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MyHeritage: Jewish & Middle Eastern Grandparents, No Aquiline Nose?

MyHeritage: Jewish & Middle Eastern Grandparents, No Aquiline Nose?

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47 thoughts on “MyHeritage: Jewish & Middle Eastern Grandparents, No Aquiline Nose?

  1. I’m 100% European 85% of that being Iberian (Spanish) and I have a very prominent Aquiline nose. I get it from my dad and he is actually 100% Iberian so…

  2. Weren't they smart? Instead of being hassled about mixed tribes, your great-grandfathers chose to live Italian!!! Lol. But you all are handsome, totally American ☺☺☺

  3. The guy really looks so jewish for me and the lovely mom looks italian+jewish+middle eastern for me. ??❤️? God bless your while family!

  4. Lagolop says:

    In general, Italians and Greeks are highly mixed for a very long time. ALL of Europe is highly mixed.

  5. b1inbeing says:

    Aren't you grateful you didn't inherit the Jewish nose…

  6. Lex R says:

    I don't know if anyone has pointed out to you Jewish history in Italy, but if not, check out this link: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/timeline-of-jewish-history-in-italy Jews and other middle eastern peoples who moved to Italy (moreso south than north from what I've been told) mixed with the locals. Looking at the way they were treated, it's not hard to understand why they did that. So your great grandparents were indeed Italian, but they were less "pure" than the northern Italians (who were snobs because they viewed the southern Italians as mutts). And I think you're saying that you understand that the "Greek" your mom was assigned was technically Italian (as Greeks and Italians have a lot of common DNA), so no explanation necessary for that. Same goes for Iberian. So basically, add up all the middle eastern components, Italian, Iberian, and Greek, and then you'll have her true (Jewish) Italian percentage.

  7. Sara Cetin says:

    The phoenicians (the sea people) came from todays Lebanon/Syria/Israel. They where great traders, sailors and made camps/sociaties in Sicily, Sardinia, South Spain,, north Africa and other Islands in the mediterranean. (The ancient city of Carthage located in modern Tunisia close to Sicily). They also integrated in cultures (mostly in Sicily) and the mycenaens, an ancient greek people who also lived in Sicily. (Phoenicians, canannites and judeans where closely related).

  8. LordMIGtau says:

    Not all jews have aquiline noses, and the ones that do tend to have droopy tips

  9. Dach Yomi says:

    According to Jewish Law if your mothers mothers mother etc is Jewish you are 100% Jewish, or if someone converted to Orthodox Judaism they are 100% Jewish, because Jewish is a soul.

  10. Who needs a DNA test paper results when you probably already have ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP BY BLOOD (Jus sanguinis) anyway! See my next 2 comments :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. Also, if your grandfather was born in Italy and he never naturalized in US then you have what is called Italian Citizenship by BLOOD, as long as your grandfather and as long as your dad never renounced his citizenship by blood either. Also this would extend to your son if you were born after a certain dat (the rules for the mom passing it on are different than for th fathers). This is called Jus Sanguinis Italy. Italian citizenship law is based on the jus sanguinis principle (citizenship by blood), and anyone with an Italian ancestor can claim Italian citizenship as long as they never renounced their Italian citizenship and if your grandfather barely spoke English then probably he never naturalized (back in that day if an Italian naturalized to American that was considered renouncing Italian citizenship.)

    So it really not matter that the DNA test say you have no Italian DNA, because you DO have Italian relative and he was born and raised in Italy. That is good enough for Italian citizenship, and if it's good enough for Italy then it's abbastanza bene!! (good enough!). Being Italian is more than DNA, many Italians here for generations originated from other countries and yet have been here for a long time. The part of Italy I live was once Austria and at another time it was once Switzerland. It is now Italy. But in any case dear you have Italian citizenship by blood as long as your grandfather and your father never renounced. Even if your dad was born in US as long as he never walked into the comune or government office and specifically renounced his citizenship by blood through his dad then the citizenship line has not been broken and you have it. You would have to do the paperwork only, you would not even have to live in Italy for this kind of citizenship. LOOK IT UP: Jus Sanguinis Italy. Italian Citizenship by blood.

    P.S. don't get hooked up with online agencies charging you big money to do the paperwork either. Just go through your local ITALIAN CONSULATE, it's free but you'd have to provide docs that he never naturalized.

    THEN YOU CAN JUST TELL THE DNA TEST p-off because you will have Italian Citizenship which is better than having an ancestry dna paper eh! ciaoooooooo ~Monica Maria

  12. They say Metallo surname is Southern Italian. By any chance do you know the comune or province he was born or the city? It should be listed on your mom's birth certificate the city or village he was born. I'm in Italy and I could try to find out more for you. At least I could get an address of the village's comune (this is like what US calls city hall but villages are generally much smaller) then you could write to them and get copy of his birth certificate and then get his father's and his father's father's and so on. If you need help writing a short letter of request I can help with that and my cousin works in Mayor office and she knows everything here! In this way you will know all you want to know firsthand. If it is a small village you're home free and will get even more info, than if he was from Rome or some huge city. But even still most are broken down into small villages. Worth a try! That is how I reconnected with my father's family here in Italy! Took ONE letter and I've been living here ever since!

  13. Tre Norman says:

    You're a white guy lol

  14. reddog9401 says:

    alot of italians have jewish in them that got lost because of persecution.

  15. reddog9401 says:

    all jews and arabs came from the middle east.

  16. K Lee says:

    Your mom could pass as Sicilian, but also as Spanish, Jewish or middle Eastern… lol idk but a lot of southern Italians have a lot of middle Eastern and Greek admixture in their dna because arabs and greeks occupied the area for a few centuries each. Some arabs and greeks stayed after occupation ended and that’s the reason why up until this day there can be found these genetic traces. It doesn’t make your mom less Italian tbh. Also it could just be that your mom had less of the Italian dna passed down and her grandparents had actually a much higher percentage of Italian dna… so many Italian family names have Greek origins, it’s fascinating. My Italian side of the family all got really similar noses like you do btw, kinda big but really straight and kinda pointy.

  17. The Middle Eastern could be Mizrahi Jewish heritage.

  18. Many Jews fled the Inquisition in Spain 500 years ago and arrived in Livorno, Italy. We have copies. Of Hebrew prayer books from Livorno. The mother is very sensitive and her nature is very Jewish. If you find that you are Jewish, you may start lighting Shabbat candles before sunset on Fridays?

  19. The aquiline nose is acharacteristic of teutonic descent

  20. reddog9401 says:

    i thought i was 100%italian.i am shocked,i am greek,sardian,and sepharic jewish.also 12%middle eastern

  21. GremGreene says:

    You are a Patrician. You Patricians fell in love with your German and Celtic slaves. Read history and it would not be a puzzle to you. Spanish, Greek, Italian and Jewish its all the same thing on some levels. They are all civilizing forces.

  22. Vickie kay says:

    You're white people! European

  23. I paid to have a 'My heritage' test done and I was always told that my granddad was Jewish, I didn't get anything suggesting that at all, I am from the UK and I am 100% European , English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Scandinavian …so all in all I AM A VIKING lol…I am still a little disappointed that no Jewish came up…;)

  24. Mimi T says:

    Depends where you geandpa was born ; and where is psrents was from

  25. why do you have to have an aquiline nose if you have Jewish?

  26. We in israel looking after children who hase sfaradee origen born in the 50s and adupted mabee by amerik

  27. mohsin says:

    Arabs from the Middle East did invade Spain and ruled it for 800 years, and they did take native Spanish women as wifes. They also invaded and ruled southern Italy and Sicily also. So after the Arab rule ended, you did have a sizable portion of the population in those areas that were either predominantly Arabic or partially Arabic/middle eastern. That’s where your middle eastern dna comes from

  28. Your mom totally looks like middle eastern. I’m from there and can recognize that 🙂

  29. I am 47% middle east after thousands years of migration in north afrika who i got 32 % .they lived thousand years in north afrika.dna is the real true of who we are.

  30. dna is very fascinating as memory.history.migration of ancestors.Nationality is not ethnicity.genetic is the true trust lineage.

  31. You know during the crusades people had to convert to christianity or die.

  32. Me Dna says:

    Ur mom looks very arab

  33. Sarah Shay says:

    I am supposed to be 25% Spanish. My grandfather is full Spanish. I would not be surprised to have some middle eastern in my dna. The south of Spain was heavily occupied by middle eastern people groups for hundreds of years. I'm still waiting on myheratige results!

  34. in thise case .
    middleEastern = jewish

  35. ju mp says:

    Italian nose is pretty much simular too a Semitic nose …. maybe because the phonecians mixed with Italians.

  36. Do you guys have a video discussing your Mexican heritage? There were a lot of Italians who immigrated to the American Continent, we always make fan of Argentinians big noses ?

  37. There were/are Italian Jews.

  38. Weith, Veith or Vieth or common family names in Germany.

  39. im spanish jewish and you look like my aunt lol

  40. come israel with your mom bro ,
    you wellcom to visit your big family✡

  41. Have you ever heard of the Moors of Venice?

  42. Fer Alonso says:

    Sicily was part of Spain (Aragon) about 6 centurys….your nose remenbers me the Basque (north of Spain) nose.

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