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SURPRISING – MyHeritage DNA test results! (New Zealander)

SURPRISING – MyHeritage DNA test results! (New Zealander)

I teamed up with MyHeritage DNA to finally find out my ethnic makeup and I got the surprise of my life!

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29 thoughts on “SURPRISING – MyHeritage DNA test results! (New Zealander)

  1. Time to learn the Italian language! ?

  2. Try uploading your raw data dna file to "DNA Land" it will break down some of those other regions in a better way for you.

  3. Phenicians of Lebanon had colonies in Spain…?

  4. Welcome to the Greek Italian family! Many Greeks moved to Rome at the hight of their empire.

  5. Saysh Ain says:

    You should live new Zealand

  6. daksh vir says:

    hey idiot how are u doing time pass on this videos

  7. Thank you SO much for the coupon code! It still worked today when I ordered my kit. I've taken the ancestry DNA test and found some very interesting results about the fact that both my mother and my father have Jewish ancestry which was a total surprise to all of us thanks again.

  8. Madi says:

    I know this is late but… the circles around certain areas can be confusing, but basically it just means that they're so similar that it's very hard to differentiate. For example, Iran and Iraq have quite similar genetics (as well as other arab/middle eastern countries) so they kind of group it together. Also for example, a person from Lebanon could have the genetic marker for 'Syrian' in their results, but the syrian marker is also found in surrounding areas… I don't know if that made any sense but hope it helped somehow!

  9. there are only regions and areas not actual races for every country… all these countries in close proximity share DNA

  10. So where were your Aunties and Uncles located on your mothers side?

  11. The reason why the results for Middle East and West Asia lack the resolution down to individual countries of the European results is most likely due to a fewer number of non-European individuals used to construct tMyHeritage's reference populations in it's database. This phenomenon is common in DNA Ancestry companies. They mostly cater to European descended individuals and that is also the kind of people who make up the majority of their testing databases. This leads to a bias in being able to accurately identify and resolve non-European heritage over European ones. The more non-Europeans individuals these companies use to construct their references then the more accurate and less biased their tests will become for a ethnically diverse customer base.

  12. Ok..to help you out. Italian…..Greek….and Middle Eastern share common DNA back from the times when the Greek Empire stretched across the Middle East with Alexander the Great. Then, the Roman Empire over took the Greeks and they controlled the Middle East. Plus, Middle Eastern people (The Phoenecians and Etruscans) were some of the earliest settlers all over Italy and Greece before those dominant Empires cam into being. So, for thousands of years, peoples from Greece, Italy and the Levant have been intermingling and intermixing. Remember, back then, the countries of "Greece", "Lebanon" and "Italy" did not exist. These countries were named in the 19th century or later. So, it's no surprise that "Greek" and "Italy" show up in your fathers DNA. You have ancestors from those areas from thousands of years ago. Just like in my Italian DNA, Middle East and West Asia show up for me. So, yes, you are Lebanese culturally but genetics wise you are a human with ancestors from various parts of the world. There is no Lebanese, Greek or Italian DNA. Those are cultures, not races.

  13. I have the opposite. I'm Italian but always mistaken for Arabic and spoken Arabic to. Yes, it is saying you are Lebanese. They are just showing areas where the DNA is most prominent but when you already know your heritage is from Lebanon, then you can make sense of the areas on the map.

  14. greeks southern Italians Lebanese share similar markers J2 etc run your raw scores

  15. west Asian is Turkish my dad got the same his mother and lineage is from Smyrna Turkey he marked as Albanian/ Greek/Turkish/ middle eastern/ Caucus. Most Greeks mark as Greek/Italian because of the Roman/Byzantine..Greeks colonized southern Italy  etc unfortunalely he has no Italian … Greeks were under Ottoman empire centuries good results!

  16. ghgg says:

    Considering the age-old trade relations in the Mediterranean, this blend of ethnicities seems quite normal to me. And Lebanon is part of the Mediterranean region. For example, look at the Venetians (although some do not consider themselves Italian ;-), they settled throughout the whole area for centuries.

  17. A lot of Lebanese people are Greek. Greek DNA can be found in modern Greece, Turkey and Middle east as well as Italy and the Balkans. Your results should not be surprising to you at all.

  18. Marko E says:

    Lebanon and the Levant as such, especially for Christian Arabs in the area, often can trace European ancestry from crusaders.

  19. Twinmama says:

    Dear Amtoinette,
    even before you said the Italian blood was definitely frpm your father's side, I thought so. Maybe your ancestor was a crusader or a Venetian merchant.
    I am German, but I am curious myself, because I know the family talk about French Huguenottes or Spanish 30-years-soldiers in my family. My father looked Italian or Spanish, so dark was his hair and skin (esp. in summer). Maybe one day i'll do the test for myself.
    CU twinmama

  20. louis ff says:

    i’m italian and u honestly u look so italian… lol
    i feel the same with greece and middle east, i love their cultures and i’m pretty sure i’ve something from there

  21. Many Italians worked and lived in Lebanon. Welcome in the Italian family 🙂 and it is AMAZING you gave italian names to your kids

  22. Cristiolus says:

    MyHeritage isn't very good. It gives me 15% Italian, where Ancestry gives me 0%. Nevertheless, I haven't located a single genetic match in Italy. You would do better to ignore the ethnic bit and concentrate on finding out who you are related to.

  23. I highly suggest you take the ancestry dna or the 23andme dna test also. I found the my heritage one quite different in regards to results. If you take either of the two I just mentioned you can also upload those onto Myheritage for free or a minimal fee. This way you can see if the results come back differently on My Heritage via Ancestry or 23 ' s results.

  24. There may be European DNA is Lebanese people due to travel and trade and all of that BUT the Italian could be what you thought was French, if you're family was from southern France too.

  25. First, the area of today's Lebanon was part of the Turkish empire until pretty recent times. So a certain fluctuation of people can be expected. Also, the Middle East clearly includes Lebanon. In addition the Roman Empire spread Italian Genes all over the Mediterranean area.

  26. Nbella21 says:

    This is the first video of yours that I have ever seen. Right from the beginning i tried to guess your ethnicity just based on your looks and I guessed Greek and Irish…lol Glad to see I was partially correct!

  27. If I remember my history correctly, Lebanon as a country did not exist until the early 1900s. It was carved out of Syria back around World War 1 – and this was done for religious reasons. Most of those living in what is now Lebanon were of the Druze and Maronite christian religions and NOT muslim. So for you to be of Syrian ancestry makes good sense!! Heres a link to read up some more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebanon%E2%80%93Syria_relations
    Thank you for being the first Kiwi (New Zealander) that I have ever seen revealing their DNA test on Youtube. I too am a kiwi and I have also recently done a DNA test, with some surprising results. But I hate being front of a camera which is why I never make youtube videos.
    Syria and Lebanon also come under the Middle Eastern section, which matches your father being of Lebanese and Syrian ancestry. Remember, political and country borders are just lines on a map – They have no meaning in geography. People move around all the time – just like your parents did.

  28. Love your videos! You could try 24Genetics https://24genetics.co.uk/ it is the most complete one with more than 400 regions. Hope it helps 🙂

  29. joerg fro says:

    ich hab 40% Neandertaler und 60% Schäferhund , davon allerdings 20 % Tim und Struppi gene

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