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Syrian DNA Test results (MyHeritage DNA & FamilyTreeDNA)

Syrian DNA Test results (MyHeritage DNA & FamilyTreeDNA)

100% Syrian
-Both of Paternal & maternal sides: Small Town at The Province Idlib (Northwest Syria)
Family Tree DNA Results 1:15
Y-DNA Haplogroup: G(M201)


18 thoughts on “Syrian DNA Test results (MyHeritage DNA & FamilyTreeDNA)

  1. inès says:

    The 4% Central Asia is strange.. probably a Turkic connection

  2. Mr JBK says:

    Very nice results man and note that FtDna is the most accurate test so you're vasically 0% arab 🙂

  3. I love my syrian Muslim brothers and sisters

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1skjV_Roy0 haha this guy stole your video yaman, report him.

  5. Yaman, ı am Turkish And we have same surname Atik

  6. احسنت النشر
    إخي هل أنت عربي او ترکمان؟

  7. Miss Relax says:

    Nice results.
    Your test looks mixed with Arab, but your name is Turkish, or at least it sounds Turkish to me.
    Did you check your Gedmatch results?
    What the population average you get there?

  8. Mousa Da says:

    All people who lived in Eastern coast of Mediterranean are 15-30% Italian
    Thanks Romans ????

  9. I love youtube. The guy's name is pure Turkish. He is from near the Turkish border and probably Turkish/Arab mixed ancestry and poeple come and tell him that he's Kurdish.

  10. Barnaby says:

    Yaman du hast nur 20% Middle East. Genetisch gesehen bist du mehrheitlich kein Araber. Aber das sind die meisten Syrer nicht. Sie sind überwiegend Westasiaten und bißchen Südeuropäer. Schöne Ergebnisse?

  11. basque god says:

    I've noticed something strange with My Heritage DNA. The majority of people that have taken the test came out with 1-2% Nigerian. They take tests from other companies and they get no Nigerian. I think that they throw in Nigerian to everybody's results. You shouldn't trust this company

  12. Mousa Da says:

    I thought people of Idleb's Syria have more European or South Russian roots, cause many of them have blue eyes & blond/brown hair.
    I'm still shocked!

  13. Actually I`m not surprised that you have a lot of Turkish in you, your name Yaman is actually Turkish/Turkic and you can also add there Central Asian dna since they`re Turkic ancestors of Turkish people.

  14. Interesting results! I tryed many companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.de/ .Hope it helps in case you want to try another one 🙂

  15. Dil gêrm says:

    Are you Arab? I am kurdish I have 96,8 west asian. The combination of West Asian and south Asian shows a indo iranian relationship I guess you have kurdish or iranian ancestors

  16. Kurds are west asian they are an iranian ethnic group

  17. The ancestry results of Levantines show that they are Native Mesopotamians and East Mediterraneans who were assimilated by Arabs.

  18. That is so cool! I wonder how you are Greek? ?

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