Home DNA AncestorUpdate MyHeritageDNA Results | OF COURSE I’m African | MyHeritage DNA vs DNA.Land | LESSON LEARNED
Update MyHeritageDNA Results | OF COURSE I’m African | MyHeritage DNA vs DNA.Land | LESSON LEARNED

Update MyHeritageDNA Results | OF COURSE I’m African | MyHeritage DNA vs DNA.Land | LESSON LEARNED

Finally here is my updated MyHeritageDNA estimated results, keep watching as I compare it to DNA.Land, after all….I AM AFRICAN! I didn’t need a test to tell me that! lol COMPARE DNA.LAND and MyHeritageDNA! This was fun and interesting but my numbers don’t piece together my puzzle like my family tree does! A number is just a number, an estimate! Your DNA truly comes from your predecessors,if you can dig deep…you’ll find men and women who overcame and tried to make a better life for you! Now that’s a beautiful story…a legacy, a story of fighters, love and rich tradition and faith makes my story. I am beyond grateful to God for my family. Thank you to all my new subscribers!!

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31 thoughts on “Update MyHeritageDNA Results | OF COURSE I’m African | MyHeritage DNA vs DNA.Land | LESSON LEARNED

  1. Your results are basically mine just with different percentages.

  2. Hahahah now she's happy she finally has Africa in her DNA lol if u black u from Africa so I was like this result is wrong

  3. Happy to see you got a more accurate result

  4. Drago says:

    Hello, thank you for sharing the updated information with us. Did I hear you said, " Oui" in the first Vlog. Am I assuming that I heard it? Are any member of your families from Haiti, or other french speaking countries in the Carribean islands?
    Initially, I did the Dna testing with Ancestry.com, and I received my results with a 96% of African ancestry. It is actually less then what I expected, since I am Haitian-born.
    From the results, Cameroon and Congo represent the greatest percentage of the 96% of my African ancestry at % 48%, then Mali, Benin/Togo and other african countries. They then continue with South Asia at 2% , the "Iberian peninsula" at 1%, and lastly the British isles at > 1%.
    I loaded the Raw DNA of the same results to " Myheritage.com," and the results came out slightly different. They still show my African ancestry still at 96%, but Nigeria now with the greatest percentage at 48.8%. They then show a higher percentage from the British isles at 2.1% instead of > 1%. They totally eliminated the percentage from the "Iberian peninsula." They also show a percentage from West Asia countries (at 1.7%) instead of South Asia ones at 2%. I do believe the South Asian percentage from "Ancestry.com" is more accurate because of the migration of our ancestors from Africa into South Asia, then to many other locations all the way to the carribean islands.
    Anyway, all is well. We are who we are!

  5. When I saw your previous video I thought you were completely Ethiopia or some East African. Turns out their is some truth in that. COOL

  6. I used My Heritage as well. I am Nigerian, Kenyan, West African Northwest (Finnish) It is pretty cool

  7. Ha-Ha! Glad you got it straightened out! I knew it had to be a mistake! LOL!

  8. G11713 says:

    That kink in your hair means black sub-Saharan African so the original test had got to be wrong. 😉

  9. I am darker than you but 94% African 4% West Europ 1%Irish and 1%Greek/Italian

  10. And we have to get it in our heads we are not Africans. Theres many people that look similar to others, but is not that race. Japanese look similar to Chinese and Germans look similar to Russians and so forth. So, the difference between us and them is there, and our blinders are on. No where is it written that Africans mourned for the slaves. Africa didn't mourn because they didn't sell or lose any of their families, they sold HEBREWS. Europeans could go back as many times as they wanted, and never faced resistance. Why? Africans held no animosity among each other, because no Africans was sold. Tension would be well known among Africans if their families was sold. Africans even have nasty names they call Blacks, they are the African KKK. Africa never like us HEBREWS and they were the first to put us in real heavy slavery in Egypt.

  11. I'm happy they corrected their results but because of this clitch I won't use Heritage. You had to contact them to do the correction, what if you went with the original results? Yeah not doing Heritage. But you are so sweet and forgiving 🙂 glad they did the correction

  12. Brained05 says:

    I've seen a few of these videos and while some odd results may be due to lab errors, most will be due to the random way we inherit DNA from our parents.  
    A child gets half of their DNA from each of their parents, who got half of their DNA from their parents. Since the DNA you get from each parent is random, extreme results are possible.
    For example it is possible for a child to inherit only the DNA from its mother that she inherited from her mother. The child would then have no genetic relationship with its maternal grandfather.

    This means that for a child who has one full blooded African and one full blooded European maternal grandparent and one full blooded Asian and one full blooded European paternal grandparent valid results could fall in the following ranges; 0% to 50% African, 0% to 50% Asian and 0% to 100% European.  Of course the most results will be close to 25% African, 25% Asian and 50% European, but there will be exceptions.

    This is also the reason that siblings will almost never have exactly matching results, and could have wildly differing results.

  13. Woo huuuuuuuuu Kenyan sis..heeeey

  14. Dave says:

    As the technology get's power powerful they'll be able to dig even deeper as in literally break down your entire racial make-up

  15. Nancy V says:

    Why are people giving their DNA to a business that now OWNS your dna????

  16. NP Pcvl says:

    I hope that this doesn't happen often and that folks are being lied to.

  17. Jet Vaughn says:

    I saw the last video and I had to see this one. Wow they messed up bad on the last test I loved the expression on your face you looked like you expected Ashton to say you were plunked. Loved it.

  18. So 85/15 Black/White. Glad they straightened it out. ? I took 4 tests- 1 of which was MyHeritage, and I’m still waiting for LivingDNA. 23&me, AncestryDNA and MyHeritage all came out accurately with only thee expected slight variations. I think everyone should test with at least 2 different companies. ??

  19. All one can tell for sure about all of this is that the mix turned out perfect, you’re lovely Sable… Blessings to you and your’s ?

  20. Ya they messed up the first test didn't they lol.
    This makes sense now from what you said 🙂

    Always take these tests multiple times

  21. Blue Black says:

    I'm pleased to see you weren't too shaken by the mistake and that you have such a positive outlook on who you are. Your attitude is amazing and how we should all take these things.

  22. This is really interesting. I would like to get mine too….it's cool that you have some Native American. Glad you finally got your correct results.

  23. lol it makes me wonder if they ever get it right or they just send what they think they should give you, how do you get that wrong seriously

  24. My results included that I was 3% Jewish and 1% Sierra Leon!

  25. U really look african 84% is very good

  26. This happened to me as well. I was so pissed and they showed me the real results with no apologies. No explanations I would tell people to never use this website looks like I'm not the only one they messed up on

  27. Glad they fixed it I was also unhappy with my MyHeritage results I retested with another company and uploaded to other sites got more detail

  28. Now this is the result that I thought you would get because you look, feature wise, nigerian or from the west african region. I get that you say that percentages dont matter but in a way it kinda does. It tells you how far back your other ancestors who are not african are, which seems that they arent that close because your more african. However, yes its estimates, but your genetics are showing more african despite percentages. However, your still considered of generational mixed like most black americans are. I think its cool that your genetics are closer to africa since they have rich history. My nigerian friend watched your video and said that you looked similar to their locals, and that she knew you would be very close genetically to them before you said your results. I'm biracial and I wish I had more african dna. Nice video.

  29. L lg says:

    Thanks for the update! I know you are happy with your results! Awesome!

  30. I would love to test my dna great video! new sub!!

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