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Proof MyHeritage Is as Accurate as 23andMe and AncestryDNA: Identical Triplets

Proof MyHeritage Is as Accurate as 23andMe and AncestryDNA: Identical Triplets

Based on an article and video for The Today Show.


12 thoughts on “Proof MyHeritage Is as Accurate as 23andMe and AncestryDNA: Identical Triplets

  1. My Heritage actually gives higher pecentages of Native American Dna and is not accurate. Here is a Dna video comparing My Heritage with Ancestry results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xbKU2YCjdg

  2. Nick can you do a video on least desirable ethnicities? my rank: 1.South Asian, 2.East Asian 3. African SE Bantu 4. Melanesian 5. Papuan, what would you least desirable top 5 be?

  3. Leah Banks says:

    That's not possible for them to all have the same results if they all tested with different sites. You should know as well as anyone that there are different population groupings and sample sizes so there is no way they would have identical results even if they are triplets.

  4. I just saw the video u told us about. Where was the comparison? Same ethnicities but it didn't show the percentages! So there wasn't a comparison between the triplets's results nor a comparison between the companies

  5. Also I compared all 4 (23&me, AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, & familytree DNA) and 23andMe was the most accurate & it's exploding all over the Internet & even has the largest sample size (10000 ppl). I liked the MyHeritage results like u but then realized I can't be that mixed

  6. I saw a video that showed twins getting different results from at home kits

  7. L G says:

    I saw that video a while back. I watch the Today show. The thing is My Heritage tells people they are more Native American than they are, and they always claim Dna is Central American. So they have to either just be getting Dna samples from only people in Central America or they are doing something wonky with the way they test your Dna that makes the results and percentages not accurate. I think they are adding extra percentages to some of the Dna, and then you end up not having an ethnicity that usually pops up in the results of other companies.

  8. Hey Nick. Good article & good video. Myheritage has some good stuffs. However, when it comes to "Central American" background, the results are not always the best. That's because they use sample for Native American of mestizo people of Iberian & Native Americans heritage. I've noticed the percentage is way too high for Central American for those who have Iberian background. For other backgrounds, I guess myheritage is good.

  9. You should've put it in the description, just saying.

  10. Kathy R says:

    Sorry I got off track the 3 girl DNA test makes me feel more confident I loved watching the 2 twins on U Tube that took a My heritage test My heritage said either the same person used these swabs or you two are identical Please watch so sweet

  11. Kathy R says:

    Good morning, My daughter took My heritage before I did she watched many videos and decided this was the best for us. Also 6 months before she had her rescue dog DNA checked to see what breed he was. We are so into dna I am having my rescue dog checked. I really wish my parents and husband were alive to check there DNA

  12. I am laughing on some videos around when people get offended getting middle eastern DNA while their roots are from Iberia or Italy, they dont just get the fact that North Africa (" Middle easterns", "Arabs") conquered and vice versa. The thing is about these test you can still upload them to other sites and you´ve get the answer. One of good things about myHeritage is it looks good and easily understandable, there is a sentence in Slovakia " Beauty is in the simplicity". Anyways i would still go over for AncestryDNA because of bigger database but i got the results i was waiting for.

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