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SHOCKING – MyHeritage DNA results!

SHOCKING – MyHeritage DNA results!

I teamed up with MyHeritage DNA to finally find out what my racial make up is ! Find out yours at https://www.myheritage.com/dna/?d=1 !

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46 thoughts on “SHOCKING – MyHeritage DNA results!

  1. iayyam says:

    You are beautiful and intelligent. Great video.

  2. You're white though ? Like you're white ? My DNA has Asian in it but I'm white ? You type of people are so brainwashed by racist black people ?

  3. You look like Zendaya!

  4. George B says:

    You are very pretty, but look very European to me.

  5. Maybe it wasn't a dark conception…..maybe it was loving…..that's the thing, you will never know.

  6. Most 'black' Americans with old, many, many generational DNA (be it slave and/or free men from various periods and regions) will tend to be a pretty broad mix of various West African, European, and usually some smaller portion of Native American. (that aside from those with ties to Latin American Colonial era stuff, as that opens up an even broader range of things, and differently so between the Spanish and Portuguese colonies: on the Spanish end, you're fairly likely to have some Moore and Iberian Jew mixed in thanks to the migration caused by the Spanish Inquisition)

    In any case, what would've been described as mulatto 100+ years ago, got boiled down to simply 'colored' or 'negro' or 'black' or 'african american' through the 20th century. It's probably partially due to some bigoted, hypodescendant-specific laws (one drop rule and such) combined with tribalistic solidarity among the 'black' communities in various periods (be it pragmatic, social, or political in nature), but the reality would be that the majority of Black Americans are mixed race in the most literal melting pot manner, and a good deal of them are less than half subsaharin african of any sort. (totally different case for recent generation African immigrants, of course, at least outside of heavily colonial regions that had heavier intermixing, let alone particularly confusing cases with many layers of trade posts, settlements, colonialism, war, etc like South Africa, which also ended up with notable migration from other British Colonial regions later on, also hence why Ghandi's efforts started there before moving to India)

    That said, I thought it was common knowledge that 'black' generally referred to 'mixed race of partial African heritage' in the American context, or British Colonial context for that matter. (you've got a whole other sort of mix in some of the Caribbean islands)

    In the Northeast US, you also saw a lot more interracial mixing dating back prior to the Revolutionary War, particularly with free African men and European Women, though there was a mix of some Native Americans in there too (and 'white' people from diluted older Native mixing), but after the Civil War, you also saw an increased amount of mixing between migrating Southern Blacks and certain European Immigrants, particularly lower class ones or ones tending to be shunned by popular ''white' culture at the time, or French/English American culture (sometimes German too, so basically Anglo-Saxon) and that contributed to the large portion of Irish mixed into various black family lines and to lesser extent Scottish along with some portions of continental European. (in Canada, you probably saw more mixing on the Scottish end earlier on, particularly in Nova Scotia, due to the Scots who fled British oppression mixed with the significant black Nova Scotia population developing). James Earl Jones would be a classic example of someone with both Irish and Native American mixed in.

    Any Irish in there probably had nothing to do with Slavery, though, and everything to do with mixing of common, oppressed, lower class peoples more willing to interact, particularly those migrating to the Urban/Industrial regions of the New England and Midwestern regions of the US. Any specific English (not Scottish or Irish or other British Islander) would have more of a chance of being related to slavery … be it rape or more consensual (though obviously taboo and often illegal) relationships, etc. (the typical upper or aristocratic class, significant slaveowners, as well as those actually working the slave trade were pretty heavily English … along with some continental Europeans, but the Irish chunk would be unrelated)

    … though if you're interested in supporting and reflecting on historically oppressed/abused peoples, it'd definitely be worth pursuing the Irish side of things, too … and maybe even the Scottish side, depending what branch/Clan your mom's side came from. (the Scotts who remained in Scotland ended up with much of their language and culture crushed and whitewashed by the English … in multiple stages, not to get into modern UK politics or the Scottish Independence movement … or the mess of North Ireland's history, for that matter)

  7. What you are – is beautiful!

  8. Love this channel so much. Thank you for being so vulnerable, Alexis.

  9. If your only 23 percent african, then your father has European in him as well

  10. And don't worry, even if u had much less African in your make-up, your ethnicity is definitely a higher percentage African-American, if it's how u were raised, right? ?take care!❤

  11. Great video! I'm going to give a DNA kit a shot, u have inspired me to!!! I'm a member of ancestry, I am ALWAYS digging, and since u are the curious type, if u don't have a membership, I recommend that u try it out, too…thanx for sharing ?

  12. out of all of the Ancestry DNA vids, this is one of my favorites. I almost cried, especially about the 'black side'. Unfortunate, that you do not know the 'italian side' of your family. Would make a great movie.

  13. ZZ Toppz says:

    made my day when you said you'd be devastated if you weren't black ? seems like nowadays its the other way around

  14. Those DNA results are indicating that our Black/White differentiation is irrelevant in today times.

  15. You did a pretty good job of guessing your heritage. Good job. And gorgeous hair.

  16. This girl is super fucking gorgeous

  17. There still could be Native American in your father's Y chromosome. You have to have a male relative tested to know for sure since he couldn't pass you that, but still

  18. I did mine with MyHeritage and got central American, no native American though. Please watch my video and rate:

  19. so she white period and she happy about that fuck this ugly bitch

  20. Do research girl…indians was black first but when the whites came over they whiten the Indians out…then gave the whites out Indians the name native Americans

  21. Jay Minasi says:

    You have the most wonderful hair!

  22. U r so pretty u look like a fairy

  23. Ts s says:

    Funny thing is Italians from southern Italy almost certainly have some African in them, hence the dark eyes and olive skin. But you go girl my mom is half white and half black, my Dad is very white. I get sick of the what are you question too.

  24. Greg Deane says:

    What are you? An idiot. You didn't need a DNA kit to find that out.

  25. Your mixed of your mixed but everyone ya beautiful in their own way especially u

  26. Moe says:

    WTF you are racist we are a human's we are belong to prophet Adam and the first Human's comes from Africa

  27. Missy Lynn says:

    What a gorgeous young lady. Beautiful inn and out. Impressive

  28. 9xxxxxxxxx says:

    The Negro is the Indian. "Black" people's were many shades before white existed. There is one race the human race. Negroes are the indigenous Americans. Read a book or two.

  29. Omg looks exactly like her great grand mother.

  30. You are made up of 100% gorgeous!!! Every guy on earth wants you!

  31. jpah says:

    There are red headed Italians. They reside in the North of Italy.

  32. just like to say congratulations and that I can relate to your emotions totally. My family also told us our genetic makeup and it was confirmed accept for the native american contribution. I thought how much we truly all are the same as your complexion is what it is and u r about 26% African whereas my complexion is about the same as Lebron James's and I'm 27% European and both my parents r African american!. Who would ever know that as we walk down the street? People need 2stop the hate, on the real! One love is the only answer!

  33. Woooow you look like me

  34. 14 African… meaning your dad is half!

  35. Click Bait? Interesting but, still misleading.

  36. What a fucking waste of time!

  37. Web Rookie says:

    Almost no Africans ever toughed American soil during the slave trade. Less than 1% of all African slaves made it to the united states. Less than 1% of that 1% were not freed the monen't their feet hit American soil. Almost all blacks in the united states were free and French. So, with that said, I'm curious why your family assumed they were slaves and Indian. I am making an assumption as well of course that you are American. Only because of the imagination you provided. You said your family believed they had native American Indian in them. There is only one place on the planet where that dna originates as that is America. So I assumed you were American. The black African slaves were predominately taken to Portugal, Brazil and Santo Domingo. The first black and Indian mix has been traced to 1502 in Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican republic). Also, for some reason many American blacks assume only white southern Americans held slaves. This isn't true. Native American American Indians had plantations and held slaves as well. Both white and black. If your family were north American slaves they may have picked up this Irish blood while being enslaved by the North American Indian. There were far more Irish slaves than African slaves in North America. I'd be curious to see in which time period they predict this dna entered your family bloodline. The U.S. government actually had to sign individual treaties with the native American Indian tribes to free the black & white slaves. The 1866 treaty between the Seminoles and the U.S. government is particularly interesting. Black Indians by William Loren Katz is by far the most comprehensive book on the historical relationship between Blacks and Native Americans. It’s not a scholarly work, but it’s an amazing resource for those looking to learn more about any connection. Also, the slave trade kept amazing records. They still exist today. If for some reason your family believes they were enslaved by Americans, whatever their ethnicity might have been, there would be records. Simply visit the trans Atlantic slave trade records at any national archives by typing in national archives dot gov dot country code. For example: for British national archives type national archives. Gov. Uk. Extensive records were kept because it was the Africans who captured and sold Africans into slavery. They were paid by the Muslims. As I'm sure you can guess, the Christian world paid close attention to this economic growth. The Catholics issued papal bulls against slavery as earthly as the first century. Even countries that were not part of the holy Roman Empire honored these laws not because they cared about Catholicism but because they disproved of Islam. Even the American President Monroe tried to honor these papal bulls. He purchased land in Africa. Monrovia (Liberia) was the destination for most African slaves brought to the united states. Monroe issued orders that all slaves wishing to return to Africa be removed from slave trade ships, placed on American ships and returned. They would sail to Monrovia where they would be protected by Americans. Those that didn't want to return were given other options. Stay and be free of you learned how to read and write. Another reason African slaves weren't brought to the united states in great numbers was expense. It was extremely expensive to bring Africans to the USA for no guarantee of a financial return. Black slaves sold for a minimum of $50 wheras white slaves (predominantly Irish) sold for a maximum of $5. It just want financially feasible. Not to suggest there were not black slaves in the united states. Of course there were. But they were few as far between. Those that did have black slaves had them for status symbols. To display wealth. If you do another video on the subject I'd be really interested to see when the Irish blood entered your family bloodline. Interesting. Very interesting.

  38. nowiswow18 says:

    What are you? You are not other people. You are not your race or your culture. You are a distinct individual who can only see the world from her perspective. A DNA test should never be allowed to tell you who you are. You should have known that already.

  39. Grant P says:

    Good vid Alexis- the Cops just caught a "killer/rapist" who had been on the
    loose for 30 years – thru a "familiar" DNA match. His DNA wasn't in any of
    the data banks – but I believe his daughter or someone close had this done,
    as shown on the video. This guy killed 12 people and raped 40 – 50 women.

    The Cops submitted the killer's DNA – and when they got back the report,
    it showed people with "very similar" DNA profiles. After narrowing down
    some possibilities- age ( male, female) and others, they narrowed it down to
    this one man, who had not killed in 30 years. He's now awaiting trial, after
    they picked him up at home. This will become very common in the future.

    I believe this "familiar DNA" will be used a lot in the future to capture those
    criminals who don't have their DNA in a data bank. All that has to happen,
    is a daughter, son, or cousin submits their DNA, and if it shows a very close
    match — they will get the guy !! I like the idea, how this DNA makes this a
    very small world — so the bad guys will not rest easy.

    In a case like this, they would have to have the "killers" DNA from a crime
    scene, its just that he or she was never caught, as was the case "above.",
    however they can store his DNA for 30-40 years, likely frozen etc, if they
    get it from the crime scene.

    Note – in order for the police to take your DNA sample, you must be convicted
    of a felony — and a lot of these killers, have no arrests, or criminal records,
    and they appear "very normal" . Now they have something to worry about !!!

    BTW- you present yourself well-and gorgeous kinked out hair you have.

  40. You're not black you're mixed.

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