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The Results of My Heritage DNA Test

The Results of My Heritage DNA Test

The results were beyond shocking. More like a blessing.


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  1. Ras Miguel says:

    My family is from Toa Alta p.r.

  2. Ras Miguel says:

    Check for Saturnina Diaz Perez my great grandmother..who came from the Canary Islands.

  3. Ras Miguel says:

    Taino were a sub culture of Mayan ..have 10 percent..

  4. Ras Miguel says:

    You made me cry..I believe we are related..

  5. Throughout history, Jews have cherished their traditions, beliefs and community. This love is within in you and has guided you back to your own heritage. I am so very happy for you and so very excited for all that awaits you!

  6. I did my DNA test through DNA Tribes. They don't give percentages like the company you went through, but I can tell you that our ancestors migration patterns are quite similar except my family migrated to South Italy during the exile. We very well could be distant cousins.

  7. I wouldn't trust Myhertiage at all. My results were the complete opposite of FTDNA and Ancestry. For the Jewish DNA, they do not know who the REAL Yahudah were. We are mingled, so to say anyone is pure Israelite seed line of Jacob is far-fetched.

  8. Hi! Try testing with Family Tree DNA. Some of my parents Puerto Rican families can be traced beyond 1600’s, some branches back to Spain 1330’s. I was identified as 15% Sephardic Jewish. I was very suspicious of that because of my families’ surnames and of the oral history of my dad’s gr-grandmother being Jewish. Keep researching every few months I learn more.

  9. Alacran says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! did you know by dna geneaology test you just proved your sephardic origin is also another alternative way to claim spanish citizenship! you can call or message the spanish consulate the right for spanish citizenship by sephardic ancestry the law king felipe VI and the spanish goverment enforced back in 2015 for the people who can prove thier sephardic origins gets thier spanish citizenship after years ago they were expelled five centuries ago you don't have to be a convert to judaism for it just have sephardic blood i want to take this myheritage dna test also ancestry dna diddn't specify what kind of jew i am only european but no details if either ashkenazi or sephardic i also hope to get sephardic ancestry i want spanish citizenship and also that EU spain passport so i will have EU citizen rights for free movement to live, work, free college and free healthcare in any other EU country

  10. LX Ramirez says:

    how these companies compare your DNA, against what database? they will need to have a big enough pool I mean millions to be more accurate. or how does it work? thanks

  11. iberian peninsula are also portugues!

  12. Lyricus X says:

    I'm happy for you. You are now officially part of the tribes. You now rep team Israel.I enjoyed watching your video. I need to get a DNA so I can quit telling my mom I'm adopted. She swear I'm not but I need Dana (DNA) to tell the truth. Time for some answers.

  13. Hello sister i did the same test and I came out almost 28% Sephardic Jew from North Africa and the Majority of the 46 % Middle East/ Persian Mizrahi Jew from Iraq, Iran and Yemen. 16 % Greek and 10 % Italian. Never give up on Jesus Christ, those who remain or Become Jewish have ABANDONED the Son of God. Be Careful Not to get deceived, You Do NOT have to be a practicing Jew to be a Jew. Blessings to you! God Judges the Heart Not the Religion. Keep the Commandments of God , Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the Branch of the Lord of Hosts Chosen ONE and Never become a Zionist because the Lord is against Plunderers and Elite Land Thieves! When the Lord Returns the Torah says then and Only then will the Lord determine which one of us is Worthy to live in Palestine! Until then Israel will Remain Scattered till the Return of the Lord on the Judgement Day which is very soon.

  14. Excellent video! You have very interesting ethnic results.

  15. Most of the Sephardic Jews went east when they got kicked out of Spain, mainly to Italy, Greece & Turkey. I'm not sure if they headed south to North Africa.

  16. Heritage DNA my Sephardic came out as Ashkenazi and middle Eastern…u can transfer ur dna for $20 to familytreedna and they will do a great job of getting ur Sephardic dna also…i saw ur previous video and God definitely talked to you.. Shalom

  17. Simple Me says:

    upload your raw file to Gedmatch, you will be able to see your DNA in more details.

  18. Simple Me says:

    Your reaction is similar to mine 😀

  19. SELINA says:

    I love your reaction <3
    I can’t wait to find out what I am… i could be literally anything since my dad is from the caribbean and my mom is Dutch but that’s all I know about her…

  20. if you Puerto rico the central american is Taino.. Taina blood wepa!!!!<3

  21. Cree X says:

    Awesome video! Loved your enthusiasm about your results.

  22. Mazel tov! Happy to see that you got your DNA results. May I ask what part of Puerto Rico is your family from. My parents are from Yabucoa Puerto Rico.

  23. Jeff Pagan says:

    you look pr or cuban

  24. Ito Roots says:

    Great results.. what is ur nationality?

  25. Top Mog says:

    It's nice to see that you found a symbolic connection to Sephardic Judaism, just be aware that My Heritage DNA is, by far, the least reliable company in the market, particularly when it comes to Hispanics. If you are curious about your ancestry in general, you are better off trying a different company (such as Ancestry, 23 and Me or FamilyTree DNA) or simply transfer your results to DNA.LAND or GEDMatch for free. If you want to become a Jew, you can convert to any branch without researching your ancestry at all. And if you want to prove that you are already a Jew, you should research the genealogy of your maternal line (the mother, of the mother … of your mother). If you can establish that your oldest female ancestor in that line was Jewish, no matter how many generations ago, and an mtDNA test confirms a Jewish maternal haplogroup (FamilyTree DNA sells mtDNA tests), then you can take that to an Orthodox rabbinical court, such as the Beth Din of America: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beth_Din_of_America

  26. J De'Niz says:

    ..Pretty sure you can upload your DNA from My Heritage to DNA LAND and it will give you specific counties in that country where your ancestors came from, be sure you click on the CHECK marks on the map they show you. It's free! Google dna land to see the instructions on how to transfer dna. I pretty much knew my heritage but was surprised I was Italian and Greek and it showed me where my ancestors use to live. So much fun.

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