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MyHeritage: “White” Is Not a Race; Caucasian Is, But What Does That Even Mean?

MyHeritage: “White” Is Not a Race; Caucasian Is, But What Does That Even Mean?

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7 thoughts on “MyHeritage: “White” Is Not a Race; Caucasian Is, But What Does That Even Mean?

  1. David Wolf says:

    I think you are confused ?

  2. just just says:

    Homeland of white people is caucasus.but now in the caucasian are a lot of immigrants from south.

  3. Well, caucasian is someone from the Caucasus. Most of western europeans are actually NOT caucasian, but an Iberian, Italian, Celtic, Scandinavian and Franco-German mix. The US oficialdom have this habit of messing things up.

  4. John NY says:

    I think I have a similar view as you. I accept that there are ethnic differences and acknowledge the existence of anthropological classifications that classify humans, but I don't take it that seriously. Unfortunately, there are some racists who misuse these "race" categories for nefarious motives.

  5. osiruskat says:

    The idea of "race" is only a social construct. People of the Caucasus are Caucasians and are often darker olive to very light brown skin….in places in near Russia like Dagestan they get labeled as "black" and are discriminated against. In my opinion being "white" is whatever the majority or government says is "white". Middle Easterners and North African in the U.S. gets classified as " white" although often times they can be very dark skinned with significant African DNA. To say "white culture" is too expansive of term because "white people" are only grouped to together the majority of the time in the U.S. differing from just saying one is Polish, German, Scottish or Dutch. Italians were not considered "white" until the 1920s in the U.S. The general idea of "whiteness" in the fabric of America's history is of privilege of not being a minority. I wouldn't say that white culture is drinking pumpkin lattes or going bowling or hunting but it depends on the region of the states you are from and your ethnic groups like say a Cajuns tradition of family, hunting, and getting together with their communities by music and celebrations. What's considered. "White or Black" is not the same in other countries like in some parts of Kenya if you are a light skinned "black" person from the U.S.A. people will view you as "white" not of their culture. Melanesians look African and identify as "black" but genetically have more Southeast Asian DNA.

  6. what is you haplogroup is it J ?

  7. hb86 says:

    I would like to point out that not all Jews are white. There are black, asian, latino etc jews.

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