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The Bones in Franklin’s Basement – Objectivity #170

The Bones in Franklin’s Basement – Objectivity #170

We visit Benjamin Franklin House in London to find out why over 1200 human and animal bones were found there… More on 23andMe: https://www.23andMe.com/Objectivity

Featuring Brady Haran talking with Dr. Márcia Balisciano.

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Hewson illustration provided by The Royal Society

Surgical image credit: Wellcome Images

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14 thoughts on “The Bones in Franklin’s Basement – Objectivity #170

  1. Tissue Cat says:

    I would have sworn Ben Franklin's house in the US was still standing, but I was thinking of Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's home, and Monticello, which was Thomas Jefferson's.

  2. "a lot of diplomacy was happening on the battlefield"

  3. Paolo G says:

    Old Ben always looks pissed off

  4. Zea Moore says:

    "Benjamin Franklin, serial killer!" Sounds like a great title indeed.

  5. naota3k says:

    Carrie Brownstein? 😉

  6. lzeph says:

    Would love to see a follow up interview with Dr. Simon Hillson (sp?), see what additional info he's discovered from the bones.

  7. kustomweb says:

    I always knew Old Ben hated turtles, the rumors are true.

  8. miri says:

    Such a good video thank you

  9. Don't tell me no one thought about Jack the Ripper watching this…

  10. "A lot of diplomacy was in the battlefield"
    What a lovely understatement, with such a sweet voice and tone.
    Dr. Balisciano has a new fan.

  11. Hope Brady makes more skull drilling videos

  12. Looks like old benji liked ketchup on his hotdogs when he was playing dominoes with his cheese pizza.

  13. I love Ben Franklin. He was curiosity defined.

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