Home DNA AncestorSHOCKING! My Heritage DNA Test Results! History of my Ancestry
SHOCKING! My Heritage DNA Test Results! History of my Ancestry

SHOCKING! My Heritage DNA Test Results! History of my Ancestry

Here are the shocking results of my DNA testing kit I took from My Heritage!

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25 thoughts on “SHOCKING! My Heritage DNA Test Results! History of my Ancestry

  1. Good video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is 24Genetics https://24genetics.de/ with more than 400 regions. it is very specific, hope it helps 🙂

  2. Sylvia P. says:

    Most people get 2 or  3 percent from Africa depending on the kit, and yes even those from Europe of videos that I have seen.

  3. Africa was mixed into Italy so that’s most likely where the African comes into play. Very cool 😉

  4. Cool!!!!
    I have never tried it!!

  5. I was shocked when I received my results as well! Growing up biracial has always made me skeptical about my ancestry composition. It turns out that I’m 33% African & 67% European, I don’t pass for white nor black & strangers always assume that I’m a Latino when actually I’m just a African European mutt, lol.

  6. 2% shocking.. not shocking.

  7. That's so awesome! I'm currently waiting for mine to come back from ancestry. My mother in law bought my husband and I each a kit for Christmas when they were on sale and I'm so excited to see what comes back.

  8. IVE ACTUALLY JUST SENT ONE OFF, I'M AWAITING THE RESULTS. It wasnt throguh Ancestry though.

  9. very cool you are African even if 2%

  10. Zoe Nicoll says:

    Me and my husband did the ancestry one when we moved here!! I was a little shocked with one of the percentages but knew about the rest. I thought it was really fun to do

  11. Ataralas says:

    I'm part French and German, neither is on their kit. So if you have any ancestors from either of those countries, it won't show up with My Heritage.

  12. We're all from Africa lol. Can't wait to test my dna because I don't know who my biological father is or his heritage.

  13. Would love to do that one day

  14. We got one for my mom for her birthday, still waiting for the results. It's kind of a big deal because my mom is the youngest of 7 with only one living brother that doesn't speak to her. My mom's mom was adopted in the early 1900's and all of her paper work was lost in a fire. No one knows what her ethnicity. Some of my cousins have guesses but we'll see. Two of us tried to do the ancestry.com research and didn't find much on her. Can't wait to get her results!!

  15. I did one on 23 and me, will need to log in and share. Our families isn't fully complete bc our grandma on my mom's side has passed and her brother refuses and he's the one we need more dna info from since he's a male so a lot of mine is generic bs but I'll share once I get on the laptop

  16. I've been needing to do one. I'm supposed to be Scottish. Wonder if true

  17. TFS ? that was really interesting..makes me want to get mine and my daughter's done now..great birthday present idea.

  18. Momo says:

    This was so fun! Thanks for sharing!!?

  19. Very cool! I guessed German, Scandinavian & Italian 🙂 I can see it in your face. Weird thing I do. Try 23 & Me if you want your health info too xx

  20. Most European-descended people have around 2% Neandertal DNA. I'm surprised that didn't come up

  21. Ash Hart says:

    Supposedly everyone is from africa so I'm pretty sure everyones has that within theirs, 23&me said the same for me and I'm the whitest person ever haha.

  22. RibbitHopX says:

    How fun! I used 23andMe then uploaded that data to GEDMatch. I found tons more relatives who used other brand testing on there. Give that a try. They have a lot of DNA population samples to compare yourself with and you might find out even more about the areas and tribes/clans/ancient people you come from.
    I took it just to confirm a tale of ethnicity which turned out to be true and to find my one grandpa's people.

  23. Elle Wes says:

    I also got 2% Nigerian on MyHeritage even though no other test has brought up any African whatsoever, kind of strange!

  24. ?Awesome ? I'm doing this too, will be getting my results in 2 weeks ???

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