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Romanian|Gypsy 23andme DNA test results

Romanian|Gypsy 23andme DNA test results

This is a question people ask me a lot over here. I made a detailed analysis on the DNA of Romanian people from all over the country. Of course, in order to know for sure you’d have to test their parents and maybe their grandparents. I will do that for myself in the near future.

Watch my Gypsy DNA video for more context: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysIyzzKf1GA

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7 thoughts on “Romanian|Gypsy 23andme DNA test results

  1. Jamie W says:

    I would like your opinion .My test gave me 15.2 % Balkan & 19.8% South Asian . My mum's dad is unknown , do you think he might be a gypsy ?

  2. jake a says:

    hi Vali, this is a bit off subject, butt, I am curious if anybody in Romania ever watched films made by Emir Kusturica from olde yugoslavia. In his movies, which are really awesome, 'cuz he uses irony, satire, political intrigue fuckups as his themes. He also uses gypsy musicians thruout the film as a music backdrop. He is hated by his own countrymen, simply 'cuz he portrays them in a manner, Americans view appalachian folks as drunken backward rednecks.

    I look forward to whatever you can add to this 'gypsy' theme as it applies to Romania, since I have never seen a film made by a Romanian director.

  3. Angel Lee says:

    Great video, thanks!

  4. De unde rezulta ca tiganii au origine in orientul mijlociu? Legaturile lor genetice sunt cu populatii actuale din NW Indiei – Pachistan – si prin preajma Afganistanului.
    Din ce am citit… haplogrupurile: masculin H si feminin M ce sunt cele mai intalnite la ei se intalnesc si in Europa dar in procente foarte mici… cea mai ridicata rata fiind in Ungaria si Slovacia pana in 5% pentru haplogrupul masculin H..

  5. Zalden N says:

    Yes, they're gypsy mix, thats a international fact,

  6. jake a says:

    hi Vali, its me again. I had hoped you could have shown those results up close so that the breakdown by geographical areas can be seen.My take about gypsy dna you already know. Since they are folks who are forced to relocate frequently as a result of hi crime rates, drug peddling, prostitution, political expediency, etyc. The UK had a huge surge of street beggars from Romania for the past 10 years. These folks know how to create new identities and apply for asylum by coming into the UK at different ports of entry.

    When a Romanian person has more than 4 broad geographical areas in their dna, this tells me only jews and gypsies wander that much. During the Caucescu dictatorship folks were not allowed to wander very far from where they were born, unless they were in the military. Yet in Caucescu's time gypsies managed to go to neighboring countries and wander back in. They were extremely resourceful when it comes to evading the legal system…yes?

    Since 1900, east europe, to include Romania has been involved in 2 brutal wars and then came the soviets for 70 years, to make matters worse. Is it fair to say gypsies avoided being forced into the army? They may have been sent to concentration camps in WW2, but it did not cause a large drop in the % of the population….yes? Point I make here is this, how many war widows were taken advantage of by gypsies during these 2 wars, how many were forced into prostitution? how many had gypsy kids?

    With every passing generation the dna % for India diminishes…yes?

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