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This was a very cool experience. I recommend !

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  1. Tae J says:

    I'm thinking of three different ways of how you ended up with 35% european. A more recent white relative is one way. Both of your parents being around 35% european is another way. Having a MGM (multi-generational mixed) parent is the third way. Also mixed people are African American too remember African American isn't a race, it is a ethnicity for people that are descendent of slavery. If Obama children took a DNA test I'm guessing they too would be around 35% european because they are getting 25% european from Barack 50% european and around 10% from Michelle 20% european (based off the that the average African American is at least 20% european). It is possible Michelle is only 5% – 10% giving that her family is from South Carolina. People from South Carolina have the least amount of european. My aunty and other family from South Carolina tested in the 90 percent range for african.

  2. Tae J says:

    I too said I should have been invited to the royal wedding because of my British DNA.

  3. So how much is Great Britain and how much is Ireland/Scotland/Wales?

  4. I think a lot of the stories of Native American ancestry may have had less to do with not being proud of being black, but rather not being proud of being a mixture of African and European. You find the same stories to a slightly lesser extent among southern whites as well. Being European/Native or African/Native seems like it used to be less socially offensive than they found African/European to be, so a somewhat darker skinned dominantly European or a lighter skinned dominantly African could claim Native heritage to provide a narrative that was ‘more acceptable’. (I’m no expert, so I could be wrong, but based on the stories I’ve heard it seems like much of the Native claims were an attempt to explain looks that weren’t quite the norm for the dominant ethnicity)

  5. mmaakkiinn says:

    sometimes Greek is put in the Balkan and Europe south catergory

  6. She gave her results as 34% Great Britain and less than 1% Native American. What are the results for the other 65%?

  7. About the Greek: Ancestry isn’t the most accurate of the DNA test. I’ve had a number of friends who took multiple test. Ancestry is great for finding relatives but in terms of accuracy you might want to try 23 and me.

  8. This was interesting …

  9. Taylor Kay says:

    Yess!! Shout out to the mixed chicks! ✊?✊?✊?

  10. Hey Morgan can you do a prank on someone Also can you give me a shout out

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