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MyHeritage Test Results: Confused How Jewish DNA is Categorized

MyHeritage Test Results: Confused How Jewish DNA is Categorized

Please enlighten me.


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  1. Here are my 2 cents … I suspect that maybe some of the categories are taken straight from US Census racial profiling which everybody knows is biased from the anglosaxon perspective and ideology that originated it quite a while ago, in the days some cientific claimed you could predict someone success in life measuring your skull, you know … Some texting companies simply make up categories for highly reccurrent coincidental genetic patterns. I have seen people categorized as probably sephardic (and I think this may be the key, they say "probably") when their markers correspond with those generally found in the Iberian peninsula, but as you may know there is not only one but several. You can not say there is a Sephardic marker, neither an Ashkenazy one (for the same reasons) or a mmenonite one. In the same way, when these companies say Middle Eastern profile they forget to say that Jews, Phoenicians, and Arabs are genetically very similar if not related, in the same way that their language (together with the Egyptian) Given the the level of bigotry and prejudice that derives from modern day highly poisoned international politics this becomes highly confusing. I see a higher degree of confussion in US Americans and I can only guess is due to a lesser understanding or literacy in history.

  2. Saysh Ain says:

    That's mean you are a fake jew

  3. Gypsy Girl says:

    In the book of Josephus, the first couple of chapters goes really deep into genealogy. So does the Bible. Both the list Ashkenaz as from Noahs son Japher, through Gomer. Also listed after Noah is Abraham's line. There are different branches of this line on and on but the fact is we all are from the same people/ person so we are all family. Also North Africa is highly populated with whiter skinned people.

  4. Jews originated in the Middle East, but over the course of the last two millennia, they’ve undergone a fair amount of miscegenation and a fair amount of inbreeding. In most cases, the result has been genetic diseases, unflattering physical features and socially disruptive behavior (ie. Manipulative, antagonistic, dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful, opportunistic, two-faced, sneaky, cheap, greedy, etc.) This is why, in almost every society they’ve stepped foot in, they’ve been likened to vermin. They infect the body politic like rats spread the Bubonic Plague. They are not European, but they are not Semitic either. They are like the Roma/Gypsies who are neither European, nor South Asian. They are a distinct ethnic group that has been a nuisance in Europe for thousands of years.

  5. MyHeritage interpretation sucks. Better off using Living DNA. Or upload the raw data to Gedmatch for free. Btw you should watch ‘The Not So Chosen People’ to understand what a Judean is and what a European is.

  6. north african was colonized by southern europeans…ie greek, italian, spanish…white arabs

  7. he looks to me spanish or italian …

  8. Aline R says:

    Each dna test is different, FTDNA considers ashkenazi jews to be neither from Europe or the Middle East, it has a specific category for jewish people only. European jews are half italians (from the mother side) and half middle easterns (from the father). But they have mixed with each other for so long that now they are their own independent ethnic group called Ashkenazi Jewish. (and Sephardic)
    Myheritage sounds like a bad company because they dont consider Mizrahi jews to be part of the Middle East even when they lived in the Middle East for ever. According to this company (MyHeritage) Mizrahi jews can come out as 90% mizrahi jewish and 10% middle eastern.
    The middle east category is probably mainly arabian or non-jewish.
    I know that Living Dna doesnt have jewish categories so ashkenazi jews get 40% south europe and 20% Near East or something like that.

  9. If you really want to narrow it down, you can have a Y-DNA test (have you done this already)? Please let us know if you have reviewed such already.

  10. I am half Ashkenazi Jewish and half Sephardic Jewish. My dads family is from Persia and that's where I get the Sephardic side and my moms family is from Hungary and Israel and that's where I get the Ashkenazi​ side.

  11. weird
    because if there is a jewish dna it must be a christian dna, a hindu dna, a moslem dna ….
    so, where are we going with this manipulation? what is aimed at it? What is brewing in the pots once more?

  12. No no! You’re not silly at all! Your train of thought makes a lot of sense. And yes, it is confusing.

  13. Most reaearchers said that ashkenazi jews are middle eastern man that married european italian women 2000 years ago.
    And since then were very closed group (50-50 european-middle eastern )

    Most ashkenazi jews are 98% and more ashkenazi jewish

    Spheradic jews according to research have more middle eastern genes (75%~) but also 25 %~ european genes.

    Spheradic jews tend to have 80% spheradic jews conposition, and the rest is mixed with where they lived in the last 500 years.

    You can say that ashkenazi jews are very closed group of 50/50

    And spheradic jews are less closed group but her origin was more middle eastern to begin with

  14. They call it 'European' jewish because they were living in Europe for at least 500 years or more. These tests only go back 7 generations, but their actual DNA is from the levant where they originated maybe up to 2000 years ago or more. The 'European' component of their DNA does not match any of todays 'European' dna. It is more ancient. Some say there were greeks living in the levant in ancient times which may be why jews are part european and part middle eastern (50/50). Remember Arabs didn't start colonizing the levant until the 7th century; jews had already been in diaspora almost 700 years earlier. European jews were pretty much segregated from much of the native european populations and rarely mixed; mostly because of laws against it. Sephardic and mizrahi ( jews from spain and jews from n. africa and the levant) mixed more with local populations. Strangley enough; all jews do share a percentage similar dna no matter where they ended up in diaspora proving they do originate from the same place.

  15. Gary L says:

    There are many Jewish people; especially in the West, who do not consider themselves"religious Jews"and do not practice their religion, so they prefer to call themselves cultural or secular Jews, but belonging to the Jewish "'Nation."So, in fact being Jewish can mean both a religion or a nation or both. Since 1948, the Republic or Nation of Israel has made ''Jewishness" even more complicated religiously and politically, as we can see by watching or reading today's news.

  16. Eureopan Jewish means Ashkenazi Jews…..They are basically a mix of Europeans and Khazars who converted to Judaism around the 8th century and they migrated to Europe after the destruction of the Khazarian empire by mongols and later by Russians …So they are religiously Jewish but Ethnically mainly European with some Asian admixture

  17. bob bob says:

    Israel is sort of close to Europe, so Jews don't all look necessarily middle eastern(or more specifically Arab). Not all of the middle east is homogeneous, especially the Levant. Ashkenazi Jews are Levantine and have some European admixture(primarily from central, eastern and northern Europe, mostly from France, Germany, and Italy[Historical region called Ashkenaz in Gemrany/France] Jews have been here for a long time). Sephardic Jews are Jews from Spain(So The Iberian peninsula:aka, Spain and Portugal, sometimes Italy. There can even be Italian jews, that cam to Rome) Sephardic jews went to North Africa and back to the middle east primarily due to the situation in Spain. Some went to Britain or other places in Europe, etc. Mizrahi jews are ones that stayed in the middle east or Israel.(Most Jews in Israel are actually this, not from Europe)A lot of these can't be sorted so thoroughly and Jews are primarily Levantine. Jews are primarily an ethno-religion.

  18. Born Just says:

    No such thing as Jewish DNA Jewish is a religion not a race imagine a person saying when asked what there DNA was and they say I have Christian or Catholic DNA fucking ridiculous

  19. Jamie W says:

    It has been found the Ashkenazi descent from Jewish  men who  have converted a European women to Judaism so they are European and interbred over time presumably ?. I have 20.8 percent Ashkenazi from My Heritage & I have a Jewish grandmother .

  20. Middle-East before Arabs invaded and occupied it was genetically different from today's Middle-east the same as pre-Columbian America was genetically different from today's post -Columbian America.
    Arabs genetically changed Middle-east.

  21. Cause Ashkenazis are mostly literally white jewish saphardic may come from Spain but those Jewish are not white looking at all, they are more like arab looking

  22. A Estrada says:

    DNA can be confusing, it can also bring too much pride which should be avoided. ?

    I too am confused to a certain point, it seems a lot of us Mexicans have European Jewish, which to me was a great surprise. In addition to Eskimo which makes sense.

    At the end of the day we are all related so dan doesn't matter as much. go check out my results on my channel if you like, i even have great Britain. i guess the cool thing about Mexicans we are so diverse, probably more than any other ethnic group or tribe.

  23. Mike Irwin says:

    Ashkenazi Jewish people originated from the kazars and move to Europe and the North African Jewish people lived in the Mediterranean of North Africa and some other Islands

  24. Carmen said it right. I could be wrong, but my perception from what I've read is that Jews (Ashkenazi Jews being the northern counterpart of their southern "Sephardic" cousins) have been living in Europe since the time of the Roman empire. Jews have been mixing with native europeans since then, and have created their own unique gene pool. This is the same reason why the Iberian peninsula, Great Britain and Ireland have their own genetic region with all of the DNA companies in comparison to Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia which encompass larger areas. (When I say "Jew", I clearly mean "Semetic"/Middle Eastern, which in itself is not very homogeneous)

    Those regions (Iberian, Britain/Ireland) I've mentioned, much like the Jewish gene diaspora, are relatively homogeneous within their respected regions (meaning they have been intermarrying with their own people for the last thousand years or so – Britain/Ireland since the Normans, Iberian's since the Moors). Obviously this is changing now, but since the DNA reference population samples on average are from older generations, the "admixture" being accounted for doesn't include recent admixture (within the last 40-50 years or so).

    In the case of Sephardic Jewish, with the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain, the ones that did not convert were forced to leave either to the new world, or neighboring countries such as Portugal, France, Morocco… and from there dispersion was pretty much everywhere. The reason Sepharic Jews have a region in North Africa is because the reference panel is from that area, possibly for having the largest community? again I could be wrong, this is just based off what I've read in the past).

    Last note, I would take MyHeritage with a grain of salt, especially if you end up with Iberian peninsula as a region. I know you have a bias with that company, presumably because its the first one you tested with, but I will say this… take a look at the area the iberian peninsula region encompasses in your results. It covers and absolutely gigantic area, overlapping with several other regions. The Iberian peninsula has much older (2,000+ years) similarities with neighboring regions, but the most recent admixture that has affected this population were North Africans, which themselves are quite different now than they were during the time of the moorish expulsion.

  25. Each Jewish group mixed with a few woman from the area they moved to. Eventually their DNA became specific to the area they lived in because then they only interbreed with family members to keep their line pure. Jewish people have been doing this at least since the time of Abraham. I heard this is how humans used to survive because there weren’t that many people around to mate with.

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