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MyHeritage Review Update

MyHeritage Review Update

MyHeritage overhauled its DNA tools a week before we posted our review of them. So now Andy is back to tell you, again, what’s great about MyHeritage DNA, and what could be improved.

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12 thoughts on “MyHeritage Review Update

  1. I'm sold–just uploaded my dna from 23&me. Don't like the subscription service, though.

  2. I would really like for MyHeritageDNA to give us the Y-DNA and mtDNA like 23andMe does or at least have more of Y-SNPs tested in the rawdata like AncestryDNA does so we can use a third party apps or websites to find get a prediction
    Also it will be really great if thy can do chromosome painting like 23andMe (Ethnicity by chromosome)

    Thanks for you video

  3. The problem with the no free return postage is that for international customers – those who live outside the USA – we have no choice but to pay the postage. Also do you know about their DNA quest project? They are planning to get 15,000 free DNA kits to adoptees who are looking for their family. It was originally USA only, but has now been expanded to the global level. The applications deadline is 30 April 2018 (in 2 weeks) and the names will be picked out in a lottery of some kind. Kits should be sent out by the end of May and hopefully results start coming out in July. Website is <<dnaquest dot org>> for more details.

  4. You should try testing your DNA with LivingDNA.com They test your ancestry going back over 80,000 years ago.

  5. Great Andy;  I like your video's— Remember the ole Gillette safety razor concept (change  and change your product)  we  have to do this in order to "get our slice of the pie"  This DNA history is very is a   competitive product. I like it because the blood does not lie ; but people do.

  6. Also the sub reagines are extremely flawed.

  7. No offence but wheres the logic in getting your dna tested with mutable companies when you just get the same result? In your case your white aka European so no matter what company you test it's going to say European.

  8. I took the DNA tests to help find ancestors, unfortunately most people don't create family trees to link to their test results making finding ancestors in common impossible. My Heritage has charges for trees over 250 ppl whereas Ancestry has no charge for unlimited tree size. Charging for tree size is a disincentive to uploading Ged files.

  9. Beauregard says:

    I don't like their Ancestry Estimates. They are saying that I am 63,8% English, which is much to high considering me and my family are from Lower Saxony in Germany with also a bit of Eastern German heritage from Farther Pomerania and the former German minority in Poland. The percentage nearly represents the amount of my ancestors that are from Lower Saxony, but they are German not English. I hope they will better this feature in the near future. For now my opinion ist that at the moment 23andme is the best company for the Ancestry Estimates.

  10. Beauregard says:

    It was very nice of you to also have the book in store on Amazon in Germany. I bought it, received it yesterday and will read it after I finish watching this video. 🙂

  11. marbah18 says:

    Everything you have said is great. Wish we didn’t have to subscribe to get full access to DNA matching. Also wish their subscription was monthly like Ancestry.

  12. marbah18 says:

    I wish they would do the Haplo groups.

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