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  1. Nice results. I'm Kazakh. I got same Eskimo, central American and Nigerian % which surprised me. I got Baltic. Finnish Scandinavian. Chinese Vietnamese. I was expecting to get Mongoloian %. But I didn't get any.

  2. just do it says:

    Kardesim bu sonuclara gore 6 aylik omrun kalmis

  3. How did you central asians get that much Greek %

  4. moğol istilası ve sonucları 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 saf kan türk kalmadı bence

  5. Those eskimo ones are cool.

  6. May he has more Turkic DNA than a random Turkish but modern Turkey is the only country which calls itself as a Turk, just like it's written in Orkhun Scripts.

  7. The music for the central asian part is afghan rubab which means its afghan dna.

  8. I think the Eskimo might be Siberian

  9. I was shocked that you have so much mongol and native american blood)

  10. and 0 % from Turkey , there is no turkic race turkic means language , ottomans influenced the crimean tatars who dont speak turkish originally , it shows clearly you so called turkic people are not turks this is just a coincidence , turk is not a race but a new age political and cultural nationality that has to do with end of ottoman and turkish republic.

  11. Muncuk Han says:

    çoğunlukla türksün

  12. I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics (www.24genetics.com) with more than 400 world regions. They are totally reliable

  13. Of course, there's some nigerian dna for everyone! MyHeritage has a big problem

  14. That's what i call a TRUE turk

  15. You probably our more Turkish, which you would consider yourself.

  16. K A says:

    I must do this Test ,too.
    I am anatolian Turk , but I got Tatar ancestors over my Grandmother,which isn't a Turk.
    She's Half Turkmen and half Tatar and she looks asian like turkmens,with mongoloid eyes.Her sister and my mother more looks Tatar or siberian.My Moms Aunt got blonde Hair,White Colorskin and very very high cheakbones,my Grandma and my mom too,I got high Cheakbones,too.She got this Northeastasian eyes ,too ,but People don't identify her and my Grandma as Turks,even when they identify themselfes as Turk,'cause they born there and their parents told them that they are Turks.Many People thought at my Mums Aunt,that she's half Russian ,'cause they don't know that Turcomongol People and Siberian People often got blonde eyes ,and Half Chinese or Japanese or 1/4Russian or some russians says she looks like yakutian or from Taiga and not so Kazakh or Mongol like.
    My Grandfather over my Mum is 1/4kurdish and little bit armenian and I think he got rarely centralasians,He's from Sivas,like my Father.My Mum looks like a Manga Person,she got very high cheakbones,she's white and got big eyes and brown eyes,like me or her Tatar Grandmother.She looks asian ,but her Face seems ,'cause her Big eyes,european or like a manga person.She is very tiny ,too.
    My Father looks like Turkmen and he's from Sivas,many People in Sivas looks asian.My Grandmother over my dad looks asian , too and she is very white ,too and she got brown-blonde Hairs ,not dark hairs.She looks Like Turkmen and is from Northsivas.I think mybe we are mostly Turkmen over my Grandmother with Greek or Southrussian Admixtures.My Grandpa looks caucasian in Face,but he got very small eyes ,like Turkmen.I think i got high northeast/centralasian genes and high Caucasian genes with rarely Greek and Easteuropean Genes.
    I got brown to Black haircolor from my Mum,but little bit wavy hairs from my Grandpa,but very rarely.I got high cheakbones,The Brown eyes from my Tatar Grandgrandmother,In Face i looks Like Turkmen or Uzbek,but some people say I looks like a mix of georgian and asian.I got almond-shaped eyes,like asians but I got eyelid like caucasians.I think i look like Turkmen or Uzbek,most People See that I'm Turk,but they say that I got a little bit "chinese" or "eskimo" eyes and mornings they say I look very asian.
    Sorry for my english , I live in Germany .

  17. All over the place! That's cool!

  18. veryserioz says:

    MyHeritage is crap. Upload your results to GedMatch, WEGENE and other free sites.

  19. Good results. Did you upload your raw dna to gedmatch? It's for free.

  20. Interesting results.

  21. 730 Mŷ says:

    Congratulations on your DNA ethnicity results!

  22. On the other hand Kazakh got only 10% of mongolian, 60-70% of Central Asian, 10-20% of East European dna, seems like your Kyrgyz dna professors lied that Kyrgyz people have 60-70% of European dna lmao

  23. Kemalist says:

    Nice results Turkic brother, look on my channel for my results.

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