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MyHeritage on BBC World News

MyHeritage on BBC World News

MyHeritage’s Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet, visited the BBC’s London studio to speak to Aaron Heslehurst and Talking Business, BBC World News’ flagship business show. They spoke about MyHeritage DNA and the future of genetic genealogy


4 thoughts on “MyHeritage on BBC World News

  1. Mr Eazy says:

    the host is on crack

  2. dude123 says:

    This company is the worst of the DNA companies. This company tries to tell you what you aren't like the ''1% Nigerian''

  3. Boy, is the Host of This show "jacked-up" or, what? Did he do "coke" before he came on-camera? If not, he Needs to "take-it-Down" a notch! Wears ya out to listen to him! But the DNA info was interesting from MyHeritage's owner!

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