. Don't want to say to much more find your way home ! God Bless U !

  11. I have to say yes remember Muslims and the Moors from North Africa conquered Spain for hundreds of years. Southern Europe has it's similarities and differences with North Africa and Middle East Hope this helps.

  12. inès says:

    My friend is Sefardi and according to his DNA results he’s mostly North African with a bit of West Asian and Iberian

  13. During the Spanish Inquisition supposedly there were many people that wanted to hide from being tortured or whatever so Jews either converted to Christianity and sometimes along the way the family just continued to marry Christians and forgot they were Jewish or they married into Christian families on purpose to hide they were Jewish and protect themselves. And also most Jews seemed to take the last names of their host countries like German names or Eastern European names. If need be I can delete this, but Cardozo, and similar names(Cardoza) seem to be Sephardic. They have a Cardozo school of Law which I am million percent sure is Sephardic because NYU is owned by Jewish people inside and out. They own all of the NYU buildings. I have known one other person with this last name and pretty sure it's Sephardic. Cordovas was apparently a place where many Sephardic Jews lived and he was also a Conquistadore so now I am starting to put dots together.

  14. D M says:

    Sephardic comes from the name that was given to the Iberian peninsula. Accordingly, since "Sepharad' is identified as Spain in modern Hebrew – the descendants of these Jews who settled in the Iberian peninsula (Spain/Portugal) approximately 2,000 years ago call ourselves "Sephardic Jews." Pls note, nevertheless, that rabbinical law identifies Jewry in the matrilineal form. In other words — if your mother is a Jew her offspring are 100% Jew (even if the father of the children is not). Therefore, if your maternal grandmother is wholly Jewish, therefore you mother is considered 100% Jewish, and you would be considered 100% Jewish. These specific conditions must be met to be in accordance with rabbinical law.

    Last, most Jews 2000 years ago ( up until the 19th century) very rarely married outside of their faith. So, a randomly selected Sephardic Jew has a very small probability of having actual Spanish ancestry. In sum, Sephardic Jews are the Jews that trace their ancestry to the Jews that were exiled from Israel to Spain 2000 years ago….and they were expelled in 1492 from Spain as well.

    Does your mother, or grandmother, by any chance speak Ladino? Ladino is the Old Castilian/Spanish that was spoken by Jews in Spain 500 + years ago. It's Old Spanish with certain words containing Hebrew like pronunciations (i.e Judeo-Spanish). Ladino still survives among some Sephardic communities in Israel, Turkey, the former Yugoslavia, Greece, formerly North Africa (Morocco etc.) where many Sephardic Jews settled after being expelled from Spain in 1492. In any case, I hope this info helps to point you in the right direction. Cheers.

  15. Terceira73 says:

    Jesus is the MESSIAH.

  16. Hello, thank you for your video! I am 49% Spanish, 30% Italian, and 15% French. My lineage is from Sephardic stock. Our people have been in Spain over 1400 years in Spain after the sacking of the Temple by the Romans. We where brought to Spain. We had to survive right! We married locals and mixed with the people while also maintaining our Jewish Roots. I come from the Family Shaltiel's who are registered as Sephardic lineage in Spain. after 1492 we where to convert or tortured or expelled out Spain. Some of my Shaltiel's moved to Denmark and lived there for over 300 years they show in their DNA North's DNA! They are very blonde hair blue Eyes!, while my line moved to Greece for over 400 years and we are green eyes olive skin. Some Shaltiel's moved to North Africa and married local ladies there. The North African branch are Black skinned Shaltiel's. It all depends where they moved too and whom they married to survive, it does not mean if you have Spanish blood does not mean you have Jewish in you, But being Jewish lineage you can have Spanish ancestry! In April 10th The Shaltiel's are having a family reunion in Spain and when we are there we will be giving our Spanish citizenship back after 500 years! By the way you look like my Brother lol!!!!

  17. Sephardic Jews are the Jews who settled in Spain/Portugal after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in Israel 2,000 years ago. You are Jewish not Spanish.

  18. I'm Sephardic but I don't consider myself Spanish and my family considers themselves Jews and got persecuted as Jews because we are Jews and not Spanish ethnically. My wife is Ashkenazi from Russia but Jews don't consider themselves Russian ethnically because they are Jews.

  19. If you can prove it, yes, literally. You can actually apply for a Spanish passport.

  20. You are the chosen people of Yahweh shalom

  21. I seen where they said Jesus was a Jew and he lived in Spain for a while, So it's possible you could be related to Jesus, Maybe, You never know right?

  22. Sefaradi testing is still in it's infacy. I am only starting to learn about it, being half Iberian Jewish myself. It seems like some tests, especially for testing along the maternal side are only beginning to take shape. I would imagine it is very difficult as more and more 100% Sefardim are becoming a rarity and mixing with Jews from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, etc…
    Basically, we lived there for more than 2000 years and considered ourselves Spanish & Portuguese in every sense of the word. Our synagogues today are even often called "Spanish" and we still identify ourselves as "Spanish" (having not set foot in Iberia for over 500 years already!). What is even more complicated in your case is that MANY Jews moved to Sicily and Calabria and mixed or hid their identities over there. Just for the record, and this is very interesting, Ashkenazi Jews (who lived in Eastern Europe) are most closely genetically related to Italians than to any other nonJewish ethnicity! Anyway, good luck with the research, and I hope that our pictures become more clear as the technologies improve! FTDNA seems to be doing the most work on this subject: http://forums.familytreedna.com/showthread.php?t=40998

  23. I'm also confused. It says that I'm 12,1% ''Sephardic Jewish – North African''. I'm Turkish and that Sephardic Jewish thing could make sense because many of these jews left Spain and came to turkey but why does it say ''North African''?

  24. Jews are originally from Israel (although even before that it's supposed that Abraham came from Kurdistan) but they were thrown out of Israel by the Romans after the romans conquered Israel around 70 CE (creating the jewish diaspora, meaning exile from Israel). At this time Spain was under Roman rule so that's why some jews ended up being sent there by the romans (even some of them might have fleed Romans massacres by themselves, and some jewish merchants might also have emigrated before the Romans conquered Israel). Around this time (200 BCE to 200 CE) many historians commentators of this era wrote that judaism became popular even among some non-ethnic jews around the mediterannean as jews emigrated or were expelled there. Some of these converts later became christians (which at the time the Romans considered a variant of Judaism) but some of them stayed jews. Starting from around 200CE, christianity began to really separate and become a religion of its own, so that the conversions to judaism became much more rare and the jews overwhelmingly married within the jewish community for 1800 years, apart from those being forced to convert to christianity. In the end each jewish community ethnicity is a mixture of original jews and of locals, probably around one third local ethnicity and two third ethnically jewish. However the jews did not mix with Spanish people that they lived next to (after expulsion from Israel by the Romans in year 70, they were a minority all over Europe, North Africa and Middle East). So jews all over the world are closer genetically to other jews than to locals (Hebrew ethnicity coming from Israel and maybe Kurdistan if Abraham was indeed from there), but still have some similarities with locals caming from conversions to judaism that happened between the years -200 and +200. The three main groups are Ashkenazi jews (who lived in Europe after the expulsion, most of them in Eastern Europe namely Poland and Ukraine, others in central Europe ie Germany and Hungary, and Western Europe namely France and England), Sephardic jews (diaspora in Spain and in North Africa, ie Marocco etc., as well as Turkey and Greece), Mizrahi jews (diaspora in Irak, Iran, Yemen,…). For sephardic jews, the story is that they were expelled from Spain by a queen in 1492, many of them went to Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and to Turkey (joining smaller communities that might have already been there). Some of them were forced to convert to christianity by the same queen I talked earlier in 1492 (they were given three choices: conversion, expulsion or death). So for about 2000 years, wherever jews settled, they were a minority, so that's why they gathered back by re-creating Israel in 1948. Apart from that for the DNA tests you made which gives 15% of Sephardic Jewish DNA to your mother and 0% to you it doesn't make much sense to me. One possibility is that the more or less 7.5% of you who is Sephardic jewish was not detected because it's a piece of gene that is common to Sephardic jews and to Spanish people (because as I told you Sephardic jews have some Spanish DNA coming from early conversions beginning of the 1st millenium). Another possibility is that it was caused by the fact that MyHeritage and all those tests don't scan your entire genome but just some very small part of it (less than 1/1000th of the whole DNA), and that the interpretative algorithm is not yet good enough, then your 7.5% Sephardic jewish is not detected, whereas for your mother, 15% is enough so that many specifically Sephardic jewish DNA is found and so they could include more DNA labeled as Sephardic jewish. Overall I think that if you want to know which one of the two is the most probable, you can make another test than the MyHeritage one for you and your mother, like the 23andMe test.

  25. MyHeritage gave me 11% Spanish, but my grandmother has 20% Sephardic Jewish and 20% Spanish. I found that interesting because it clearly differentiated between the Spanish and the Sephardic Jewish. I think you really have to do the paper trail however, in order to find the evidence.

    If you're asking this from a genetic point of view, I read somewhere that having traces of North Africa, Middle East, and South Asia, tended to point to Sephardic Jewish ancestry. The Sephardic Jews migrated from North Africa into Greece and then later on during the middle ages into Spain and parts of Italy.

    I would check out some Sephardic Jewish lists and see if your mother's surname appears on any of them. Before Sephardic Jewish people left, they were forced to sell their belongings which were recorded. I found my grandmother's name, Bonfiglio on several of these lists.

  26. Farinalda says:

    My test has showed me that i'm iberian (i'm from Spain….this little caribean island ? lol), italian (suprise) jewish, scottish, north african also…

  27. Farinalda says:

    If you are sefardic you can ask for spanish nationality if you like

  28. Sephardic people are mixed

  29. This is a long story to tell, but in short cut Sephardic Jewish come from Middle east, North Africa and Iberia doesn´t mean that have something incommon with Spanish. It is just the place where they originated from and then they moved.

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