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MyHeritage Raw DNA Transfer to DNA Land: Now I’m 45% Italian?!

MyHeritage Raw DNA Transfer to DNA Land: Now I’m 45% Italian?!

What do you think about these results? If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like I did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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26 thoughts on “MyHeritage Raw DNA Transfer to DNA Land: Now I’m 45% Italian?!

  1. Grandpa and grandma. Ancestry.com DNA Results for a supposed 100% Italian Couple! An unexpect


  2. Habbs make these huge, crispy deep fried mushrooms with marinara dipping sauce at Happy Hour. That's when I am ?? !

  3. Goodness, go to Happy Hour and have cocktail or 2 !!!

  4. Do ancestry.com or 23 and me those two are very accurate and the one you did now is accurate too but my heritage is a very bad and inaccurate

  5. My heritage is not accurate 23 and me or ancestry.com is more accurate very accurate

  6. parkslope says:

    I also received an inaccurate analysis from MyHeritage. Interestingly, the results are similar to the original analysis I received from Ancestry when that company first offered DNA analysis. Ancestry subsequently made major changes in my results after changing to more sophisticated DNA analysis technology. Ancestry's results are consistent with what I know about my ancestors, while that is not the case for MyHeritage.

  7. Sounds like you got a little black in you are you upset

  8. Can you guys please look at a map the old world maps not the current maps cuz those are the tricky ones but look at the old world maps it'll tell you a lot they were boats back then you know

  9. Its Very very simple ! look at the history of Italia ! From the Etruscans to Latin Romans,Carthaginians,Greeks(magna grecia),normans,spanish boubons,etc . so 100% italian ??! knowone is !! No such thing . why do you think they have to say italian/greek? sorry to break this news to you !!

  10. soso says:

    I am watching you thank you for all your information we care for our moms

  11. soso says:

    I feel about every thing you say I search my moms DNA I a m shoked I am middle eastern arabic I found my mom is yemenet jews with all my respect for all religions

  12. Please remember the origins of where we come from has changed over the years including the names of those lands there are parts of the world that have been renamed and don't even exist anymore

  13. Somebody in your family travelled to Italy in the past .

  14. Nick, your mom already has Italian Citizenship by blood automatically as long as her grandfather never naturalized to American citizen BEFORE her dad was born, back then naturalizing meant you were renouncing your Italian citizenship. If he barely spoke English then he probably never naturalized. So let your search end because if he never naturalized then your mom IS Italian citizen by blood and it's only a matter of doing some paperwork. Ok, nothing is easy in Italia and a lot of confusion, but the point is it is automatic. LOOK UP "Jus Sanguinis Italy." Italian citizenship. Not sure if you as her son will qualify because with mother's the rules are different, but I think you would qualify. So even better than a paper DNA test is being a dual citizen of Italy and USA which is what you both really are anyway, in the current world. You can still persue your Jewish and Spanish e Middle Eastern genetic ties but in meantime GO GET HER ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP & YOURS! Then come to Italia and visit his place of birth, you probably have relatives still here. The villages don't change that much since then! And still many old timers there who will remember, they were probably younger than and probably their dads or uncles went to school with him etc. ciao –Monica Maria

  15. I had the same experience with 23andme and DNA land.

  16. Cherbear's says:

    do you happen to know your fathers heritage–you mention your mother but,you inherit 50 percent from each of your parents,perhaps your father has italian blood capish?

  17. im brazilian and not negro..not brown race..not much anglo
    i m brazilian and finish.no amount of african…north or south europe..will change my body.

  18. i do not trust this piece of new age rubbish
    how they test it to see.given that all of us nowadays are mixed
    from where they got those markers from?
    did they got a….ORIGINAL..100% PURE..asiatic? afro..european..americas people to be 100% sure of what we are made up as a body?
    tell you what
    we are what we look like
    if you look fair.than you are european.no amount of africa.. or asia will darken you
    if you are negro ou dark you are mostly african.non amount of europe % in your dna make up will light you up!

    look at this pathetic old man with india voice and face..all over with his.."european" lineage"
    only that we are what you look!!
    i m virgoan and realistic..hate to dream in dream land!

  19. spideraxis says:

    DNA tests are not always precise and can be inconclusive.     I'm of full Italian ancestry, but I do know that some of my ancient ancestors were Austrian and Turkish.    National borders change,  people migrate, intermarry, and the definition of heritage is sometimes hard to pinpoint.

  20. DJ Trevi says:

    You really need a genetics class. Mexican is not a race. It's a country. You are really looking ignorant. Every test read things differently. Plus Nothern Spain has a lot to do with Northern Europeans. and Many German Tribes conquered Spain, you should also study genetics and migration to understand the whole story. This might help you some https://www.eupedia.com/genetics/spain_portugal_dna.shtml

  21. I’m sicilian calabrese 100%

  22. Can’t trust these tests

  23. GL2501 says:

    my dna.land was the most accurate, it mirrors my family tree perfectly
    My heritage:
    Scandinavian 83% , Europe west 9 % and greece 8%
    Northwest European 65%, North Slavic 16%, Finnish 1.9% and Balkan 17%
    Scandinavia 63%, Ireland/Scotland/Wales 15%, Europe West 8%, Great Britain 7%, Europe East 4%, Caucasus 1%,
    Finland/Northwest Russia 1%. Europe South1% and Iberian Peninsula<1%

  24. northern is northern…southern is southern etc etc….its basic easy to understand..

  25. Happy Ness says:

    Child we're all mixed up…all of us! One thing is for sure your human and that's all that really matters. There is no one pure out there… even though they may try to claim that nonsense. ?

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