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MyHeritage: When Americans Learn They are Middle Eastern…

MyHeritage: When Americans Learn They are Middle Eastern…

I am part Middle Eastern too.


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  1. Agriculture was introduced to Europe from the Middle East (West Asia mostly… i.e. Anatolia and the Fertile Crescent). In studies of DNA one can see that those of Southern Europe have much more of that "Farmer" DNA than Northern Europeans (who have more of the Hunter and Gatherer and Steppe Nomad ancestry)…though all of Europe shares some of these DNA signatures. One exception might be Sardinia which shows mostly Neolithic Farmer DNA (before then, the island seems to have been uninhabited). Some DNA tests show Sardinian as one of the types of DNA one can have. It doesn't mean you have Sardinian ancestors, necessarily, but that some of your DNA is very similar to that Neolithic Farmer DNA. I think DNA land has Sardinian as one of their ethnic breakdowns. Of course some of that West Asian and SW Asian ancestry in Southern Europeans also comes from various conquests and colonization (Romans going East or having immigrants or Arabic, Turkish and N. African conquests of Spain, Southern Italy, and Greece, and the Balkans).

    Europe and the Middle East/W. Asia has been mixing for millennia. We're all family even if the families squabble and fight at times.

    Here's a cool thing to do in My Heritage that I just discovered. On the Drop-down menu DNA (between "Discoveries" and "Research") it gives you a lot of options (one of them is Ethnicity Estimates as you know). Another is Ethnicities Map. That brings up a map of the world. You can pick various regions and then get a list of the countries in that region. Choose a country and they will show you what the average breakdown of ethnic composition that country has. Great Britain for example has English 50% Irish, Scottish, Welsh 33.2% etc. and through the major ethnic groups you'd think would be there. But they also show the percentages of the smaller ethnicities, things 5% and below: it includes Balkan, Greek, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Western Asian, Sardinian, etc. These are often linked either to ancient lineages from various migrations through Europe … or maybe from some Colonialism on the part of Britain (there is Kenyan and Nigerian and the South Asian might fit this too). Check it out.

  2. Gog Mog says:

    I'm 1/32 middle eastern

  3. antkk1998 says:

    My AncestryDNA came back 3/4’s Italian and 1/4 Middle Eastern. Did it give me pause, nope, not for a second. Being Sicilian and southern Italian I expected to be a mix of different things. My ancestors were the crossroads of civilization smack in the middle of the Mediterranean. Middle eastern people aren’t the enemy. Radical Muslim terrorists are the enemy of western civilization and for that matter everyone else they come into contact. There is a critical distinction between those two groups and we are ignorant if we lump them together

  4. My husband and I both have some Middle Eastern. Mine comes from my Dad. Not sure who his comes from. His sister didn't get any of it. Two of our three sons tested for us on 23andMe. They both have Middle Eastern from their father.

  5. You are Right! We all humans have a great diversity in our DNA, so as you say we come finally from the same root, when one is visiting the diverses Countries all over the world, one change their opinion about the people of those countries. Middle Eastern People are the most Kind, affable and hospitality in the world, when one visit these countries one want to return thousand times!

  6. Kathy R says:

    Thank you that was so elegantly said.

  7. This video should be in Trending.

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