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N Scale ACTRR 3 Update #23 and Extras

N Scale ACTRR 3 Update #23 and Extras

N Scale ACTRR 3 Update #23 and Extras
More mountains and hills and re-insert trestle.


31 thoughts on “N Scale ACTRR 3 Update #23 and Extras

  1. Jac Jac says:

    Oh man that looks great!

  2. Hey Mike! Loving the layout so far. I love the scenery so far by the trestle, and I am glad you got help from Mr. G with plastering. In my opinion, a trail leading up to the Indian Ruins would be better then a road, it wouldn’t take too much away from the scenery and the ruins itself as a road would I thought. Also, with the era you are sticking in, a road would maybe look out of place, as opposed to a trail but you’d have to see if you place more roads in the scenery in the future.

  3. Nice update enjoyed the new scenery!

  4. Danny Holt says:

    Love the Indian ruins Mike! Robin is doing a fine job on painting the fountain too. Cheers, Dan

  5. Love it, Mike! You're doing such a great job with creating scenery on your layout. I especially like your curved steel bridge, pine trees, wooden trestle and other mountain scenery! Your trains look so awesome (almost real) running through the new scenery. Viewing it makes me feel like I'm looking out the side window of my semi truck as I drive north from Albuquerque on I-25 toward Santa Fe and beyond. Your scenery is really that good!

    I only have one constructive criticism. The Native American ruins were a bit hard to see until you zoomed in extremely close with your camera. The close-up shows their astonishing details. You did such a wonderful job on the ruins, but it all disappears as you back away. Maybe their lack of visibility from a distance was caused by the camera lens or by insufficient lighting. Whatever the cause, the ruins blended into the background so well that it made them virtually impossible to distinguish from a few feet away.

    Most Native American cliff dwellings that I've seen in real life (Montezuma Castle in Arizona and Mesa Verde in Colorado) have very light sandstone-colored walls that contrast against the darker rock face into which the dwellings were built. But in your video, the dwellings almost appear to be the same dark color as the recessed rock face in which they reside, making them very hard to see. Do they look like that to you, or is it just an optical illusion created by the camera?

    By the way, be sure to tell Robin that she is quite the artist, too, as she is doing a fantastic job with painting the fountain details. Keep up the great work on ACTRR 3 and, as always, happy rails to you!

    -from Tom Pilling

  6. Very Cool, the layout is looking great!

  7. Mike, your work is excellent I always look forward to the your videos, but what I cant understand is how people can dislike the amazing work you do. Maybe people are jealous of your excellent work.

  8. Layout is looking good

  9. That fountain is awesome…great job

  10. texkoi says:

    Looking real goood Mike.


  11. When are you going to do bridge abutments on both trusses?

  12. When are you going to do bridge abutment on both trusses ?

  13. Hello Mike. That looks very nice and the bridges fit in nicely with landscape. And Gavin is a big help to you. He is a good boy. Your wife is making a wonderful well. A beautiful plastic painting as in a fairyland. Greetings from Germany also to Robin and Gavin. …. Wolfgang

  14. PresleyTV says:

    I need a "Gavin!" Beautiful work.

  15. Looking great Mike! How awesome is it to be able to share the build with Gavin! That will be a great memory for him years from now! Good mentoring work Grandpa!

  16. Good show Mike, looking good keep going….thanks for sharing?

  17. Very nice update Mike. Things are coming together. Thank you.

  18. xrayracer1 says:

    That Indian ruin came out great! ??

  19. GlenironPa says:

    I am amazed at how fast you are moving along on this.

  20. will kling says:

    The up date was great I really liked the bridge area the trees look are just right. Glad to see the saved the bridge… really liked it on the actrr 2 . I do have a question about Kato cross overs I did the ds 64 push button per your other channel. I used a ps14 to power the 64 . Testing it ( the cross over there was very little movement and would not throw the rails. I have three and this happened on all three. The single turn outs work great. Did you try the button on the cross over?

  21. It looks fantastic tell Robin she’s doing a wonderful job Your layout looks OK to .lol just messing with you Mike, fantastic as always, I really do look forward to seeing the finished product loved the Indian ruin.

  22. Wow, Mike, your progress on the ACTRR 3 is astonishing! It takes me months to make the kind of progress that you seem to be able to makes in a matter or days. Maybe it's because you have some great help from Gavin! …Roy

  23. Very nice Sir ! Looks good ? keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see more ! Take care! Peace from Welland Ontario Canada ??ps the fountain looks great ??

  24. Cool update / big time progress ?

  25. Wow ! Great progress Mike and Gavin, Robin's painting project looks great as well, very talented family, thank you for taking us along and for the inspiration
    Rick B. aka Plastic butcher

  26. Looking good Mike and Gavin.

  27. Boy layout is looking so great!robin looks like she is having good tine painting thanks mike and robin

  28. 3.141 59 says:

    Nice scenicking, you are always welcome at layout to come over and scenic my layout!

  29. Get more plaster, Mike..i am going to need some sometime in the next month or two.

  30. Nice work Mike. Great progress. Gavin is really growing up. I remember when he was a young boy. Can’t wait for the next update.

  31. WIDI 1956 says:

    Wow…Mike, the Scenery looks "Great"!! Need Tree's…Hey…I know a guy…lol, all looks great. Bob, Longshadowsmodeltrees.com

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